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Connect and collaborate ms online version


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Short presentation on how to use iPads, online spaces and apps to connect and collaborate with students.

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Connect and collaborate ms online version

  2. 2. MAIN IDEAS1.Online spaces: what works what doesn’t2.Apps to share documents, files, etc3.Set up classes and organise spaces (Check out my blog for some extra details and resources.)
  3. 3. EDMODO GROUPsign in to as a teacher
  4. 4. WHY ONLINE SPACES?1. Go to http://sync.in2. Add in some details about why we use onlinespaces3. Share your ideas with others.
  5. 5. ONLINE SPACESWhat do you use?Others? Go to this link to Wallwisher to add in your ideas.
  6. 6. Positives NegativesEasyOpen/public or closed/ iPad cannot upload filesprivate Only one person editingFree a page at a time (or itText editing on the iPad overwrites the last edit)
  7. 7. PositivesVery simple, freeLooks and acts like FacebookTeacher created and managedText editing on the iPadQuizzes and PollsCan add images via the camera rollMultiple people can reply and add to it at the sametime. Negatives iPad cannot upload files
  8. 8. YOUR TASK: 1Create your own class onEdmodoShare the code in the class wehaveCreate a quiz or poll in your ownclass. Share this via the edmodoclass.
  9. 9. YOUR TASK: 2Open up the app PaperPlaneList some ideas of how you coulduse Edmodo in class...Send it to one another usingPaper Plane Notes.
  10. 10. WHAT DO YOU USE FOR COLLABORATION?What apps do you use forcollaboration with your students orstaff?Please add it into the Edmodo site Mover+NearPod Chirp
  11. 11. SO WHAT NOW? AudiencePurpose Online spaceApps
  12. 12. GOAL SETTING...Set some achievable goals for this coming term.What activity or unit of work will you create that allowsfor authentic embedding of collaboration andconnectedness? Go to this link on Solvr and add in yourthoughts...