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Weekly Presentation [6 of 6]


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  • John Buffi is a retired police offer who lost his home to Superstorm Sandy. He now uses the "Demolisher" system to help take care of his 91-year-old father and children. John says: "My only statement is "WOW"...I thought your other systems were special but this is going to turn out to be the " Holy Grail" of all MLB systems, no doubt! ◆◆◆
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  • My only statement is "WOW"...I thought your other systems were special but this is going to turn out to be the "Holy Grail" of all MLB systems, no doubt! ★★★
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  • I'm sleeping so much better! Hi David, just a quick message to say thank you so much for this. I have been using a CPAP machine for 3 years and I absolutely hate it. It's so uncomfortable and I sleep worse with it on than I do without it. I'm now sleeping much better thanks to your program. And my wife is so much happier too! ♣♣♣
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Weekly Presentation [6 of 6]

  1. 1. SPORTS FEATURE PHOTO Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionHONORABLE MENTION:The Cherokee ChronicleJon MartinState ChampionshipVictory
  2. 2. SPORTS FEATURE PHOTO Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionTHIRD PLACE: The Press & Standard Drew TrippCrushed
  3. 3. SPORTS FEATURE PHOTO Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionSECOND PLACE: The Hartsville Messenger Scott HufferDixie Ponytails World Series
  4. 4. SPORTS FEATURE PHOTO Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE: The Summerville Journal Scene Roger LeeFirst pitch
  5. 5. PERSONALITY PHOTOGRAPH OR PORTRAIT Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE: The Star Bill BengtsonCompton Daugherty
  6. 6. PERSONALITY PHOTOGRAPH OR PORTRAIT Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: The Star Mike AdamsBryanna Huff
  7. 7. PERSONALITY PHOTOGRAPH OR PORTRAIT Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE: Coastal Observer Tanya AckermanMud Bowl
  8. 8. PERSONALITY PHOTOGRAPH OR PORTRAIT Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE: The Island News Todd StoweThe Glory ofGraduation
  9. 9. PERSONALITY PHOTOGRAPH OR PORTRAIT Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: Carolina Forest Chronicle Michael SmithAnnie the firebreathing juggler
  10. 10. PERSONALITY PHOTOGRAPH OR PORTRAIT Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE: Free Times Sean RayfordCurtis Loftis
  11. 11. PERSONALITY PHOTOGRAPH OR PORTRAIT Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionSECOND PLACE: The Cherokee Chronicle Tommy MartinIndian Joe
  12. 12. PERSONALITY PHOTOGRAPH OR PORTRAIT Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE: The News and Reporter Travis JenkinsPig lover
  13. 13. PHOTO SERIES OR PHOTO STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE: Coastal Observer Tanya AckermanFire
  14. 14. PHOTO SERIES OR PHOTO STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: News and Press Samantha LylesEgg Drop
  15. 15. PHOTO SERIES OR PHOTO STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE: Coastal Observer Tanya AckermanLily Johnson
  16. 16. PHOTO SERIES OR PHOTO STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionTHIRD PLACE: The Lancaster News Aaron MorrisonChurch Camp Meeting
  17. 17. PHOTO SERIES OR PHOTO STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionSECOND PLACE: The Summerville Journal Scene Judy WattsCivil War Camp
  18. 18. PHOTO SERIES OR PHOTO STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE: The News and Reporter Travis Jenkins and Holly HindmanRodeo
  19. 19. BEST NEWSPAPER PUBLICATION Associate/Individual DivisionTHIRD PLACE: Your 100% Local Source of Community News Blythewood athletes enjoying national arenas Thursday, June 28, 2012 Council adopts The Voice of Blythewood $1,279,000 budget Utroska asks Council to reveal revenue sources Barbara Ball Publisher - - - - Committe makes recommendation for park - Rest rooms in; What’s in & What’s out? - fountain, part of - What IS and IS NOT included in the original $5.5 million park sprayground out construction bond: INCLUDED - A. Horizontal Construction by ditional funding) Barbara Ball Conder Construction Company A. Horizontal Construction by See Budget page 5 Publisher - 1.) All surveying and layout Conder Construction Company 2) All silt fencing, erosion control - - and storm water