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  1. 1. Lymphedema Pump
  2. 2.  Before understanding the purpose and usefulness of Lymphedema pump we must first understand what Lymphedema is. It is a condition in which the lymph fluid is build up in the cavities or tissue of the body. This condition arises when a regular flow of lymphatic fluids is blocked due to certain type of blockages. Lymphedema is categorized in two sections, one is primary Lymphedema and the other one is secondary Lymphedema. The reason behind the primary Lymphedema pump is still not much known whereas the reasons for secondary type of Lymphedema are numerous. It can happen due to certain birth defects or by the removal of lymph channels. Lymphedema must be treated as soon as it is diagnosed otherwise it can create other health hazards. It can be really a problematic situation if it is not treated as it can create ulcerations or open areas on the body. It may also affect in the walking process due to the swelling of certain body parts. Treatment of Lymphedema becomes important as a preventive measure to all such after effect or at the time when you start feeling discomfort due to such condition.
  3. 3.  Lymphedema Treatment There are many ways for treating Lymphedema. It may require bandaging, may include compression hose or it may also require other means of compression. Medications are prescribed by many doctors to control Lymphedema. In some rare cases, this condition is also treated surgically. A typical treatment begins with medication along with compression garments that helps in the treatment of not so severe condition of Lymphedema. In most of the cases when the earlier mentioned treatment measure fails, Lymphedema pump is used. Lymphedema pump is of great significance in treating Lymphedema. It is used as a methodology for the compression of the affected area. The compression pump therapy works by managing the compressed air which is piped in a device and it covers the affected area. The shape of the device in most of the cases would be that of a leg or an arm. The compressed area enters the cuff and it puts pressure on the affected area. The compressed air might be used in one or more ways, depending on the device. In certain types of the Lymphedema pumps, the pressure caused is standard or constant in every area where the cuff lies. Whereas, in other types of pumps the pressure on the affected area would be sporadic. Once you get some relief from the Lymphedema pump, most physicians will recommend you to wear compression garment to maintain that.