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Primary Research

  1. 1. Research
  2. 2. Primary research: Questionnaire results
  3. 3. Questionnaire  I constructed a questionnaire then gave it to 20 people to fill in. I included the synopsis of the film at the top of the questionnaire so that people had a better understanding of what the film will be about. I tried to give it to a random selection of people around sixth form as that age group is my target, although to try and get a broader view I gave it to some older people also. I decided on 20 as I thought this would be an easy number to convert into percentages which would in turn make the results easier to process. I asked 10 closed “yes or no” questions and 6 open “explain why...” questions so I could get some idea of what a possible audience was thinking.
  4. 4. Synopsis:  A seemingly ordinary young woman falls victim to an obsessive and vicious admirer, things take a sinister turn for the worse….until their roles are reversed.
  5. 5. Age  Age was an important factor to my research as from the beginning I decided that I would aim my film at the 16-19 16-24 age group, I 20-30 did have people who 30+ took the questionnaire state their gender but I decided that this didn’t matter as it was a pretty even split.
  6. 6. Would like to watch  Out of all the people I asked about watching my film – only one person said they would not like to watch the film but this did not worry me as the one person who said that they would not like to see the film was in the 30+ age group so Yes this just furthered my initial No thoughts that my target age group should be 16-24  100% of people I asked also said that they would recommend this film to a friend.
  7. 7. Preferred genre  By asking which genre people preferred it was clearly horror/thriller which goes along with my ideas that the age group of 16-24 year olds prefer horror or thriller films.  I also chose a selection of films which goes along with the genres and once again the horror/thriller film was the most popular
  8. 8. Changes made to the film  Out of the people that I asked only one person I asked said that they would make any changes to the synopsis. They said:  “I think it could be a bit too creepy because people get stalked all the time” In response to this I would say that I understand that it is a very serious problem but I am not trying to make light of the situation and I would handle it in the most sensitive way possible, I don’t condone stalking, it is purely fictional.
  9. 9. Silent film Have seen a silent film  I plan for my film to be silent but I understand that many people see silent films as Yes things of the past and as “old No and boring” this does not put me off but I appreciate that other people may be put off by this. Would still go and see my film if it  As you can see less people was silent have seen silent films which makes me think that the people that haven't seen silent films still have strong stereotypical views of them. Yes No Which lead me to hold a focus group.
  10. 10. Focus group
  11. 11. Focus group results  In the focus group I explained I think I would definitely like to in more depth the idea of my see this now that I know its not film and more importantly why like one of those old silent films! I wanted the film to be silent, by doing this I removed any I get that its not like an old silent misconceptions towards silent Yeah it sounds film but I still don't like the idea of films. At the end of the meeting good now I a silent film, I just don't think it I asked again “would you go understand! would interest me. and watch this film if it was silent?” and the results were a lot more positive, although this time I only asked 10 people only one person said no which I think is a positive improvement and confirmed to me that my film should be Yes silent. No