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Twitter Brown Bag Presentation


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Here are the slides I used during a brown bag presentation webcast I held for faculty, staff and students of the Missouri School of Journalism.

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Twitter Brown Bag Presentation

  1. 1. Twitter Journalism Jen Reeves Associate Professor, Missouri School of Journalism Faculty Fellow, Reynolds Journalism Institute
  2. 2. Microblogging “Facebook status on speed”
  3. 3. Twitter Short (140 characters) postings Status Share links Interact with the audience Quickly update news from cell phone, web browser or desktop application
  4. 4. Twitter
  5. 5. Different uses Personal Talk to people Meet people Share with each other Professional Connect with new audience members Build a more personal relationship Share and gather information quickly
  6. 6. What is going on?
  7. 7. What is going on?
  8. 8. Ways to use in a newsroom Scanner Squawk Viewing local updates Confirming before reporting Sharing latest information Communicating with audience
  9. 9. Newsroom mistakes Forcing employees to “tweet” (funeral tweets) Not training employees how to use Twitter Ignoring Twitter without trying it Just adding links to news
  10. 10. KOMU Account
  11. 11. KOMU Twitter Evolving product “Retweeting” reporters Sharing “insider perspective” Trying to be more conversational
  12. 12. KOMU Twitter Evolving product “Retweeting” reporters Sharing “insider perspective” Trying to be more conversational
  13. 13. Election Night Activity
  14. 14. Mumbai Tweeting First-hand accounts before “news” Traditional media using content Rumors interspersed with fact “Do not tweet live” rumor BACKLASH from traditional media
  15. 15. Mumbai Statistics
  16. 16. Twitter as a news source CNN used it on the air CBS London used the tips Media everywhere noticed
  17. 17. Hudson River Crash Janis Krums (@jkrums
  18. 18. National Public Radio
  19. 19. National Public Radio
  20. 20. Twitter Users
  21. 21. Get Started
  22. 22. More information Follow me: @jenleereeves Twitter tips: Follow people and talk!