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Case Study: Content Assessment Hero League presented at LavaCon 2013 by Jennifer DeAngelo from Experis GCS. The Content Assessment Hero League fought the evil of increasing costs of content authoring and localization by using the super powers of strategy, reuse, and automation technology. We’ll take a look behind the masks at our heroes’ identities (Experis and Acrolinx), and how they prepared for their fight with the right tools (strategy, process, and software) – and won.

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  • The Content Assessment Hero League fought the evil of increasing costs of content authoring and localization by using the super powers of strategy, reuse, and automation technology. We’ll take a look behind the masks at our heroes’ identities (Experis and Acrolinx), and how they prepared for their fight with the right tools (strategy, process, and software) – and won.
  • Why are you listening to me?From AustinAm secretly (or maybe not so secret?) a super heroRecounting how identifying a problem is just the beginning – solving the problem takes a village of writers
  • Our cast of characters in this graphic novel:Dell Team:Executive DirectorStyle Guide CommitteeTeam LeadContent AuthorsContent EditorsExperis:Global Content Strategy SME – conducted assessment of content & processesAcrolinx Software developersProvided rule set customization & technology
  • Setting the stage: Delldevelops a new productNew products need user manuals and many other types of contentContent must be ready before product launchSomeone, somewhere prepares a product release schedule. The number of content authoring staff has been reduced, but the turn times are faster
  • Challenge (Situation):The Team Lead learns of the product release date & needed content. Team Lead reviews the schedule, and engages the content authors to create supporting content.With reduced staff and shortened content development schedules, everyone becomes a writer. The Writers work individually on their tasks, rushing to meet the deadlines. With very little cross-team interaction and no uniform style guide, editors use their tribal knowledge & best judgment to correct as many errors as they can. The clock ticks…
  • The deadline arrives. The content is written. Editors have has a chance to review most of the content to the best of their abilities, but… there’s NO TIME LEFT! With global product deployment plans, the Team Lead realizes that content must be translated into local languages. The content is sent for translation. No one has had time to review content for consistency, so every sentence must be translated.
  • Translation costs are calculated per-word, so treating every sentence as brand-new content, nothing reused, causes translation costs to increase. As the translation costs continue to eat the budget, there is no room left to hire additional staff to help with the increasing workloads. The Team Leads and managers realize that standardizing the editing processes will generate reusable content and combat tribal knowledge between editors. A council is formed:Failure to launch with internal forces (Dell Style Guide Council) Internal difference of opinions and goals Unable to determine best solution on style, taxonomy, and even grammar rules.
  • While the assembled Style Council tries to find consensus, the translation costs continue to increase and everyone is still a writer. A Content Team Lead realizes that the translation monster is too big to fight alone, and calls in Experis. Experis suggests an assessment of strategy, process, and software, and identifying a governance plan to bring the teams together.
  • From the Experis Global Content Solutions (GCS) Content Authoring offering, Experis developed a comprehensive authoring system:A strategy was determined to provide content that was unified and supported the overall brand and messaging, regardless of who wrote itProcesses were reviewed, streamlined, and customized, ensuring all content was reviewed before translation
  • Experis knew just who to call to combat the limited editing staff and increased workloads, and still ensuring quality before translationAcrolinx is called in to implement their translation monster-slaying weapon: anauthoring tool.
  • Building the weapon: Discuss logistics of initial server setup and testingExperis provides a secure server with remote access to house the Acrolinx software server. Acrolinx works with the Dell Style Council to review industry best practices around Grammar and Style rulesThe rules are fine-tuned and customized to fit Dell’s specific needs, representing the overall Dell brand and voiceProduct names are built into the Acrolinx dictionary, supporting the most recent taxonomy rulesSample content is audited and tested
  • Acrolinx and Experis implement the weapon, arming content authors with a new editing softwareTraining on what Acrolinx is is provided to content authorsDell Team Leads instruct their authors to use the tool before content is translated. As time goes on, Dell Team Leads watch the translation monster budget, waiting for a sign that the process streamlining and new authoring tool are working But as the smoke clears: the translation monster is still just as big.