management trenches at formal garden 3) All clearing and grubbing 2) Final lift of asphalt 3) Remainder of landscaping and Blythewood irrigation sewer services 6) Replacement sewer lift station 4) Site signage, internal and pub- lic wayfaring signage man killed and force main 5) Emergency call boxes 7) Demobilization of existing sewer lift station dens - in crash 8) All underground storm drain- 7) ADA ramps age 8) Wheel stops James Denton 9) Low Impact Design storm Editor - drainage systems: B. Vertical Construction by Mon- roe Construction Company 1) Depot - - 2) Open Air Pavilion - 3) Adventure Center - - 4) Clock Tower crete curbs 5) Playground Restrooms See Park page 15 - - PRESORTED - STANDARD ECRWSS Softball league could put squeeze on facilities U.S. POSTAGE BLYTHEWOOD, SC James Denton PERMIT NO. 2 Editor POSTAL CUSTOMER - Postal - Customer - - See Squeeze page 9 See Crash page 4
  20. 20. BEST NEWSPAPER PUBLICATION Associate/Individual DivisionSECOND PLACE: May 7 - May 20, 2012 Chew GSA Business Record year Greenville Area Develop- ment Corp. reports banner year for job recruitment. ON THIS PAGE 2 Food for Thought conference draws national entrepreneurs Ranger sold and innovators to share ideas, provoke thought. Steve Townes, former CEO of Ranger International Services Group, discusses Some are told their ideas will never come to mate group of 80 people during Erwin Pen- the sale of one of the by Liz Segrist fruition, and some won’t. land’s fifth annual Food for Thought event in Upstate’s largest private Entrepreneurs often endure more failures Greenville from April 24 to 26. equity companies. than successes, but those profound successes “We wanted to bring these dynamic, cre- M PAGE 7 ost entrepreneurs fall in love make for such great stories. Those who find it ative people to Greenville, people that use with what they do. Passion often are creative, transparent, passionate, resilient, their creativity to change an industry, and pushes them to the limit finan- and above all, unabashedly determined. maybe the world,” Erwin Penland Founder cially, personally and professionally. Several of these such entrepreneurs, inno- and President Joe Erwin said. Many go into debt while chasing a dream. vators and creative thinkers spoke to an inti- SEE PAGES 6, 8 and 10 Fast-track Greenville company picked for FDA program that speeds medical inventions to market. Boeing has S.C. expansion options PAGE 11 94 acres of undeveloped land that Boeing has Boeing does not comment on “potential, by Matt Tomsic tagged with an option to buy and right of first pending or future real estate transactions, nor refusal, according to filings with the Charleston do we comment on speculation of such,” said THE LIST County Register of Mesne Conveyance. Candy Eslinger, a spokeswoman for the com- A chain link fence marks the edge of The land filing shows one of the compa- pany in an emailed response to questions. Pharmaceutical Companies the Boeing Co.’s footprint in Ladson. ny’s options in the Lowcountry. But Boeing “Boeing continually reviews its real es- PAGE 12 Beyond that fence, lies the empty might also be targeting land owned by the tate portfolio as part of our due diligence to field that represents the company’s potential. Charleston County Aviation Authority, ac- ensure proper stewardship of company as- Office Suppliers The fence is the boundary between the aero- cording to comments during the authority’s sets and maintain Boeing competitiveness,” PAGE 16 space giant’s Interiors Responsibility Center and March board meeting. see EXPANSION, page 4 The first South Carolina-built 787 Dreamliner rolled out of INSIDE the Boeing Co.’s manufacturing facility in North Charleston. (Photo/Leslie Burden) MORE BOEING COVERAGE, PAGE 3 Leading off ...................... 2 In Focus: Bioscience ..... 11 People in the news ........ 20 News briefs ................... 22 Viewpoint ....................... 23 REQUESTED CHANGE SERVICE “WE’RE LUCKY; WE GET PEOPLE WHEN THEY’RE IN THEIR BEST MOOD.” PERMIT 294 GREENVILLE SC Mary Walsh, left, co-owner of Swamp Rabbit Cafe PAID US POSTAGE and Grocery with business partner Jac Oliver PRSRT STD At Work. PAGE 19 389 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Suite 200, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
  21. 21. BEST NEWSPAPER PUBLICATION Associate/Individual DivisionFIRST PLACE: S.C. United Methodist Advocate
