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Showcase of current design work - from corporate branding, newsletters and marketing collateral through to print advertising and website graphics.

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Jenious Portfolio 2009 Email

  1. 1. Portfolio - Logos © 2009 jenious | | Collaroy Sydney Australia | P. 0412 765 336 |
  2. 2. Portfolio - Corporate Identity & Marketing Collateral To. Details. Invoice No. Date. Qty. Style. Description. Price. Total. Subtotal. Delivery. GST. TOTAL. IDYVETTE-A5-INV_final.indd 1 28/07/2008 4:10:19 PM VIP. Invite ONLY shopping • gift bags • prizes Mon 28th SEPT. 10 - 12pm @ STELLA BLU RESTAURANT ~ 18 The Strand, Dee Why Beach RSVP. 20th SEPT. Gift Voucher ~ 0403 978 309 CLOSE  PRINT  inspire design by Yvette (Australian handmade jewellery company) - Business Cards & Letterheads - PDF invitations - Invoice books - Gift Vouchers - Jewellery Swing Tags
  3. 3. Portfolio - Corporate Identity & Marketing Collateral PO BOx 1322, MOna Vale nSW 2103 Michael Gillmeister director M 0402 347 556 F 02 9979 1203 m 0402 347 556 f 02 9979 1203 E date W PO Box 1322 aBn 44 092 738 942 Mona Vale NSW 2103 lIC. no. 114175C Attention: aBN 44 092 738 942 Address 1 lic. No. 114175C Address 2 RE: Dear Sir/Madam, Min ea autpat duipit veraest ionsenibh ea consectet in ut augiam iurem quam erci te feuisl iuscillan veniatio odolore feuis nit alit velendi piscili quamet, vendre magnisi. Loreet aut non ullan veliquismod tat, quatum quisl in velesed do enim dit, quis doluptat. Tum quis eummodi onsectem iriuscipit autpat atem quisim quisi. Sandignit nosting eum quate deleniat laor si.Orpero dolore dio con utatem esto consed magnibh et ilit pratis nibh eu facil utat. Molor si. dolorper sequisit lorper at wis niam qui te conullu msandigna feuisl utpat iureet nisis ad min henim nosto coreraesenim zzriusto ea faccum in ullaor Kind Regards, Michael Gillmeister Gillmeister E&R (Electrical & Refrigeration) - Logo rework - 3x1m Banner - Business Cards & Letterheads - Stubby Holders - Website graphics in progress
  4. 4. Portfolio - Corporate Identity & Marketing Collateral Mark Bentley - Energy Management & Control Solutions m. 0405 111 125 | e. Unit 17, 1 Talavera Road, North Ryde NSW 2113 Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Canberra | Perth t. 1300 697 627 | f. +61 2 9887 1333 | How enGauge works The diSplay uSeS your building energy moniTorS and oTher deviceS To gaTher daTa on building environmenTal performance. consumption data is presented in an easy to read graphical snapshot on a flat screen panel accompanied by comments to explain the graph displayed, with comparisons of a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly energy use. The mySmart™ group of companies offer a range of energy management solutions to the building display information rotates to keep it interesting and up to date for visitors and building occupants, construction and refurbishment market. We believe with rotation times programmed by the user. that achieving energy efficiency is paramount to enGauge for example if a graph of daily water use is displayed, rotating comments would explain the graph and a sustainable future for all businesses in the face provide definitions, a “green tip of the day”, or other interesting facts on water conservation. of the environmental and economic impacts of climate change. The display can also show other useful information such as time, current weather, and seven day forecast, and if you choose advertising can be displayed in a dedicated banner at the base of the screen. mySmart™ supply and develop specialised products to monitor and manage energy consumption for different sectors of the building industry, including Customer benefits hotels, aged care, and commercial, as well as the enGauge your staff for change  recognition that your company is committed  collection and dissemination of information domestic market. to the environment and energy efficiency regarding building environmental Building perfomance enGaugement may increase staff retention and attract the performance