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Eric Meger's Presentation about Big Data and Strategic Alliances for ASAP Toronto

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  • Thank you Brian for that kind introduction.I am really pleased to be here to talk about Big Data and Strategic Alliances. While I have been working with Strategic Alliances since the early 1990’s, Big Data is, of course a new phenomenon. I began dealing with Big Data at exactEarth a few years ago where we built a satellite system that is today collecting 5-10 million messages a day from 85,000 ships worldwide.I’ll talk a little about that toward the end of my talk.But first, let’s look at the first assumption that I just made – namely, that Big Data is a new phenomenon.
  • Big Data has been with us for a long time – so why is it so hot now. That’s what we will examine tonight.I looked for something to capture the enthusiasm we see today for big data and I found this poemIt conveys the overwhelming sense of opportunity and challenge felt in the industry today.But… it was published in 1939!
  • It is the hot new fad! Right now.
  • Tonight I’ll talk about these things. At the end I’ll tell a story of how I have been dealing with these issues and opportunities over the past few year.First, where is all this big data coming from?
  • Where is it all coming from.?
  • These are QUALITATIVE changes. There are NEW kinds of data from NEW networks and NEW sources/operators of Applications
  • Big Data ASAP Toronto

    1. 1. Big Data of Strategic Alliance Professionals Association Toronto Chapter Eric Meger October 9, 2013
    2. 2. Ode to Big Data.. Upon this gifted age, in its dark hour, rains from the sky a meteoric shower of facts...they lie, unquestioned, uncombined. Wisdom enough to leach us of our ill is daily spun; but there exists no loom to weave it into a fabric. --Vincent Millay
    3. 3. Nevertheless – Big Data IS big now White House: National $200M "Big Data Initiative“ World Economic Forum featured topic
    4. 4. Three V’s of Big Data
    5. 5. The Big Data Tsunami is Only Just Beginning Things as Sources People as Sources
    6. 6. Exponential Growth!
    7. 7. Ok it’s BIG but… is it Evolution or Revolution?
    8. 8. Big numbers don’t make a revolution
    9. 9. Core Drivers are the real revolution Generate Data Driving Forces • Social Media • Smart Sensors Networked Data • Wireless (4G and satellite) Analyze the Data Six disruptive forces at once! • Cloud Computing • Mobile apps • Hybrid data warehousing
    10. 10. Why it matters
    11. 11. IT Chaos for 5-7 years
    12. 12. Light at the end of the tunnel… • Hybrid Cloud computing will be ubiquitous • All databases will handle unstructured data • Price war in wireless will become trench warfare • Everything will be compatible with mobility • Big Data will still be growing … but the world will be able to handle it
    13. 13. RETHINK THE STRATEGIC SITUATION First find the right question! How do we integrate all four technologies groups to create new value? Wireless, Cloud, Database and Social/Sensors What new insights could be created with new information about customers? Customers Where do we need help ? Technology How could competitor capture our customers if they had unlimited information? Competition
    14. 14. Capability Gaps  Alliance Opportunity Analytics New Data bases Social Media Wireless & Satellite Hybrid Clouds Mobility
    15. 15. Alliance Flavors Capabilities Or Technologies Market Access
    16. 16. Choose the right flavor… Joint Ventures Strategic Alliance Minority Equity Deals Tech or Ops sharing Agreement
    17. 17. Strategic Alliances • Close relationships with well-defined roles with operational mutual interest • NOT a transaction • NOT a purchase or sale mechanism Operations Strategy Chemistry
    18. 18. Alliances require focus • Working through Chaos requires commitment, good will and patience • Payoff : Opportunity & Competitive Advantage • Build good relationships and nurture them – ASAP Best Practices
    20. 20. 90 % of all world trade CONTAINERS OIL COAL STEEL GRAIN
    21. 21. 25
    22. 22. Search and Rescue
    23. 23. Our VISION
    24. 24. END 2 END NEEDS: Satellites Earth Stations Networks Software Data Center Displays
    25. 25. But it will be streamed, blogged, tweeted, posted, stored and marketed
    26. 26. “It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”