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Keyword Mapping: Developing a Content Strategy That Supports SEO

  1. Keywords are what your visitors use to find your site
  2. Keywords establish relevancy with search engines
  3. Google isn’t stupid
  4. Why do you need a keyword map? • Individual pages need to be optimized • You want to be relevant for a range of keywords • Keyword maps help make keyword research less messy
  5. What is a keyword map? A keyword map is a way of organizing the keywords you want to target into a framework you can incorporate into your site structure.
  6. Setting up your keyword map Image:
  7. Google Adwords • Free tool (just create an Adwords account) • Research terms that will establish RELEVANCY • Ignore demand - you’re not the one bidding At this point: Relevant Keywords ≠ Traffic Keywords
  8. Use Logic
 Consolidate & rearrange as you go
  9. The Framework Emerges
  10. Translating to WordPress
  11. Adding relevance to category pages
  12. Inbound Link Opportunity
  13. Relevant 
 Links Most 
 Posts Category Page “Updated” Every Time a New Post is Published
  14. Which Keywords Are Worth It? • Low competition, relevant • High search volume, relevant • Ready to buy - low search volume ok
  15. Demand vs Supply
  16. Results for “Healthy Smoothies”
  17. Match Up Categories
  18. Questions? Find me later: @JenJamar