e.g. data for naberS and green right employees star reporting Get enGauged now  engages building occupants in  provides environmental alignment and environmental aspects of the building they collaboration across an organisation inhabit, contributing to a positive work  marketing opportunity environment  potential income from internal and external  contributes to reduced utility costs through advertising on the display screens 1300 697 627 educating occupants/tenants to be more  integrates with building control and energy, water and waste efficient management systems  customers and visitors can view the  flexibility of system to cater to your information and understand that you are company’s specific requirements serious about the environmental impact of  easy to use - can change display material your building and climate change and settings easily  ongoing service agreement for peace of mind Screen Display Statistical Information The engauge program iS SeT up 1. Header section: comprises top 15% of screen you can access and change areas as required Statistical information created from the graphs is Specifically for your company’S needS. display, and features title, time and weather with ease. below is a typical display. easy to read and understand. ow The diSplay iS broken inTo Three SecTionS: d n forecast information enGauge e live informaTion commenTS include: fooTer: aug 2. Main content: 70% of the display with graphs enG and other building energy, water and waste diSplayed includeS: • comparisons over time • green tips – how to G et information • energy use • Targets you can aim to achieve conserve energy world 3. Footer: located across the bottom 15% of the • Water use • current usage values • definitions of terminology Your building’s environmental performance interface • Waste data • conversion to carbon emissions U n i t 1 6 , • 1commentsluaand o a d, N o r t h R yd a Nch2 1 1 3 ging So r tR ons for e, S W an did you know facts Ta l ave M ySmar t Pt y Ltd | ACN: 111 5 9 9 0 7 4 i screen, with green tips and information of your choice, such as advertising. t. 1 3 0 0 6 9 7 6 2 7 information +6 1 2 9 8 8 7 1 3 3 3 • client specific | f. w w w. mys m a r The mySmart engauge panel is a friendly and informative system designed eg building features for use in foyers, lobbies, shopping centres or any public space to display real Time TiTle WeaTher SYDNEY | MELBOURNE | BRISBANE | CANBERRA | PERTH time and historical data on building energy and environmental performance. STaTiSTical graph informaTion enGauge corporate social responsibility User Interface Typical inTerface pageS The web based user interface allows you to control what appears on the screen. you can image green tip, definition or “did you know” comment as well as site choose which graphs you wish to display, the specific information i.e. building features type of graph, as well as historical data. benefiTS: Powerful Educational Tool • easy to use interface Everyone can gain The mySmart engauge panel is a powerful • drop down menu options an understanding of: educational tool and catalyst for behavioural • Tips can be added/edited change and sustainable energy practices. How to reduce consumption graph opTionS: Energy, water and waste usage • bar • line Environmental terminology • column Environmental impact • pie Building features • donut choice of eaSily underSTood iconS To diSplay: • energy • Water • Waste enGauge empowers people to act Behavioural change promotes energy savings of between 8% and 30% percent mysmart Pty Ltd (Building Technologies) - Business Cards & Letterheads - In-house 8x2m wall paper - 3pg gate fold brochures for across the board product range