  22. 22. GENERAL EXCELLENCE Weekly Under 6,000 Division indians Spring extinguish Lawn and Garden fire ants — — Sports, 1B Pages 6 - 7A St. Patrick’s Day March 17 VOLUME 135, NO. 46 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 2012 2 SECTIONS/ 24 PAGES/ 75 CENTS Quote of the Week “It is important that Bankruptcy hearing planned all citizens know pending lawsuit in Barnwell that if the Barnwell County/ This hearing will confirm pital must either assume or SUSAN C. DELK and understand the County is known. Alexander case succeeds, procedures BCH must take reject them in total and may Managing Editor duties, responsibilities, Alexander, along with the election of the county before the final confirmation not “pick and choose” those several others, filed a law- council members to the hos- of the bankruptcy. portions of the agreements hazards and sacrifices of their law suit against members of the pital board may be declared No hearing date has been which are to the hospital’s enforcement officers.” Barnwell County Hospital Barnwell County Council unconstitutional. If that hap- set for a third motion, filed by sole benefit and the detri- may be one step closer to alleging that they improperly pens, all actions taken by Creekridge Capital d/b/a ment of Creekridge. finalizing their bankruptcy voted themselves onto the the illegally created hospital Healthland Financing. It also states the “mischar- — Mayor Ed Lemon, next week. Barnwell County Hospital board could also be declared They are objecting to the acterization” of Creekridge’s On supporting local officers Acting Judge L. Jeffer- Board and because of those null and void, including disclosure statement filed by claim demonstrates an at- (Page 2A) son Davis IV approved two actions are now holding dual their decision to enter into BCH and its plan of reorgani- tempt by the debtor (BCH) to hearings which are set for offices. bankrupcty. zation as well as the amount manipulate the Bankrupcty March 19. The case was heard by The second hearing sched- of their claim with BCH. Code to its sole benefit. Bulletin Board Don Alexander filed a mo- Judge Edgar W. Dickson Feb. uled to take place March 19 is Creekridge holds two leas- The hearings are set for tion March 7 requesting a stay 9 and is still pending. the confirmation of the plan es for equipment at BCH and 10 a.m. at J. Bratton Davis Birdhouse of action with the bankruptcy court until the outcome of a The motion filed with the bankruptcy court argues for the adjustment of debts for the BCH. the motion states they are “true leases” and the hos- Courthouse, 1100 Laurel St., Cola., S.C. 29201. Making The city of Barnwell recre- Easter bunny’s best friend Ard resigns THIRD PLACE: ation department is hosting a birdhouse making class. Come learn basic carpentry skills by making a birdhouse No jail time, 5 yrs. probation March 22 and 29 from 4-5 p.m. at the Barnwell County Kelly, a 12-year-old JONATHAN VICKERY Museum. The cost of the Australian Shepherd, Staff Writer class is $12. has her picture Participants will put to- taken with the Easter gether a birdhouse as well as bunny at the March 10 fundraiser for The In less than one day, South paint it during the class. Animal Advocates of Carolina’s Lieutenant Gov- Participants are asked to Barnwell. ernor resigned before being wear comfortable clothes indicted and sentenced on that they can paint in. To Kelly belongs to ethics violations. register, visit the Barnwell Mona and G.B. Former Lt. Gov. Ken Ard City Hall. Blume of Barnwell. apologized in a March 9The People-Sentinel press release to his family, From Chihuahuas to staff and South Carolinians larger breeds, the shortly before submitting his Photo by: Jonathan Vickery/Staff Writer fundraiser saw many letter of resignation to Gov. four-legged children Nikki Haley. Former Lt. Gov. Ken Ard just make the trek to the “During my (2010) cam- before he was sworn in to store to visit with the paign, it was my responsibil- office Jan. 12, 2011 on the Easter Bunny. ity to make sure things were steps of the S.C. Capital done correctly. I did not do building. Tucker, the resident that,” said Ard in the release. Weather Forecast cat at the Pick of the “There are no excuses nor is Lieutenant Governor. Once Litter Shoppe, also there need to share blame. again, I am deeply sorry and took time out of his It is my fault that the events take full responsibility for the busy schedule to sit of the past year have taken entire situation.” for a few pictures. place.” Ard’s resignation and com- He continued that he re- ments came on the heels of a grets “the distraction this has “comprehensive investi- Wed., March 14 caused for the people of this gation” by S.C. Attorney Mostly