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Introducing environmental psychology


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L4 lecture for Psychology students. Raising the profile of environmental psychology one step at a time:)

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Introducing environmental psychology

  1. 1. Introducing Environmental Psychology The relationships between people and their physical surroundings Dr Jenna Condie @jennacondie #enviropsych
  2. 2. Intended learning outcome: By attending and participating in this session, you will be able to: •recognise the importance and potential of environmental psychology Just the one #enviropsych
  3. 3. #enviropsych Flickr: University of Salford Where did environmental psychology come from? “Decent housing for the new urban working classes, who lived crowded in subhuman conditions, as Engels (1845) had denounced a century before, became one of the problems calling for an urgent solution” (Pol, 2006a, p. 100). Bomb damage to Ardwick Street 12 October 1941 Flickr: Bolton Museum & Archive Service Film footage of Salford in the 1960s University of Salford Archive
  4. 4. #enviropsych  Flickr: @andymatthews ‘Architectural psychology’  Flickr: N Pearson Photography Designing buildings to  facilitate human well-being  “was officially born” (Steg et al., 2013, p.4)  Focused on the  built environment For an overview of the history of environmental psychology and the  ‘founding fathers’, see Pol (2006a) and (2006b)
  5. 5. #enviropsych Environmental psychology has evolved! 7 Key Themes 1960s/1970s •Environmental  •problems – – – – – – Pollution Climate  change  Nature Deforestation  Ecosystems (See Gifford, 2007, p. 201)
  6. 6. Flickr: Thoth, God of Knowledge Environmental psychology can be defined as      “the discipline that studies the interplay between individuals and their built and natural environments” Towards  a Green Psychology  The  Psychology  of  Sustainability See Steg et al., (2013) An Introduction to Environmental Psychology,  (quote from p. 2) 
  7. 7. Flickr: Pimlico Badger Flickr: Richard Carter What should be done with this building? What should be done with this building? How can we change travel behaviours? How can we change travel behaviours? Flickr: practicalowl Flickr: manchesterfoe How can recycling be improved? How can recycling be improved? Why do we even care? Why do we even care?
  8. 8. Flickr: pattyequalsawesome Environments are places Home is where the heart is? Home Place Identity Places are “doubly constructed” Place Attachment (Gieryn, 2002, p. 465) Belonging
  9. 9. Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation Link How do we adapt? How will we adapt? How can we mitigate the effects of global warming? Link A lived ideology that “people can get used to almost anything” (Weinstein, 1982, p. 87)
  10. 10. Behaviour Change Climate change, sustainable development, and behaviour change strategies and interventions dominate government agendas (Uzzell & Moser, 2009) For more, see: Journal of Environmental Psychology Tumblr: peterfromtexas [GIF] DO THEY?
  11. 11. Environmental psychology as growing… Environment and psychology are flexible concepts Sustainability consultant Carbon consultant Energy Manager Conservation Work ‘Create a career protecting the planet’: see APA guide APA Division 34 Also CUNY Graduate Centre for environmental Psychology MSc Environmental Psychology University of Surrey Link
  12. 12. Introducing Environmental Psychology The relationships between people and their physical surroundings Dr Jenna Condie @jennacondie #enviropsych