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Why Drupal Should Be More Like WordPress

WordPress gets some very important things right, and their hold on this market is proof. There are 11.4 million active installations of WordPress software, compared to only hundreds of thousands of Drupal installations. We need to get our act together, raise our standards, and lower the barrier to entry.

Come join me in talking about what this community needs to do to ensure its survival. What should we really be focusing on in Drupal Core for D8? What should you do with your own modules to prevent our CMS from being abandoned in favor of something else?

Why Drupal Should Be More Like WordPress

  1. WordPress is better than Drupal <ul><li>by Jen Lampton, Chapter Three LLC </li></ul>
  3. I <3 Coding. Helping. Training.
  4. I like you guys too! Organizer: Regular: g.d.o/berkeley g .d.o/bay-area <ul><ul><li>Speaker: </li></ul></ul>DCCO , DCSF, PNWDS , D4D , D CCPH , DCParis , DCDC , BADCAMP , etc
  5. ant you to be afraid . I 3.0
  6. Who came to SF this year?
  7. Remember this guy ?
  8. Product will exceed market need.
  9. Room for a lower-end product.
  10. WordPress is that product.
  11. That’s a whole lot more market.
  12. ait... Drupal can do everything WP can do! But
  13. All things being equal , we should have half that market...
  14. ... plus the market for all the things Drupal can do that WordPress can’t.
  15. All things aren’t equal... Drupal WordPress
  16. ~50 x more Active Installations 11.8 Million 255 K
  17. ~4k more plugins than modules 10,006 6,100
  18. ~2 x more Themes 1,209 700
  19. ~16 x larger community 20 Million 1.2 Million
  20. hy ?
  21. Dashboard. No set up.
  22. YSIWYG. No set up.
  23. Categorization. No set up. No set up.
  24. hat it looks like
  25. hat about upgrades?
  26. ords!
  27. hat’s our problem?
  28. we are developers. (developers like to build things)
  29. we are developers. (developers like to solve hard problems)
  30. we are developers. (developers do not care about looks)
  31. we are developers. (developers don’t push buttons)
  32. hat you get with Drupal:
  33. e build things with modules.
  34. Lots of modules, hee!
  35. hat you get with WordPress:
  36. e can do that! = + +work
  37. Let’s turn this chase around ! Drupal WordPress
  38. hat do we need to do? You tell ME!
  39. e need to Improve Usability
  40. e need to get D7 out!
  41. e need to Document
  42. e need to Bundle.
  43. e need to Finish our Work “ It Works” is not enough anymore.
  44. e need to keep talking. #drupal-usability #drupal-docs