sunny state, my family, my staff, General Alan Wilson’s office and other elected officials which began last July. Fol- High 83 Low 54 in South Carolina. It is be- lowing that investigation, cause of these mistakes that the S.C. State Grand Jury I must take full ownership Photo by: Jonathan Vickery/Staff Writer and resign from the Office of See ARD, page 12A Thurs., March 15 Mostly sunny High 85 Low 57 Two bills could change FOIA rules tain public records when S.C. Press Association. with gathering or reproduc- pubic e-mails. JONATHAN VICKERY requested under the FOIA. That’s why the SCPA has ing the records.” Public bod- Charging excessive fees Staff Writer The second amendment, H. created a citizen’s guide to ies can still charge a “pre- for providing public records the state’s FOIA. Rogers said vailing commercial rate” for is “ridiculous.” Fees “should 4740, seeks to exempt from public record certain law he encourages people to read producing the documents, be reasonable,” said S.C. Rep. Fri., March 16 In light of this week being enforcement records. the two-page guide by visit- though “copy charges may Lonnie Hosey (District 91) in Mostly sunny Sunshine Week, The People- The two amendments ing not apply to records that are an interview. High 81 Low 60 Sentinel examines two pro- are “very different,” and, if and “then stand up for your stored or transmitted in an Currently, the FOIA re- posed amendments to the passed, would impact the rights.” electronic format,” states the quires public bodies to re- S.C. Freedom of Information open government atmo- H. 3235 amendment. spond to FOIA requests Act that are being considered sphere that Sunshine Week The first proposed amend- “This is an excellent bill within 15 days (except Sat- by legislators in the S.C. and the current FOIA try ment deals with the time that helps give the public urdays, Sundays and legal House of Representatives. to shine light on. Although limit and cost for providing access to public records at a public holidays) and state Sunshine Week is used to reporters and media outlets certain public records. reasonable cost”—something their determination on if the Sat., March 17 bring attention to the need use the FOIA, it is there to It eliminates a part of the that doesn’t always hap- information will be released. Partly sunny for open government. protect everyone. “It’s all current law in order to keep pen, said Rogers. He cited The amendment seeks to High 81 Low 59 The first amendment, H. about the people, not about public bodies, like boards cases like a school district in change it to 15 “calendar” 3235, seeks to limit the fees the press,” said Bill Rogers, and councils, from charging the Midlands who wanted Weather provided by the and time to provide cer- the executive director of the for “staff time associated $500,000 to release copies of See FOIA, page 12A Barnwell PD sees another retire National Weather Service What’s Inside OPINION.................4A ARRESTS...............5A KAELYN PFENNING Todd Gantt. current position after starting He said he had heard oth- SOCIETY............8-10A “This is a very common out in the cotton fields. ers talk about retiring but Staff Writer CALENDAR............11A occurrence with law enforce- “I came from a little town never thought he would be ment officers in the State called Martin,” Capt. Miller one of those until one day SPORTS...............1-5B Police Officer’s Retirement said. “I picked more cotton recently he realized he was TELEVISION.........6B System,” said Chief Gantt. than anyone can think of. My eligible to retire. CLASSIFIEDS.....8-12B Barnwell City Police Cap- “While he’s out on his 15 mother once told me, ‘Don’t “First thing, I talked to my tain Robert L. Miller Sr. will days, I’ll assume his duties give up everything. One day, chief. I respect him,” he said. follow in the chief’s footsteps as well, and when he returns, it will be okay.’ I wish she “I talked to my wife, and and soon retire. he’ll get them back.” could be here to see this.” me and her prayed about it. At the regular March One of his responsibilities “To be able to retire, I thank Then, I talked with the city 5 meeting, Barnwell City is he is the evidence custo- God personally for that,” officials.” Council unanimously ap- dian, Chief Gantt said. “He’s Capt. Miller said. “That’s an The reason he became proved Capt. Miller’s request in a very trusted position. He emotional thing for me.” emotional is because the city to retire June 28 and to be is the only member of the Pausing a few seconds, has allowed him to retire and re-hired 15 days later. Last department that has access. I Capt. Miller continued, “I month, council approved don’t even have access.” never dreamed that I would Cpt. Robert Miller the request of Police Chief Capt. Miller reached his be able to see this day.” See MILLER, page 12A
