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Digital Humanitarianism


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Become a digital humanitarian through crowd mapping

Published in: Technology
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Digital Humanitarianism

  1. 1. Unlock your superpower! Become a digital humanitarian Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen Follow us! @T: TGAsuperheroes - #techgirls @F: techgirlsaresuperheroes roes
  2. 2. Jewella CEO Social Entrepreneur Author Lecturer Volunteer Pretend chef Jewelley designer World conquerer ....
  3. 3. THIS is what a TECH GIRL looks like!
  4. 4. THISis what the tech industry looks like!
  5. 5. Girls rock at STEM! Click here:
  6. 6. So... what is your superpower?
  7. 7. My Superpower Card My first name:______________________ My superhero name (make it up): ____________________ My age: ____________ My school: ___________________________________ If I could dedicate my life to developing a new superpower as a scientist, engineer or technologist, I would … _______________________________________________ ___ _______________________________________________ Download here:
  8. 8. Digital Humanitarianism
  9. 9. 2015 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero invites school girls in years 4-12 to pitch their technology solutions to a social problem important to them in their local community.
  10. 10. App for kids supporting building resilience & self-esteem
  11. 11. help us get on @TheEllenShow!
  12. 12. Join the #techgirls sisterhood! Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen Follow us! @T: TGAsuperheroes - #techgirls @F: techgirlsaresuperheroes eroes