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Moving on from Narcissistic Abuse due to Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) compiled by Jeni Mawter


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Victims of prolonged Narcissistic Abuse from someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) find it extremely difficult to move on with their lives. This powerpoint explores several reasons for this (childhood wounds, sensitive personality, chemical addiction, ideologies) and offers suggestions to help a victim accept and move on from their abusive relationship(s).

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Moving on from Narcissistic Abuse due to Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) compiled by Jeni Mawter

  1. 1. Moving on from Narcissistic Abuse Due to Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) By Jeni Mawter
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Alon Gratch, If Love Could Think: Using Your Mind to Guide Your Heart, Harmony Books, New York, 2005, Page 37 “If you are a giving, supportive person who avoids center stage and thrives on taking care of others you are at risk for Narcissistic Love” nNVqo/UNIKCW2OvgI/AAAAAAAABGk/KMO_I6PHMro/s1600/dewdrop.jpg
  5. 5. Whether you were born into a NPD family
  6. 6. Chose a relationship with an NPD person
  7. 7. Or met your NPD in some other place
  8. 8. You have experienced Narcissistic Abuse
  9. 9. In the beginning you don‟t recognize it as Narcissistic Abuse You just know „something is wrong‟
  10. 10. It takes a long time to see the „cycle‟ or repeated „patterns‟ of abuse wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Cycle-of-Abuse.jpg
  11. 11. So the abuse goes on and on
  12. 12. You wonder if you‟re going crazy ?
  13. 13. You lose your sense of self
  14. 14. You lose your trust in others
  15. 15. You lose your trust in your own judgements and perceptions
  16. 16. You no longer believe your past It is built on lies and deceit
  17. 17. People you considered important, no longer count
  18. 18. You lose your dreams for your future
  19. 19. You lose your belief in human decency
  20. 20. You must acknowledge and grieve these losses
  21. 21. You may have signs of Complex Post Traumatic Stress files/styles/image_content_width/hash/ 10/6d/106d1bb7d1739e0f901d765b0d1d448a .jpg?itok=YPfbuH0p
  22. 22. You are often exhausted
  23. 23. Remember “Knowledge is Power”
  24. 24. With power you can change
  25. 25. Change Your Thinking Adh6j6oqLes/Ufff3p2dV- I/AAAAAAAAC9o/cEkAZrT9NxU/s1600/ Marianne-Williamson-quote.jpg
  26. 26. Stop trying to change the NPD into something they‟re not
  27. 27. Stop trying to fix the NPD Relationship
  28. 28. You can‟t cure a NPD with love or attention
  29. 29. Stop feeling sorry for the NPD
  30. 30. Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? Then you‟re a likely source for Narcissistic Supply
  31. 31. Are you a Codependent?
  32. 32. Are you hoping for „Happily Ever After‟ ?
  33. 33. Still believe in super heroes?
  34. 34. And that the good guy always wins?
  35. 35. Think again …
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Take back your control
  38. 38. Change your mindset
  39. 39. Realize you fell for an illusion FZDlk1I/AAAAAAAAADU/lvKsJpIYN90/s320/Masks.jpg content/uploads/2013/04/tumblr_mk83e16rEP1qzr6ooo1_500.jpg
  40. 40. Grieve the relationship you never had http://thelovenotebook.
  41. 41. Why did you fall for an NPD?
  42. 42. The NPD identified your inner wounds
  43. 43. The NPD told your wounded inner child exactly what it wanted to hear and you felt great
  44. 44. Feeling „Great‟ becomes your Chemical Addiction -HiWgnyCzqzE/UG3PTik4RLI/ AAAAAAAAJHg/1B-RPxVv1go/ s1600/brain+chemicals.jpg
  45. 45.
  46. 46. To move on from Narcissistic Abuse You must work on your wounds and chemical addiction
  47. 47. Why were you drawn to the NPD‟s charisma ?
  48. 48. Beware “The Halo Effect” It clouds our judgement 1.JPG
  49. 49. NPDs are „A soul with no footprints‟ Caution: Quote by Invicta Ma, 28 Jan 2009
  50. 50. No empathy, sympathy, remorse.
  51. 51. You are a soul with your own thoughts, fears, hopes, spirit, future, dreams
  52. 52. The NPD must feed off your soul You are the strawberry
  53. 53. You ask „Should I let them go?‟
  54. 54. Let them go
  55. 55. Letting go means gaining control
  56. 56. Why give the abuser control of your power, your energy, your life?
  57. 57. Change your expectations Do not expect: … an NPD to make sense es/2012/01/thomas-paine-arguing-600x305.jpg Do not expect: … validation from an NPD you.html
  58. 58. Change your expectations Do not expect: … an NPD to take the blame ithewolf-d4iggs6.png Do not expect: … an NPD to compromise _answer_3_xlarge.gif
  59. 59. Change your expectations Do not expect: … an NPD to be responsible rb99fb4e7c36949d8861bfafceecff491_vgbaq_8byvr_512.jpg Do not expect: … an NPD to apologize eg
  60. 60. Set boundaries
  61. 61. Limit contact, set clear boundaries or use a mediator
  62. 62. Apply the „No Contact‟ rule on-writing-writing-31408863-640-520.jpg
  63. 63. No Contact means … No emails No phones No letters No instant messaging No communication via a 3rd party
  64. 64.
  65. 65. The NPD keeps coming back because of an insatiable need for Narcissistic Supply
  66. 66. An NPD person won‟t let you go no matter how hard you fight
  67. 67. Stop the Cycle of Abuse Stop being the source of Narc Supply Attention Adulation Compliments Admiration Subservience Showing fear Liking them Being manipulated Being deceived
  68. 68. Reclaim your Inner peace …
  69. 69. … or suffer the consequences Is this what you truly want?
  70. 70. The NPD abuser always returns It is part of the „cycle‟and need for Supply
  71. 71. Ignore NPD tools of manipulation Guilt Fear Pity Threats Violence Blackmail Financial abuse Character Assassination bigpic.jpg
  72. 72. Build and educate your support network
  73. 73. Arm and educate yourself/others about High Conflict Divorce Protect your Assets
  74. 74. Stop blaming yourself The Narcissistic Abuse has happened!
  75. 75. Prepare for a Marathon Effort
  76. 76.
  77. 77. Please share these other links on Narcissistic Personality Disorder personality-disorder-compiled-by-jeni-mawter syndrome-a-powerpoint-by-jeni-mawter