Entrepreneurial Studies 180 Presentation


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All credit for this deck goes to Anthony Konigbagbe, Desi Panek, and Jennifer Kunstel

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Entrepreneurial Studies 180 Presentation

  1. 1. º 90 135 º 45 º MINNEAPOLIS COLLEGE of ART & DESIGN PRESENTS ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES: º 180 º 225 180 A video series Create º drive 0 315 º explore pivot 270º
  2. 2. CREATIVE BRIEF: THE TASK ASSIGNMENT To inform potential transfer students from other colleges, and within MCAD about the Entrepreneurial Studies (BSc & Adv.) program at MCAD. OBJECTIVE To engage potential transfer students in the Entrepreneurial Studies (BSc) program resulting in a postive quanitative result in terms of transfer students admitted into the Entrepreneurial Studies program for the 2014-15 Academic Year.
  3. 3. CREATIVE BRIEF TARGET AUDIENCE Primary - Potential transfer students from other colleges. They’re men and women between the ages of 18-25. Secondary - Potential transfer students from within MCAD. Requirements New identity for the project. Which includes a logo, theme, copy, design & messaging. Deliverables 1. A presentation at the end of the semester that showcases our completed and ready-to-implement video campaign. 2. A complete video campaign, including 9 individual segments that can be combined comprehensively. In addition, one complete short film compiling all footage into one final Entrepreneurial Studies video showcasing a wide-range of ES Students and Alumni. 3. A press kit, which includes postcards, mass and personalized emails, posters, brochures, teasers, media deliverables, etc.
  4. 4. CREATIVE TEAM TSANA ALLEN - project manager Project Development Art Direction ANTHONY KONIGBAGBE - Creative Director Graphic Design DESI PANEK - Lead designer Entrepreneurism ELIZABEth AVILES - Marketing Director Public Relations JENNA BALLINGER - Producer & Publicist Communications & Copywriting JENNY KUNSTEL - Lead Researcher + FIlm CHRIS PECK - Cinematographer = Advertising Project
  5. 5. INVOLVeMENT CAITLIN SIDEY - Client ROB DEWEY - coach JERRY ALLaN - Chair of Bsc WILl MULLEN - Dir. of Admissions
  6. 6. Bachelor of Science: Program is Created TIMING & TIMELINE 1997 Timing is key, Placement is Key and VISUALIZATION STUDIO is OFFERED 1999 - Jerry Allan becomes Chair of BSc MIDPOINT: BSC & ADV ALUMNI SHOWCASE TELL YOUR STORY ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES: 180º 2o10 - innovation is a must. In a stage where the BSc program are shifting to a branding structure entitled: 2011 - 2012 2013 - Entrepreneurial Studies. the timing is perfect to tell the program’s story and shape the voice of its community.
  7. 7. BAchelor of Science Program Entrepreneurial Studies The Entrepreneurial Studies (BSc) program at MCAD serves as a bridge between the creative and business worlds. The program allows for students in the program to be an entrepreneur of their own education. This is a critical year as our program takes a shift to brand itself as Entrepreneurial Studies, a program dedicated to facilitating creative students’ resourcefulness and determination. SItuation: Name Change From Bachelor of Science: Visualization To Bachelor of Science: Entrepreneurial Studies
  8. 8. THE BIG PICTURE A program tailor-made for experienced, passionate & motivated creatives. An admissions push or Advertising Campaign to capture the voice and universal appeal of the program.
  9. 9. RESEARCH: Identify Potentials “A majority of the of students coming into and thriving in the BSc and Advertising programs are transfer students. “ - Willam Mullen Dir. of Admissions
  10. 10. RESEARCH Potentials - potential transfer students from other colleges. They’re men and women between the ages of 18-25. Their concerns would are that their current program is not suiting their needs, and simply haven’t discovered Entrepreneurial Studies yet. - Transfer Students - 18-25 - Have a visual understanding of their passion and aspiring profession. - Looking for the 4-year program that intergrates business, design and real-world clients.
  11. 11. RESEARCH: INTERnal & External transfer Students 70% Work 30hrs/wk 90% look online for colleges “I WANT A PROGRAM THAT FITS ME “ % rates of transferring During College 1st year 1/3 2nd year 37% 1/4 of students transfer more than once within their second year during 4 year 30%
  12. 12. IDEATION THE INNOVATIVE SOLUTION An interactive video campaign, showcasing standout ES students & alumni and their respective real-world, global experiences and interactions.
  14. 14. BSc: MPLS & bEYOND 13 years | 120+ Graduates | 472 Internships | 92 cities globally 1 Program Graduates of The BSc program often venture beyond Minneapolis to industry hotspots such as: NEw York Portland Dubai London ...Just to name a few.
  15. 15. PRODUCTION  “Individual interviews are critical to most design research, since they enable a deep and rich view into the behaviors, reasoning, and lives of people.“ - Human Centered Design
  16. 16. PRODUCTION FILMING 9) 45sec-1min Student & Alum Interview Segments - Documentation of various BSc-fueled projects - B-roll: workspaces, internship sites, Minneapolis locale (1) Final Cut - All 9 segments compiled & arranged INTERVIEWS LOCATIONs EDITING
  17. 17. CAST JONATHAN ROdriguez 2014 caitlin sidey 2012 christina Chen 2013 Anthony konigbagbe 2013 Katherine Lombardo 2015 Quinn Wilson 2015 Entrepreneurship Project management Marketing & branding Creative Direction Project Management event planning Jessi Aylward 2012 zamin Dharsi 2011 JAke szymanski 2010 Account Planning Social Marketing & PR BRand Strategy
  18. 18. THE FIlm: ROUGH CUt
  20. 20. DESIGN, BRANDING & MESSAging The ES Program is designed to house visionaries and provide the tools to Get Lost in a world of possibilities. Create A new path to your future while building your own curriculum. Explore Opportunities to enhance your education. Pivot Use your talents in any direction you wish. Drive Your Passion, Your Future. Your Dreams.
  21. 21. IMPLEMENTATION: STAGE 2 PRODUCTION A team of SPRING 2013 PROCESS OWNERS PREMIERE EVENT April 5th | Auditorium 150 - Question and answer session with Producers & Cast - Catered after-party in Student Center GALLERY PRESS KIT: Posters Postcards Invitations Trailer
  22. 22. IMPLEMENTATION: PLACEMENT In an age where information is absorded best digitally, visually & daily, Utilizing a short informational video format will prove to be the best medium to tell the program’s story and shape the voice of its community. A viral video series
  23. 23. IMPLEMENTATION: SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN - Create Facebook EVENT & LIKE PAGE - CREATE a ES PROGRAM Twitter - Implement Campaign on Vimeo - Implement Campaign on YOutube - Maintain an ES Program Tumblr Facebook Twitter Vimeo YOutube Tumblr
  24. 24. THE BIG PICTURE {zoomed in} LET THE By utilizing current BSc students and an STUDENTS experienced BFA Film Alumni to create a video campaign,the ES program can begin its brand SPEAK & NEW paradigm shift with a new and exciting video series that will attract potential students STUDENTS of all backgrounds and experiences. WILL COME.
  25. 25. OUTCOMES Quantitative - a positive quantitative result in terms of transfer student into the Entrepreneurial Studies program for the 2014-15 Academic Year. qualitative - An increase of awareness and understanding, inside and outside of MCAD about what exactly the Entrepreneurial Studies program is and can offer. % INCREASE AWARENESS & UNDERSTAnDING
  26. 26. THANK YOU