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English livestock-assigned-topic-pres


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English livestock-assigned-topic-pres

  1. 1. Livestock By Jenna La Torella
  2. 2. What is Livestock?• Cattle• Chickens Supply us with meat,• Pigs milk, eggs, leather (for• Goats clothing) & medicine• Sheep• Horses
  3. 3. Farmers are Responsible for:• Providing the animals with proper breeding practices, food, shelter, medication, and an overall quality lifestyle• Cattle must have sufficient and proper access to water supplies & substantial nutrients• They should be well monitored• Housing should be kept clean
  4. 4. Breeding Cattle• Artificial insemination  used by farmers in order to speed up the breeding process• Selective breeding is done to increase quality and productivity Either method is acceptable as long as it is conducted in an appropriate manner
  5. 5. Breeding con’t• Farmers should consider: the animals overall heath have appropriate grazing grounds suitable feed for them• When the animals are properly taken care of, it helps eliminate sickness & disease• A healthy cow can give birth to a calf once per year
  6. 6. Farmers don’t follow proper guidelines when raising livestock• Video footage has shown the abuse of livestock• Boars being castrated without anaesthesia• Pigs being forced to stand on grid floors, causing them injuries to their feet• Cows kept in filthy, overcrowded stables and tethered in chains without the freedom of much movement
  7. 7. Danger for Humans• Farmers sell their cows to slaughterhouses even though they are not fit for human consumption• when tainted beef reaches the consumer, it can cause severe illness• When cows are given growth hormones to increase milk production, they can get really sick• To treat their symptoms they are given antibiotics. If not treated at all, these antibiotics and/or bacteria can be passed to the milk that they produce
  8. 8. Governments get Involved• Visit blog to see how governments can get involved and enforce laws to regulate the treatment of cattle and livestock in general• 7/research-project-assigned-topic-livestock/