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Twitter workshop for colleagues in my department which started as a 'how to' workshop and moved to a 'why to' workshop based on input from my twitter network. This workshop showcases how great our students are at using social media for learning.

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  • Loved reading this Jenna, great work, thank you :)
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SalfordPsych and Public Health Twitter workshop

  1. 1. Twitter for Teaching Learning Research and Engagement Jenna Condie | University of Salford | @jennacondie
  2. 2. Why I tweet…
  3. 3. …because social media is shaping academic practices
  4. 4. Research Engagement
  5. 5. Twitter in the social media landscape
  6. 6. ‘Live’ examples: Searching twitter for your interests 1 # hashtag: 1 @ account:
  7. 7. I tweet because students do …and they just get better & better
  8. 8. Our role in their online presence
  9. 9. Learner Identity Dialogical
  10. 10. MSc Media Psych 2012-2013 Networking Creating Image Creative Commons Licence DonkeyHotey Sharing Showing Collaborating Leading Informing Asking
  11. 11. Social professionals
  12. 12. Enhancing digital literacies …and confidence!
  13. 13. 2008 2013 The only constant is change… & increasing complexity Flickr: b_d_solis
  14. 14. The new culture of learning Flickr: catherinecronin Flickr: yhancik
  15. 15. Embracing social media Thoughts? Actions! Fancy curating @salfordpsych in the next semester? Flickr: Alexkess
  16. 16. The Directorate on Twitter • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sharon Coen @coen_sharon Margaret Coffey @margcoffey1 Jenna Condie @jennacondie Anna Cooper @amc_83 Janine Crosbie @janinecrosbie Linda Dubrow-Marshall @drlindadm Lindsey Dugdill @LDUGDILL Peter Eachus @petereachus Adam Galpin @galpinaj John Hudson @brucie_rooster Nikki Jones @NikkiCMJones Ruth Laidler @ruthlaidler Mike Lomas @MikeLomas_ Sarah Norgate @sarahnorgate Lorna Paterson l_paterson Liz Smith @drlizziesmith Add your @username here! Current hashtags: #salfordpsych #mediapsych
  17. 17. Resources • Mashable Twitter Guide: • LSE guide Using Twitter in university research, teaching and impact activities: • Case studies of academics using digital technologies • Dorothy Bishop’s (@deevybee) twitter guide for apprehensive academics: • Kate Lindsay’s Twitter for Academia slides: • Mark Carrigan’s site: • @salfordpsych twitter guidelines for curators (online soon). • Salford Uni HR ‘All About Twitter’ course 16th Jan 2014 cat=lt
  18. 18. This workshop would have been very different without my online networks Thank you Twitter peeps
  19. 19. Twitter for Teaching Learning Research and Engagement Jenna Condie | University of Salford | @jennacondie