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You are the Leadership


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Never before in history have computers been so powerful or had so much reach. This gives us a tremendous opportunity to help millions of people increase their health and well-being. In order to do this, UX practitioners need to be leaders in their organizations - inspiring, collaborating, and communicating their vision. This talk will employ teachings from the Kadampa masters of 11th century Tibet, UX methods that have been in practice since the mid-sixties, along with insights from Jen's work at Draftfcb Healthcare.

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You are the Leadership

  1. 1. ux and healthcare:YOU ARE THE LEADERSHIP
  2. 2. 1 BILLION SMART PHONES IN USE TODAYSource: (courtesy Luke W
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  5. 5. Create a vision statement Judith exercise pic ofme kid – Jen to provide, we need a leave-behind
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  7. 7. Kris-n  Hersh  photo  by  Dina  Douglass    
  8. 8. Sources:  Pepperdine  University,  Roy  D.  Adler,  “Women  in  the  Execu-ve  Suite  Correlate  to  High  Profits”  (2008)    How  Women  Lead  copyright  2013  by  Sharon  Hadary  and  Laura  Henderson.    
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  10. 10. “Be grateful to everyone” – Pema Chodron
  11. 11. Actemra responsive process
  12. 12. You are the leadership. ux and healthcare: YOU ARE THE LEADERSHIP
  13. 13. youChristina VargasFor sharing your tremendous designtalent with me, inspiring me,and pushing me beyond my limitsThanks also to Ian Smile and Sara Bamber