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Make the web work for you


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  • Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for allowing us to use your presentations. We are using the project you put together on Leadership Prayer. Love the pic of the mountain climber all along on the climb.
    Vic O'Callaghan
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Make the web work for you

  1. 1. Making the Web work for you Jenny Jongste
  2. 2. What do you want to know?
  3. 3. TWO main thingsThe ‘CLOUD’ Content Curation
  4. 4. The ‘CLOUD’ DropBox •Sync between mobile devices, desktops and laptops. •Web based services Evernote •Free and paid versions iCloud: Apple only - for syncing between iOS devices and laptops/desktops. Sync documents, notes, mail and contacts.
  5. 5. Content curation “A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online.” Rohit Bhargava, Ogilvy
  6. 6. Content curation: Process
  7. 7. Content curation: Tools Social media (eg Social Bookmarking, Twitter searches) eg Pinterest & Delicious Google Tools, eg Feed readers News, Blogs (eg Google Reader) Alltop (online) FlipBoard (iPad)