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Ambi learn


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AmbiLearn Information

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ambi learn

  1. 1. AmbiLearn Content Neutral Game &Content Creation Module Information
  2. 2. AmbiLearn Game PlotAmbiLearn can be described as a simple game where the pupilscomplete activities. The game plot as such is that ‘Ambi’ a littlecharacter is stranded on an Island, by completing the activities theusers collect a piece of his boat. There are 6 pieces to collect andonce all are collected they have saved Ambi from the island.The activities mentioned include: (all screen shots provided showan example of a theme on The Titanic)
  3. 3. AmbiGuessThis game comes from a What am I style game. The user is presented with cluesabout an object and thus must guess what the object is. There is no limit on howmany objects available however for aesthetic purposes it is recommended to usebetween 6 and 12. Figure 1 shows a sample object within this game. The clues areprovided and the user must choose an object from all possible objects included. If a user guesses the object correctly they are presented with the next set of clues.On an incorrect guess they are asked to try to guess again.In terms of the score, this activity logs how many correct guesses a user got withhow many guesses they took resulting in a percentage score. The length of time ittook a user to complete is recorded and text information on any incorrect guessesthey took.
  4. 4. WordsearchThe second activity is a wordsearch which is a popular activity as it can be easilygenerated with keywords relating to a particular theme or topic. Figure 2 showsthe sample screen of this activity. The length of time it took a user to complete thewordsearch is logged.
  5. 5. FactMatchLike the game pairs, fact match is a set of cards each with a fact. The user mustmatch the pairs of facts until all the cards are gone. There are 6 pairs of factsneeded for this activity and Figure 3 illustrates the sample screen shot.
  6. 6. The user here simply clicks on a card and then clicks on the matching card. On acorrect match the cards are taken and 20 points is awarded as illustrated in Figure 4.On an incorrect match the user is informed that the match was incorrect and they tryagain whilst having 5 points deducted from their score, illustrated in Figure 5. The timetaken for the activity is recorded as well as the score and any incorrectly matchedfacts.
  7. 7. AmbiJigThis is a picture which is split into pieces and scrambled. The user must identifythe image and recreate the picture to complete the jigsaw. Figure 6 shows theinitial jigsaw.
  8. 8. The user can choose to receive a hint at which point the image will be displayed forthem to aid in the recreation of the image displayed in Figure 7. If they cannotreproduce the image they can opt for the help button which as illustrated in Figure8, will rearrange the pieces in a spread out image so they can click them in together.
  9. 9. AmbiQuizA quiz with a question and multiple choice answers. The user is provided with thequestion, the answer and 3 other incorrect answers. The user must select thecorrect answer. There is no limit to the amount of question which can be providedby the quiz. The score is recorded by tracking the amount of questions they gotcorrect out of the number of questions they were asked.
  10. 10. Creating the ContentAll the content from these screen shots were of a theme on the Titanic; one of themain features of this game is that the content can be easily adapted and changed forany theme. Knowing the structure of the games it is easily seen how it can be changedto a different theme.The information needed includes: – objects each with 4 matching clues (max. 10) – a list of keywords – 6 pairs of facts – A relevant image – questions with 4 answers (one correct) (max. 12)An online form section has been implemented which writes the associated content intothe correct format for the game to use. The following screen shots show an overviewof how such content is created.
  11. 11. Enter Words for the word search wordlist up to 15 words max.
  12. 12. Enter 6 matching Facts – split up sentences etc.
  13. 13. Step 1: Enter the Object nameStep 2: Enter the 4 Add as many objects as you likeclues for the object up to a maximum of 10 objects
  14. 14. 1: Browse for image onyour local computer
  15. 15. 3: Enter the 3 Add as many questions as you like up1: Enter the Question 2: Enter the correct answer alternative answers to a maximum of 12 objects