An enterprising future for social psychology postgraduates


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These slides are from an enterprise workshop with social psychology postgraduates at the British Psychological Society's Social Psychology Section Annual Conference at the University of St Andrews, 2012.

In the workshop, there were some great entrepreneurial ideas & some very interesting discussions about the compatibility of psychology and enterprise. We might even produce a summary of those discussions - watch this space:)

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An enterprising future for social psychology postgraduates

  1. 1. Workshop: An enterprising futurefor social psychologypostgraduatesJenna Condie | @jennacondie
  2. 2. About this workshop: Myth Busting & Context Setting
  3. 3. About this workshop: Entrepreneurial Social Psychology
  4. 4. About this workshop: You
  5. 5. The aim is to grow! Danger Zone Growth Zone Comfort Zone Growth Zone
  6. 6. What is enterprise?Image: What are the key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur?
  7. 7. n. An undertaking; something projected andImage: attempted; particularly, an undertaking of some importance, or one requiring boldness, energy, or perseverance. n. An adventurous and enterprising spirit; disposition or readiness to engage in undertakings of difficulty, risk, or danger, or which require boldness, promptness, and energy. Sound familiar?
  8. 8. v. To undertake; attempt to perform or bring about.Image: v. To essay; venture upon. v. To give reception to; entertain. v. To attack, as with a malady; overcome. v. To surround; circumstance. v. To engage in an undertaking; essay; venture. Sound familiar?
  9. 9. Image: debate learned Enterprise as Born or made
  10. 10. Enterprising psychologists areeverywhere!
  11. 11. Image: terms in psychology? What terms do we talk in? Just not adopting ‘enterprise’
  12. 12. Image: Collaboration
  13. 13. Image: Dan Zan (Flickr) Innovation
  14. 14. Image:
  15. 15. Image: Social Change
  16. 16. Social Enterprise
  17. 17. Knowledge exchange/transfer
  18. 18. Some TeamworkIdeas generation- One you already have,- One you come up with together,- Or an idea for a new mobile phone app.
  19. 19. The Spider: Developing yourideas1. What is it? (e.g. product, service, training)2. Who is it for? (target market)3. Purpose - why is it needed/wanted?4. What are the potential revenue streams?5. What do you need? (e.g. funding, contacts)6. Who/what is your competition? Who could you collaborate with?7. Who are your team? Why are they a part of it?8. Any links with teaching, learning and/or research?
  20. 20. Third StreamLink: “…As institutions delve further into these [enterprise] activities, it has become clear that most third stream activities have (and should have) strong linkages with teaching and/or research, and that it is important to emphasize synergy and integration sooner rather than later.” (Hatakenaka, 2005, p. 8) Entrepreneurial Culture
  21. 21. Image: Academia is an industry
  22. 22. Image: We must How many PhDs…too many! stand out!
  23. 23. Image: Drucker future is to create it’ Peter ‘The best way to predict the
  24. 24. Image: play move, game. Make your the
  25. 25. Competitiveness NW enterprise school 2010
  26. 26. In Dragon’s Den Style!The PsychUK funding council hasgrants of up to £20k available. Youneed one to get your idea off theground.Prepare your pitch for the judgingpanel.
  27. 27. 60 seconds Your enterprise in Elevator Pitch for the Grant
  28. 28. The importance of networksImage: “Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it” W. Clement Stone
  29. 29. REDS guide to networkingAvailable to download:
  30. 30. Image:
  31. 31. Mini-strategy- 5 things I will do in the short term- 3 strategic moves I will make- What I will have achieved by this timenext year.
  32. 32. If you are comfortable, you arenot enterprising Danger Zone Growth Zone Comfort Zone Growth Zone
  33. 33. Workshop: An enterprising futurefor social psychologypostgraduatesJenna Condie | @jennacondie