  23. 23. GENERAL EXCELLENCE Weekly Under 6,000 Division Wednesday, September 12, 2012 50¢ ® INDEX: Calendar 2A • Classifieds 7B • Crime 2A • Crossword 6B • Editorial 7A • Obituaries 6A • Sports 1B • St. Stephen 4BSECOND PLACE: Why? Murders anger, bewilder community BY DAN BROWN The Independent The anger is mixed with a one- word question: Why? Different theories have been The Berkeley As the residents of Berkeley floating around the community County continue to come to terms that seek to answer that question. with the murder of two young None of them make sense. Yet few women, 18-year-old Dana Woods details about the double murder and 22-year-old June Guerry, do. anger towards the men charged in their killing is rising. See MURDERS Page 6A Suspects face additional charges BY STEFAN ROGENMOSER appeared in bond court Friday for The Independent the second time after being arrest- ed Sept. 1. Caleb Matlock and Ray Chavis, On Friday the suspects received suspects in the double murder of additional charges from the Independent Dana Woods and June Guerry, See CHARGES Page 6A Crime scenes revisited by BCSO BY STEFAN ROGENMOSER On Thursday, Sept. 6, investiga- The Independent tors were on the site of the area near Cordesville off Cane Gully Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Road. This is area where the body Caleb Matlock hangs his investigators were back on the of Dana Woods, 18, was found head during a bond scene of the double murder that hearing on Sept. 2. shook Berkeley County last week. See BCSO Page 6A Frank Johnson/Independent Art Aging winners Snakebit tour in named works The 22nd Annual Old South Carolina Lt. Gov. Santee Canal Fine Arts Glenn McConnell was set to Exhibition began Aug. 25, begin a series of visits this and the event, hosted by The week to senior citizen facili- Berkeley Artist Guild, Santee ties throughout South Cooper and Berkeley County Carolina to assess existing Council, continued through services and gather sugges- Sept. 9. tions on improvements from The popular event drew a local seniors, caregivers, and large number of artists from residents. all over the state as well as Aging facilities in Berkeley, from Berkeley County. This Dorchester and Charleston year 90 pieces were entered will be visited Sept. 24-25. and shown. Each stop is scheduled to This year’s winners are (list- ed in order of finish) include a forum for public • Best in Show Mixed input as well as visits to area Media nursing homes, assisted living Regrets? I have few by facilities, and senior centers. Meyriel Edge “Finding ways to make • Aqua Media: Charleston meaningful improvements to Music Man by Bob Graham, current Aging services in Golden Hour by Louise South Carolina is my top pri- James, and Mama And Me by ority, and I don’t understand Dorothy Nichols. how substantive change can • Oils: Mozart and His be made without discussing Daemons by Gingi Martin, Dominic McKelvey/Special to The Independent some of these issues face-to- The Teal Necklace by Denny Cane Bay’s Richard Henderson wraps up Berkeley quarterback Conner Teague during the Cobra-Stag game last face,” said McConnell. “I Stevenson, and Early Spring week. For complete coverage of the contest, see Sports. want the opportunity to inter- See ART Page 3A See AGING Page 6A The Berkeley Independent • BIG WIN FOR ST. JOHN’S ... 1B CYAN-AOOO MAGENTA-OAOO YELLOW-OOAO BLACK 01/29/08
  24. 24. GENERAL EXCELLENCE Weekly Under 6,000 Division 2A OPINION 4A OBITUARIES 5A BOOKINGS 7-8A SPORTS 2B PUZZLES 5B CLASSIFIEDS News&Press QUOTE ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’ EDMUND BURKE 50¢ Vol. 138, No. 37 Darlington, S.C. TWO SECTIONS • 16 PAGES SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 WEEKEND FUN IN DARLINGTON ESTABLISHED 1874 PAGE 1B W W W. N E W S A N D P R E S S O N L I N E . C O M Man charged with another serious sexual crime By Lisa Chalian-Rock Sparks Street with the man in a ject was sexually assaulting her assault. Ashamed, she hung up first degree is a Class A felony Editor taxi around 2 a.m. They were and had her pants and panties then called back and told dis- that carries a penalty of impris- dropped off around Syracuse around her ankle. She stated she patchers to cancel the call. onment for up to 30 years. Police