  • Dell, Experis, and Acrolinx review why the translation monster was not defeated:Authors say that there was not much training on using the weapon, or why it would workThere was no personal motivation to slay the monster – translation costs didn’t have a visible, direct effect on authorsReturn on Investment (ROI) in streamlining processes and implementing Acrolinx was not easily measuredThe tool was made available, but there were no consequences for not using it, and no one championing usage
  • [enter our hero, Jen]An onsite Project Manager with Content Editing, Authoring, and Strategy experience was called inoversaw day-to-day custom implementation and deployment provided demonstrations and training for client authors and team leads Provided troubleshooting and basic supportMaintained the Acrolinx glossaries, dictionary, and terminology, reviewing report results to look for errors or needed additionsListened to author complaints, and worked one-on-one to overcome the identified issuesChampioned usage of the tool and recruited other championsShared results with team leads, authors, and editors weeklyCombatted tribal knowledge by explaining the benefits to following the same set of companywide style guidelines, which use the same tone, style, and format for a consistent customer experience.
  • Review second deployment actions – content audit, discussed technology solutions, One Voice solution, one objective leader (consistency)
  • Overview of Acrolinx Center of ExcellenceStats, metrics = ROIHow the gadgets work Repeat Slide 5 – happy Sense of community – many heroes – empowermentDiscussion, consulting,Change in attitudeOngoing battlesReport results more favorable (before and after)
  • Identified IssuesTight deadlinesLess staff, less budgetBigger translation costsCreated Dell Style Council to create consensus on methodsNot enough success with adoption and needed help with governanceCalled Experis GCS Content StrategistsStreamlined processes around authoring best practicesImplemented Acrolinx platformDeployed authors with automated editing toolAdoption was slowBrought in project manager to tailor training to each team and specific team metricsIdentified internal champions:Stories about more reluctant authors who turned a new leafHow usage spread – word of mouth from author to authorCompetitive over report results & number of checks11. Happy hourCelebrated launchDebated serial comma usageTerm Set differences: Why one rule is ok for one group and not anotherCustom software development
  • Content Assessment Hero League presented at LavaCon 2013

    1. 1. The Content Assessment Hero League: A Case Study of Acrolinx Deployment at Dell A graphic novel by Jennifer DeAngelo Experis Global Content Solutions @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    2. 2. Jennifer DeAngelo From a faraway land… Twitter: @JenDeAngelo512 Blog: Experis Global Content Solutions (GCS), a Manpower Group Company @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    3. 3. • Experis GCS • • • • • Executive Director Style Guide Committee Team Lead Content Authors Content Editors • Acrolinx Professional Services @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    5. 5. Turn on your personal computer. Turn on the PC. Power on your PC. Turn it on. @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    6. 6. NO TIME FOR MORE QUALITY! Quick! Get these to the Translation Machine! @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    7. 7. The Translation Monster is eating our budget! Welcome to the Dell Style Guide Council! We are gathered here today… Less budget = less staff. But we have more work than ever! Two spaces between sentences!! ONE SPACE! NO Serial Commas! AAHH! Serial Commas! @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    8. 8. It’s time to call in reinforcements! HELP! Our translation costs are multiplying! We need Experis Global Content Solutions! Have no fear! Experis GCS is here! We’ll fight the ever-increasing translation costs with strategy & governance! @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    9. 9. @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    10. 10. OUR HEROES JOIN FORCES TO FIGHT THE TRANSLATION COST MONSTER… Hello? Acrolinx? It’s time to train a new authoring army! We can teach them to fight increasing translation costs! Our secret weapon is ready! Let’s do it! @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    11. 11. @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    12. 12. We have a new weapon! Acrolinx! ONCE THE SMOKE CLEARS… @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    13. 13. The Translation Monster is still standing! We need more weapons training! @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    15. 15. The automation of Acrolinx helps us with cleaner content and instant editing. Our translations costs are smaller, too! The Translation Monster is much smaller! @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    16. 16. • Quality assurance staff reduced by one • Almost 1,000 hours of time saved over six months across six fulltime equivalents (FTEs). • SEO improved significantly and localization is 25 percent faster. • Authors began reviewing their own content to align with the style guidelines, resulting in shorter review times and fewer quality review cycles. • Ongoing usage after superheroes leave (PM services concluded) @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    17. 17. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Identified Issues Created Dell Style Council Not enough success Called Experis GCS Content Strategists Streamlined processes Implemented Acrolinx platform Deployed tool Adoption was slow Brought in project manager Identified internal champions: Celebrated launch Term Set differences: Ongoing maintenance Refresher training Metrics review @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon
    18. 18. THE END QUESTIONS? THANK YOU! @JenDeAngelo512 #LavaCon2013 @LavaCon