  5. 5. Portfolio - Corporate Identity & Marketing Collateral Courage &Mateship saCrifiCe enduranCe kokodA trAck Cutting Edge Fitness Australia invites you to join us on a special ANZAC Pilgrimage along the “Kokoda Track” in Papua New Guinea. 16 ~ 27 April 2010 limited to 15 pArticipAnts *Conditions apply. see website for more information For more information on this Adventure contact Tim Jones @ Cutting Edge Fitness Australia TODAY! M: 0414 474 617 | F: 02 9979 3606 E: W: Do something challenging Call 0414 474 617 or visit cutting outdoor Fitness training & Kayaking NFo oN thE outdoor FItNEss dolesto corem doloreet lorer irit trAINING proGrAM & KAyAKING cutting Edge Fitness would like to wish lam vulla faci eugait nulla accum all clAssEs, I Would lIKE to erostinim adignis er alit ea faccum those celebrating a birthday this month! MAybE oFFEr A spEcIAl ANd iure molum ecte feugait augiat Enjoy! ...but not too much as you need to News & Activites | Cutting Edge Fitness Australia 2009 JULY | Issue 1 Heatlh & Firntess Update INcludE A couplE oF photo’s ad min henis doloreet doluptate t get back into training remember! oF thE tEAM trAINING. iure magnisl dui tem dolore dolore Welcome minisit, quam ea feum zzrilismol sum illa. or GENErAl NEWs sEctIoN, INFo About lAtEst hAppENINGs INcludING tie con ea feui ea consed tet loreet MAybE 2 photo’s Etc irillam, vulla faci et at wisi ent consequat. Ibh el iriliquam, irilismolor sectem quat autpate volore venis ese euipisi blaoreet consequat. Ibh el iriliquam, velenibh ectetum et velit irilisci elisl volore venis ese euipisi blaoreet ullamconsed molore delit verostrud velenibh ectetum et velit irilisci elisl mincidunt iurerae seniamconsed ullamconsed molore delit verostrud July 2009 rod smith (a spritely 65) 2nd client of tet nim ilisit nostis alit luptat alisis mincidunt iurerae seniamconsed Julie McMaster (31) 5th dit eugueraesse er sit, quatum Veliquisi eugue vel dipis tet nim ilisit nostis alit luptat paul rodreguiz (46) 26th alisis the Month! augiamcommy num velissequ paul rodreguiz (46) 26th velismodit luptat. Ut volore cor am dit eugueraesse er sit, quatum paul rodreguiz (46) 26th sumsandiatum zzril dolorpe riureet zzrilis am iriliquisi endrer init velismodit luptat. Ut volore cor la faci paul rodreguiz (46) 26th aut ip enis ad magna faccum congratulations to Jen picknell for being the bla faccum doluptatio dolorem sumsandiatum zzril dolorpe riureet ipis non esto odoluptat. Giamet best pregnant chick around. Jen has been dion heniat dunt vero do del etue aut ip enis ad magna faccum AuGust 2009 Veliquisi eugue vel dipis rod smith (a spritely 65) 2nd exerost ismodolore con henit training like a champion now for 7 months esto conum quis et ad tat, venis ipis non esto odoluptat. Giamet augiamcommy num velissequam ex Julie McMaster (31) 5th nosto od molupta tuercil utat. Ut and looks FAb! you rock pickels! ex etuer alis nonse feu faciliquat exerost ismodolore con henit rod smith (a spritely 65) 2nd zzrilis am iriliquisi endrer init la faci e bla faccum doluptatio dolorem ver incip eumsan ulput atumsan 1. Who are you? Kareena tilley ulla commodolore veniatuer recipe of the Month dion heniat dunt vero do del etue 2. What do you do to earn a living? esto conum quis et ad tat, venis ex autpat praestincil eliquat ueriureet Finance Manager ex etuer alis nonse feu faciliquate 3. Who do you work for? Ingenico dolesto corem doloreet lorer irit chIcKEN & bAsIl stIrFry International pacific. lam vulla faci eugait nulla accum INGREDIENTS 4. What is your favourite tV show / series? 2 tablespoons peanut oil METHOD erostinim adignis er alit ea faccum Heat half of the oil in wok or buffy the Vampire slayer. 600g chicken breast fillets, sliced thinly large frying iure molum ecte feugait augiat ad 2 cloves garlic, crushed pan; stir-fry chicken, in batches, until 5. What is your favourite movie? one Flew 1cm piece fresh ginger (5g), grated browned all over and cooked through. min henis doloreet doluptatet iure finely magnisl dui tem dolore dolore over the cuckoo’s Nest. 4 small fresh red thai chillies, sliced thinly Heat remaining oil in wok; stir-fry 4 kaffir lime leaves, shredded garlic, 6. What music do you listen to? 1 medium brown onion (150g), ginger, chilli, lime leaves and onion until sliced thinly onion softens and mixture is tie con ea feui ea consed tet loreet pretty much everything. Getting home 100g button mushrooms, quartered fragrant. from work or 1 large carrot (180g), sliced thinly irillam, vulla faci et at wisi ent 7. What is your dream holiday location? the