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  • Regardless of the direction you take, I >> think it's important to include some background. For example, why did >> you start your blog, how you feel about it - has it evolved in a way >> you envisioned. How do you feel about blogs in general.   otherwise I'll probably speak to the different types of >>> posts I>>> make, possibly giving a comparison of what goes on my blog vs.>>> Facebook>>> vs. my print zine.
  • Origin Previously blogged (continue to) on Radical Reference Wanted to contribute to the discourse from my own space Wanted to contribute topics out of scope on Radical Reference Wanted to mess around with the software First post announced a barnard prof’s polar fiction bibliography First year 135 posts 13 “library geekery” and 18 “library news.” 15 report backs. emulating other library blogs 17 nyc news, 7 personal updates, 9 politics, 7 zine news, 2 book rex 8 months in started LCSH watch, 12 posts that year Most popular posts: RRFM 6505, large breasted women 5475
  • Other popular posts that year: Technotsavvy, meme with rochelle hartman tinfoil + raccoon: 3056 Return of the zine yearbook—getting into it with two rival distro owners: 2447 Cat names: 2026 and 16 comments Total reads 105,519 Total posts 135 Average reads per post 781.62
  • Year 2 179 posts (45 more than previous year) 80853 reads (about 25,000 fewer—web crawlers? RSS? Facebook?) Average reads 451.7 (about 300 fewer per post—book reviews less popular, separated from main feed) Added book reviews six months in: 46 of them, plus 3 zine reviews 25 lcsh posts, 7 more cataloging, and 4 sandy berman reprints Library geekery, library news, internet news, nyc events, report backs, politics Most popular post:
  • Five most popular posts Fuck google 8278 Send Sandy berman a birthday card 2326 Nonlibrary jobs  better librarian 1680 Zines page 1383 Sandy Berman’s car accident 1373 Year three (less than six months in) 90 posts, 16018 reads, 177.98 Pace for more posts, far fewer reads (Facebook, but also time) Most popular: Twitter, 675 35 book reviews, 30 lcsh + cataloging, 10 zine related
  • Totals for 2.5 years: 404 posts, read an average of 501 times Article link 3 Barnard news 1 Berman reprint 6 Book reviews 81 Cataloging 12 Cfp 4 General geekery 1 General news 4 Internet news 9 Lcsh 157 Lesl zine 3 Library complaints 8 Library geekery 22 Library news 36 Library politics 1 Total of previous four 67 Link digest 8 Meta 3 Nyc events 21 Nyc news 2 Nyc politics 4 Personal updates 8 Politics 17 Professional updates 3 Recommended book 5 Report back 32 Static pages 2 Talks 6 Technology 10 Zine news 20 Zine reviews 8
  • Hard to decide between my blog, facebook/twitter, and my zine. Advantages of each Blogs Reach Linking Public conversation, owned by me Microblogs Ease Community Speed (getting RTd) Zine Personal Controlled distribution Creative expression Disadvantages of each Blog People aren’t reading them anymore Take a while to post Cached by search engines Microblog Deep web Dumbing down? Noise to signal ratio Zine Effort Expense For now, continuing with all three, but getting fatigued
  • librarians meetup

    1. 1. lower east side librarian
    2. 2. lower east side librarian <ul><li>Origin </li></ul><ul><li>Evolution </li></ul><ul><li>Survival of the fittest </li></ul>
    3. 3. lower east side librarian
    4. 4. lower east side librarian <ul><li>Origin </li></ul><ul><li>Evolution </li></ul><ul><li>Survival of the fittest </li></ul>
    5. 5. lower east side librarian
    6. 6. lower east side librarian
    7. 7. lower east side librarian <ul><li>Origin </li></ul><ul><li>Evolution </li></ul><ul><li>Survival of the fittest </li></ul>