User research + agile = RITE+Krug


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This is the presentation I gave at the Boston UXPA 2013 conference, with Steve Krug and Diana DeMarco Brown. UXPABOS13

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User research + agile = RITE+Krug

  1. 1. User Research + AgileJen McGinnSteve KrugDiana DeMarco Brown
  2. 2. Nobody is talking about itWhen I started looking for answers 18+ months ago:• Lots and lots on Agile UX + design• Not so much on Agile UX + user feedback• RITE (described in general terms, but fewspecifics)• Co-design• Customer/user “proxies”However, when I asked in December, at the BostonUXPA monthly meeting, a LOT of people weredoing it
  3. 3. Everybody is doing it๏ Show of hands- How many of you are working with Agiledevelopment teams?- How many of you are conducting userresearch (feedback sessions) with thoseAgile teams?- How many of you are feeling reallyAWESOME about how the dev team isinvolved in that research and that theymake changes as a result?
  4. 4. Hello, my name is Jen, and I‟m auser researcher for an Agile team …• UX team started with traditional testing• Outside the Agile cadence• The dev team didn‟t observe the sessions• The data came too late• The team didn‟t agree with the findings• The designers were frustrated• The developers were frustrated• It was not a happy situation
  5. 5. Now you๏ First names only๏ Agile User Research only๏ In less than a minute, tell me:- What user research you are conducting now(method, frequency, # of participants)- One thing that is AWESOME about thatOR- One thing that‟s not working, that you wishyou could fix
  6. 6. Enough about you – let‟s talk about me• Conducted another full UT (baseline test)• My designer suggested we try RITE testing• Rapid Iterative Test Environment (RITE)– Can change the system between participants– Developers must attend– Keep testing until show-stoppers are fixed– Number of ppts and time to conduct undefined• A few months before, I‟d been reallyimpressed by some things that Steve Krugwas doing
  7. 7. Enough about me – let‟s talkabout Steve
  8. 8. The Krug Method“A morning a sprint, that‟s all we ask.”๏ Test 3 users in a morning๏ Invite everyone to attend: product owners,developers, designers, writers, marketing …๏ Debrief over lunch: 1 hour- Only people who observed can attend/vote (sort of)- Focus ruthlessly on most serious problems๏ Report takes less than 30 minutes to write- Just an email- 2 page max., mostly bullet lists
  9. 9. Our RITE + Krug Combination• Elements from both RITE and KRUG– Require that a stakeholder from dev,design and PM attend each session– Can change the prototype betweenparticipants– 3 or 4 participants– Findings discussed in 1-hour debrief– Minimal “report” (bullets on a wiki page)• Sessions went viral: 12+ observers• Could test every as often as every 2weeks
  10. 10. RITE+Krug Tips & Tricks๏ Before: Hold a kickoff meeting withstakeholders to get buy-in into the processand time required๏ During: Keep a running list of observationsand email them to the stakeholders within30 minutes of the last participant๏ After: Ask attendees of the stakeholdermeeting to review your list of observationsprior to the meeting๏ Document the observations and list of changesagreed immediately after the debrief meeting
  11. 11. Let‟s talk about DianaThe conversationhas changed from„what is it?‟ to„how can wemaster it andmake it our own?‟- Diana DeMarco Brown(over lunch one day)
  12. 12. Agile Research Recommendations๏ Conduct research before the developmentcycle if possible- But if you can‟t, fit it in anyway๏ Predictable and repeatable user feedbacksessions during the cycle๏ Complement user feedback sessions with fast,low-cost data collection methods:- Surveys- Customer phone calls- Web analytics- Card sorts- Un-moderated usability tests
  13. 13. What else have people written onUser Research Methods + Agile?• Agile + RITE testing, finally described in detail (2013):• “The RITE Way to Prototype”, Shirey, Charng, & Nguyen•• Agile + Cognitive walkthroughs (2013):• “Informal cognitive walkthroughs (ICW): paring downand pairing up for an agile world”, Grigoreanu &Mohanna•• Agile + Wizard of Oz testing (2006):• “Adding Usability Testing to an Agile Project”, Meszaros& Aston•
  14. 14. Agile UX resources that includediscussions on user research๏ “Adapting Usability Investigations for Agile User-centered Design”, Sy (2007)๏ “Successful User Experience in an Agile EnterpriseEnvironment”, Federoff & Courage (2009)๏ Lean UX, Gothelf & Seiden (2013)
  15. 15. Now back to you …๏ Questions?๏ Comments?