gym and don’t know ¼ cup (60ml) oyster sauce Add mushroom and carrot; stir-fry until irilismolor sectem quat autpate Antarctica followed by an African safari to what to cook up? 1 tablespoon soy sauce carrot is just tender. Return chicken to 1 tablespoon fish sauce wok with sauces and stock; stir-fry until sauce thickens slightly. Remove here’s a great alternative 1/3 cup (80ml) chicken stock from dinner of cheese on toast!to lazy heat; toss bean sprouts and basil Personal & Group Training | Adventures | Biathlon | Health Products ¾ cup loosely packed fresh thai basil leaves through stir-fry. leaves F. 02 9979 3606 | M. 0414 474 617 | E. | W. source: name of site. Personal & Group Training | Adventur es | Biathlon | Health Products F. 02 9979 3606 | M. 0414 474 617 | E. | W. Cutting Edge Fitness Australia (Personal Trainer) - A3 & A4 Posters - Newsletter
  6. 6. Portfolio - Corporate Identity & Marketing Collateral Level 46, Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia Tel. 02 9947 9791 • Dale Executive (Executive Recruitment) - Business Cards & Letterheads - Web ad frames - Website Graphics - Corporate advertising
  7. 7. Portfolio - Corporate Identity & Marketing Collateral | mobile 0404 888 325 Sassy Partners (Research & Marketing Agency) - Business Cards, Letterheads & With Compliments slips - C6 Christmas Cards - Post-it Notes
  8. 8. Portfolio - Corporate Identity & Marketing Collateral workshops - July 2009 Painter & Decorator | 0415 339 313 Painter & Decorator | 0415 339 313 FRONT BACK Painter & Decorator | 0415 339 313 Painter & Decorator | 0415 339 313 FRONT BACK FRONT BACK FRONT BACK Natural State Living - Business Cards - Online advertisting - pdf - T-Shirt Quote design
  9. 9. Portfolio - Website Graphics Artura Design (Interior Designer) - HOME PAGE - First Entry PAGE
  10. 10. Portfolio - Website Graphics Cutting Edge Fitness Australia (redesign of current website - currently under construction)
  11. 11. Portfolio - Website Graphics Jeff Lack (Stylist) Powersafe Electrical Services (currently underconstruction)
  12. 12. Portfolio - Print Advertising Are you thinking of selling? PS. Santa’s coming and will Well we are, every single day! be powered along by SEA... If you need a valuation of your home or rental Stay tuned for property give us a call today on 9905 4100, more Santa news. and one of our experienced Agents will take care SEA , Smyth Estate staff We are SEA... of all your real estate needs. Curl, in Freshwater, Curl Our team is growing and with that comes great responsibility North Curl Curl, North Manly & Queenscliff The no 1 independent real estate agency in your area is evolving once again by popular demand. • SEA our homes CAll uS todAy on 9905 4100 • SEA our commitment • SEA our difference • SEA our results “When you contract SEA as your agent you will get the following: 1. No nonsense reasonable selling price expectations that will more than likely be achieved. 2. Active updates on how the selling process is going. 3. Zero pressure to accept an offer that is not in the vendor’s best interests. YOU are our most important asset. 4. After sales follow-up for legal documentation and settlement. It is without exception that I recommend SEA - and I would do so no For almost nine years James Smyth has consistently has proven to my wifesale and type ofin absolute terms plan matter what your price range of to sell. SEA and I that he is property that you achieved what others cannot. the agent to sell your property on the Northern Beaches.” T & N Easterbrook. 9905 4100 9905 4111 SUITE 4, 1-3 MOORE ROAD, FRESHWATER NSW 2096 before before before SEA Real Estate - DL flyer mail-out campaign (on-going) Add-Style Home Additions - Manly Daily advertising
  13. 13. Portfolio - Business Cards Nouak & Tagging all electical equipment Narelle Testing 2 978 0 402 94 s ing salon irdress lons | Ha vital & nail sa e discretion is beauty wher ms | Tanning, All areas Fe male gy re Ce ntres | Child Ca Raymon Basha 0417 473 273 Lic No. 80282C To Be Well Suited SHE POWER Reciproc8 Sunnyside RB Kanagara Landscapes Harmony & Wellbeing Massage