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Anyzine You Can Do: Going DIY at Your Library


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This interactive, whirlwind session will have something for people anywhere on the zine-knowledge spectrum: people who rhyme "zine" with "wine" to long-time zine librarians.

Published in: Education
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Anyzine You Can Do: Going DIY at Your Library

  1. 1. Anyzine You Can Do: Going DIY at Your Library Presented by Jenna Freedman METRO #metrozines
  2. 2. reading time Excerpt from Piepmeier, Alison. Girl Zines : Making Media, Doing Feminism. New York: New York University Press, c2009. @barnlib #metrozines PhotofromAmazon
  3. 3. intro/icebreaker Name & any affiliation you care to share. Something you're an expert in. @barnlib #metrozines PhotofromEtsy
  4. 4. agenda  Intro to zines  Selection/acquisitions  Description & access  Outreach with zines  Instruction & programming  Zine making @barnlib #metrozines Photo by me
  5. 5. What's a zine? Read a zine/swap with a neighbor and consider these questions: ●Why did this person choose to communicate this content as a zine? ●What is the zine about? ●How do the visual elements complement or complicate the text? Discuss in pairs. @barnlib #metrozines Photobyme
  6. 6. acquisitions ● Collection policies ● Inclusiveness (hint: Brown Recluse Zine Distro) ● Etiquette ● Distros, stores, zine fests, individuals ● Payment @barnlib #metrozines Photo by me
  7. 7. cataloging ● Cataloging ● Finding aids ● Circulation ● Shelving ● Supplies @barnlib #metrozines PhotooftheDenverZineLibraryby ColoradoCollege,TuttLibrary
  8. 8. break Pass up your catalog card: ● things you're still confused about ● pedagogical devices that aren't going well for you ● anything you want me to know before starting up again @barnlib #metrozines Photo from Women of Library History via OCLC
  9. 9. instruction & programming ● Zine making ● Research ● Readings ● Crafty workshops ● Zine fests @barnlib #metrozines Photo by me, I think
  10. 10. Outreach ● Informational ● Referency ● Newsy ● Mappy ● Compare zines & other outreach publications @barnlib #metrozines Photo by the Barnard Zine Club
  11. 11. make a zine ● One-page folding zine ● Make zines ● Make copies ● Trade @barnlib #metrozines Photo by Annie Soga from zinecats Tumblr
  12. 12. links & stuff ● Barnard Zine Library – – @barnlib ● List of zine libraries worldwide, including the internet ● Using CLIO to find zines ● Jenna – – @barnlib #metrozines