arrested a Darlington Street and Tallulah Street. He was asking him to stop, accord- On Sept. 10, the victim came “He’s a threat to the commu- man for criminal sexual assault asked her to walk to his aunt’s ing to the police report. to the Darlington Police nity,” Darlington Police Chief after the victim came forward on residence, and the pair walked When the suspect was fin- Department to report that she Danny Watson said. “We’ll ask Sept. 10. down Terrell Street. ished, he left her at that location had been sexually assaulted by a for the highest bond possible.” Stanley Bernard Simon, 36, Then, the report states the and walked away. He told her if man named Stanley. Bond was set at $30,000 cash has been charged with kidnap- subject grabbed her by the arm, she screamed he was going to At the police station, she or $50,000 surety on Sept. 11. As ping and criminal sexual con- saying she was going to “suck his hurt her, according to the report. picked Simon’s picture out of of press time, Simon remained duct in the first degree after an d—-.” She refused. He pushed The victim said she put her more than 1,800 photos. She in custody at the Darlington incident on Sept. 8. her into a yard and choked her pants back on and walked also took officers to the location County Detention Center. According to police reports, until she lost consciousness. toward Syracuse Street where where the assault took place. Stanley Bernard Simon the woman left The Hut on When she came around, the sub- she called 911 to report the Criminal sexual assault in the SEXUAL CRIME 3A Lamar City preps updated for storm on town water clean up mandate By Samantha Lyles By Lisa Chalian-Rock Staff Writer Editor Lamar Town Council’s Sep. The South Carolina 10 meeting included an update Department of Health and from members of the Environmental Control (DHEC) Downtown Pride Committee on has classified the City of continuing efforts to clean up Darlington as a regulation small and beautify the town. MS4, which means the city now Fran Knotts told council that has to conform to U.S. the committee is working its Environmental Protection way through a list of priorities – Agency (EPA) regulations like clearing stagnant ditches regarding storm water. and obtaining new town sig- “We have to monitor storm nage – and one of their top goals water leaving the city,” said Jannie Lathan of Lathan is to form a plan of action to help Consulting Corporation as she the town deal with burned out provided a report on the city’s and vacant properties. current storm water compliance “One of the things we deem during the Darlington City probably most important is Council meeting on Sept. 4. “You gathering our ordinances and have to demonstrate the storm reviewing our ordinances to see water system doesn’t pollute what leeway we have to address Adam Fedewa, physical education teacher at Rosenwald Elementary / Middle School, enjoyed a quiet moment of surprise after being announced as Darlington County School District 2012-13 Teacher of the Year. PHOTOS BY SAMANTHA LYLES public waterways.” property owners who are not DHEC classified Darlington taking care of their property in a as a regulation small MS4 based reasonable fashion,” said Knotts, adding that committee is prepping an initial round of Fedewa named District Teacher of the Year on data from the 2010 U.S. Census. MS4 stands for Municipal letters to property owners. Separate Storm Sewer System, Knotts said the committee is Adam Fedewa, a physical the-art fitness equipment, to and the EPA established three also working to obtain a tree education teacher and assis- the school district. He has categories for MS4 (large, medi- grant to fund plantings at John tant baseball coach, was also started an annual um and small) driven by popula- Wesley Methodist Church, the named the Darlington County teacher/student basketball tion. These regulations began in Lamar Library, Parnell Park, and School District Teacher of the 1987 when Congress amended game in Society Hill, helped Boykin Avenue. the Clean Water Act. Once the Year at the district’s annual create a Fitness Trail in city receives an official notice Teacher of the Year Banquet Hartsville, held a walk-a-thon from DHEC, it has 12 to 18 LAMAR COUNCIL 3A Thursday night. Fedewa, who for students and teachers, months to be in compliance. teaches at Rosenwald and regularly gets his stu- “Those regulations say, in Elementary/Middle, Carolina dents involved in local 5K essence, municipalities through- Hartsville Elementary, and Washington Street Elementary, beat out