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Guide to aboriginal australia and maori nz karly


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Guide to aboriginal australia and maori nz karly

  1. 1. A Guide toAboriginal Australia and Maori New Zealand By Karly Clippinger
  2. 2. The Bone People-Whangaroa• Harbor• Northern New Zealand• Boyd Massacre Dec 1809, 70+ killed as revenge for the mistreatment of the son of a local chief• History of violence between the mission and locals• Joe and Simons house• History of violence linked to Simons abuse?• Role reversal
  3. 3. The Bone People-Moerangi• Whirinaki Forest Park• Secluded• Location of Kerewin’s bachs• Where conflicts are resolved between Kerewin and Joe
  4. 4. The Bone People-Taiaroa• City of Dunedin• Royal Albatross colony• Location of the shell house• Kerewin’s tower• Not near the Gillayley’s house
  5. 5. The Bone People-SYMBOLS and THEMESSymbolsSpirals – (Spiral staircase, song references) In Maoriculture they represent new life, growth, or newbeginningsBirds-(kerewin’s phoenix, the bird Simon kills etc.)symbol of rebirthAlcohol- is often a symbol for European influence and aprecursor to violence; Maori struggle to maintain theirculture with increasing European influenceThemesStruggle with violence exacerbated by alcohol abuse,while also searching for acceptance within theirfamilies and communities.
  6. 6. My Place-Perth• Capital of Western Australia• Largest City• .2% of the population is aboriginal (~3101)• Where Sally lives and is first discriminated against
  7. 7. My Place-Corunna Downs Station• Rural• Military Base• Arthur and Daisy were born here• Sally and Gladys visit and find acceptance and family connections
  8. 8. My Place-SYMBOLS and THEMESSymbolsIdentity- (Familial, ethnic, self) Balancing act of whitesociety’s pressure and Aboriginal cultural expectations.Birds-They represent ties to aboriginal past and acceptingones place in society.ThemesAssimilation- is a common predicament where aboriginaland white cultures meet. Individuals feel an urge to beaccepted and belong within a group.Secrets/Acceptance- Characters only feel accepted whenthey do not have secrets (Daisy accepting, Sally claimingher heritage)
  9. 9. Carpentaria-The Gulf of Carpentaria(Desperance)• Prone to cyclones (Nov-April)• Zinc, lead and silver are mined• Mudflats and mangrove swamps are common• Very rural, the majority of this area is aboriginal land• Setting of Carpentaria• Represents a connection to aboriginal heritage • Normal fishing • Elias emerges • Hope’s death • Will’s island • Bala and Normal reunited turning point
  10. 10. Carpentaria-SYMBOLS and THEMESSymbolsBirds- (great bat drive, Cyclone bird, sea hawk, swallows)Represent hope, change and aboriginal cultureFish- (Elias’ death, Normal’s life)Religious icons-(creative serpent, Virgin Mary, 40 days and40 nights) Connection to heritageGhosts- (Will during the cyclone)ThemesMagical Realism- elements of dreamtime add to thestorytelling aspect of this textChaos- fight between tribes, murder, Elias’ arrival,evacuation during the cyclone,
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