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Ask a reseller webinar 4 25-2013


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Ask a reseller webinar 4 25-2013

  1. 1. Why I Started My Business Why I started mybusiness: Entrepreneurial Passionate Motivated
  2. 2. How I Build My Business My company Utilizing othercompany’sresources Care forCustomer SalesTraining
  3. 3. Be the Expert Be the Expert Read books, articles, andget involved! (searchengineland,searchenginewatch, seocentro, etc.) Employee training Read HubShout Forums!
  4. 4. …But Be Humble Utilize HubShout Forums. It’s ok to not know it all.“Trickery and treachery are thepractices of fools that have notwits enough to be honest”-Benjamin Franklin
  5. 5. Set Client Expectations Don’t guarantee numbers Make it clear what your monthly cost includes (don’t overpromise) Give a timeline (next conversation, on-site, dashboardwalkthrough, etc.) “I intend to keep you as a client forever.”
  6. 6. Why HubShout’s Products? Full-service internet marketing solutions inone placeSEOPPCSocialLocalEmailWebsite DevelopmentAnd more!
  7. 7. You’ve Closed the Sale!You’ve closed the sale! Now what? Hubshout needs your help! Writers need direction Keywords & deep linking On-site Tracking Follow through
  8. 8. Constant Communication It let’s the client know you care Develops trust Improves retention Builds relationship Increases the chance of referrals!
  9. 9. FinalThoughts & Personal Advice• Treat all clients like they are big clients• Always be networking• Always have a contract in place• Bill clients automatically• Utilize HubShout’s resources to keep yourclients. (the following are personal favorites)• Account Manager/Customer Service• Dashboard• Nurture Emails• Marketing Collateral (look like a pro)• Domain ComparisonTool• Again…Use the Forums!
  10. 10. HubShout Resources Online proposal tool Phone tracking system Marketing collateral Photo archive Free pre-written nurtureemails Search News Domain ComparisonTool White papers Webgrader PremiumWriter Service Custom newsletter service Lead tracking Reputation monitoring Account Manager Dashboard
  11. 11. CollectYour Freebie! Thanks for staying until the end of this liveWebinar. If you are still here…you will be placed into a raffle for a FREE INFOGRAPHIC If selected, we will write a support ticket to let you know.
  12. 12. The End!Thank you for joining us!