runs/walks. He is passionate about getting his students out the country have a duty to ensure storm water from their four other finalists for the top excited about physical fitness. storm water system does not pol- homeowners honor. Jennifer Dunn, a guidance “Childhood obesity is roar- ing through students all over lute rivers and public water- ways,” Lathan said. ask for delay counselor from Elementary, was honored as Pate the Darlington County School the country, which puts me on the front lines against the fight. If I can get the students pas- To comply, the city has to put storm water ordinance in place as well as create a storm water in annexation District Outstanding First Year Teacher. Darlington County School District superintendent Dr. Rainey Knight is flanked by 2012-13 Teacher of the Year Adam Fedewa, sionate about moving, being active, and making healthy utility and a storm water enter- prise fund that can only be used By Samantha Lyles The Darlington County right, and Outstanding First Year Teacher Jennifer Dunn. choices, I am not only shaping for design, operation, and Staff Writer School District Teacher of the healthy students, I am also administration of the storm Year program is designed to between classes at his three Michigan University and is shaping their families both water system. honor and award those teach- schools: Rosenwald currently pursuing his now and in the future. My “Our city manager has been A spokesman for residents ers who exceed expectations Elementary/Middle, Carolina Master’s degree. teaching style is to move, jump, extremely proactive anticipating of the Prestwood West com- to provide meaningful and Elementary, and Washington Fedewa was instrumental roll, run, be silly, be loud, be these regulations,” Lathan said, munity again appealed to rewarding learning experi- Street Elementary. In addi- in bringing Project Fit active, and keep the same level noting the creation of a storm Hartsville City Council for a ences. It is dedicated to all tion, he is an assistant base- America, a national program water master plan that has iden- of excitement from the first six-month grace period before teachers who work diligently ball coach for Hartsville High. designed to increase students’ tified the eight major outfalls of minute of class to the last.” the city enforces regulations every day for their students. Fedewa has a Bachelor of physical exercise time the city. That plan was presented requiring its water and sewer through the use of state-of- to council in late June. Fedewa divides his time Science degree from Central TEACHER AWARDS 3A The city’s draft storm water customers to be annexed into Hartsville city limits. ordinance suggests that residen- tial properties are billed a $4 per Dr. Gary Colbach told council that the Prestwood West residents who do not Miss Falcon month storm water fee and com- mercial properties a $5 per month fee. Given the city’s cur- wish to be annexed need time to secure new water service since current restrictive crowned rent customer base, the fees would generate $155,000 per year of revenue to begin to fund covenants prohibit the drilling Flowers and tiaras were infrastructure projects. of wells. presented to winners Miss “The plan is to enact the fee “We really do not have an Falcon Lynsey Gainey, July 1 with the new budget year. option. We cannot drill wells; Junior Miss Falcon Winner We have to have time to review we cannot be serviced by Aubrianna Johnson, and the ordinance and begin a major Darlington County Water and Little Miss Falcon Emily publicity campaign,” City Sewer in the immediate Weatherford during half- Manager Howard Garland said. future,” said Colbach. time of the Darlington High “This is a mandate from DHEC, At council’s August meet- varsity football game on and it’s an unfunded mandate, ing, Mayor Mel Pennington Friday. so we have to fund it.” had asked why a six-month Lynsey is a senior at The previously reported esti- delay was necessary. Darlington High and the mated cost of citywide improve- daughter of Royce Young ments to the storm water and Teresa Gainey. She was drainage system, upgrading the HARTSVILLE ANNEX 3A escorted by Devin Gainey. existing system rather than Aubrianna is an eighth replacing it, exceeds $5.7 mil- grader at Darlington Middle lion and would take five to eight and daughter of Shameka years to complete. A complete and Tion Steele. She was replacement of the city system escorted by Ricky Harrison. would run more than $7 million. MISS FALCON 7A PHOTO BY DRAKE HORTON STORM WATER MANDATE 3A