Career research assignment


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Career research assignment

  1. 1. Career Research Assignment Jeni Huezo 05/13/10 Part A. Choose two Focus areas you would like to research potential careers from. Name the focus areas and two possible career choices for each focus area. Use one of the links above to help you decide on the focus are and potential careers. The choices are a best guess. Focus Area Career Choice 1. Business 1. Consultant 2. Manager of a non-profit organization 2. Engineering 1. Environmental Engineer 3. Industrial Engineer Part B. From the results listed, my career to research is: Industrial Engineering. Complete the following questions in complete sentences. 1. Job Description: a. They are primarily concerned with increasing productivity through the management of people, methods of business organization, and technology. b. Industrial engineers determine the most effective ways to use the basic factors of production: people, machines, materials, information, and energy, to make a product. c. Industrial engineers must be good at problem solving d. Industrial engineers must have good communications skills for presentations 2. Working Conditions: a. The engineers spend part of their day in factories searching for errors to spot. b. Most of their time is spent in their office to monitor and direct operations c. AT times, deadlines are given require an engineer to work longer hours d. Most engineers work a standard of 40 hours per week. 3. Wages and Earnings: a. Beginning industrial engineers with bachelor's degrees earn a median annual salary of b. $49,567 in private industry. c. Those with master's degrees earn about $56,561 a year. d. The median annual income for all industrial engineers is $65,020. e. Benefits include paid holidays and vacations, health insurance, and pension plans.
  2. 2. 4. Career Path: a. the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, industrial engineers are expected to have employment growth of 20 percent over the projections decade, faster than the average for all occupations. b. As firms look for new ways to reduce costs and raise productivity, they increasingly will turn to industrial engineers to develop more efficient processes and reduce costs, delays, and waste. c. Many openings will be created by the need to replace industrial engineers who transfer to other occupations or leave the labor force. 5. Educational and Training Requirements: a. Classes in algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, chemistry, physics, computer science, mechanical drawing, and English are beneficial to the industrial engineer and engineering technician fields b. Most engineering jobs require a bachelor’s degree in engineering c. a typical four-year engineering program Part C. Identify 2 post secondary institutions/ training schools or on the job training opportunities where you could develop the skills and knowledge required to gain employment in your chosen career. Give a brief description of each one. Use complete sentences. Post Secondary (1) Virginia Institute of Technology Institution Location Blacksburg, Virginia Name of Program Institute for Critical Technology Brief Description This program can be completed as fast as I graduate, which is great Because it means I can complete it according to my paste. Why I want to learn here I would love to get my education here primarily because it is has a great status as a school of engineering, and most of it’s majors focus around engineering which means that the education I will be receiving there will be even better compared to other institutions that are not centered on engineering Post Secondary (2) CB&I Engineering Training Program Institution Location The Woodlands, Texas Name of Program CB&I Engineering Training Program Brief Description CB&I designs and engineers many projects, using the techniques of it’s employees which are about 16000. Why I want to train here I feel that in this program, I will be getting hands-on training with The things I must be able to do in order to begin a career. I feel that I In this program I will gain much experience which will also help Increase my income when I begin my career.
  3. 3. Part D. Electives 1. Business Management & Administration Grade 12 2. Entrepreneurship Grade 11 3. Pre-Calculus Grade 12 4. Statistics 5. AP Calculus Part E. Work Experience/ Volunteer Experiences/ External Courses 1. I participated in a job shadow even in the information’s technology field of the Department of Commerce. There I was able to experience and gain knowledge about what an average day-to-day experience is there. 2. I participated in a Seminar for engineers at the University of Maryland, joining my friend who invited me. There I was able to see what the after math is of someone who has worked in engineering, and I really liked seeing the big success they made with their fields. Part F. Networking Name Relationship How They Can Help Mia Hines School She can help me by writing recommendations for me for the Counselor potential jobs I will apply for Reginald School He can help me guide into beginning my career as an Montgomery Teacher engineer, and give me advice based on his experiences. Salam School Mrs. Woldekidan will definitely be someone that I would Woldekidan Teacher trust and return to for future reference in a job application. Daniel Merino Friend I will most likely go to Daniel to receive advice and directions since he is an engineering’s major at the same school I will attend Stephanie University Mrs. Stephanie is someone that I will definitely go to for Peters Staff member advice as she is a staff member in the department of engineers at the University of Maryland, which is where I am going.
  4. 4. Part  G.     Evaluating  Websites     Source  #1   Source  #2   Source  #3   htt;://www.bls.gove/ oco/   x.html   bout/   Ease  of   This  was  fairly  easy   This  in  general  was  even   I  really  liked  this  site,  it   Navigati to  use  and  locate   simpler  for  me.  I  found  it  quite   was  easy,  and  gave  me   on   easy  to  use.   all  the  information  I   wanted.   General   User-­‐Friendly,   User  Friendly,  and  is  not   User  friendly,   User   everything  is  where  it   confusing  to  use  at  all,  and   everything  was  very   Appeal   should  be   everything  has  easy  buttons   visible,  and  it  was  easy   to  locate  more   information   Quality   This  is  a  government   This  is  a  government  run   This  cite  was  created  by   &   run  program,  so  I   program,  so  I  believe  it  is   an  actual  training   Reliabilit believe  it  is  pretty   pretty  reliable   institute,  so  it  is  very   y   reliable   riable         G.  The  Wrap  Up   Based  on  the  information  that  I  have  gathered  throughout  this  project,  I  can  say  that  I  feel  even   stronger  that  Industrial  Engineering  is  a  great  career  option  for  me.  I  love  all  the  details  I   learned  about  the  job,  including  the  fact  that  the  average  salary  begins  at  50,000  dollars  a  year.  I   thought  that  was  pretty  awesome.  I  also  viewed  a  few  videos  of  industrial  engineers,  and  when  I   ran  into  one  about  the  industrial  engineers  of  Disney  World  them  park,  I  was  just  amazed.   Through  this  assignment  I  realized  that  most  of  the  things  I  knew  about  engineers  where  just   stereotypes.  I  feel  that  Industrial  Engineering  is  a  field  that  I  will  potentially  major  in  once  in   college.    I  love  Industrial  Engineering!                    
  5. 5. Bibliography Rigden, C. (2009, Summer). Careers and occupations: Type as a part of the whole. British Association for Psychological Type, TypeFace, 20(2), 28-30. Fisher, A. (2009, February 13). Job hunting for introverts [Review of the book The successful introvert: How to enhance your job search and advance your career]. FORTUNE MAGAZINE Ask Annie. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from Cressman, K. A. (2009, May). Women at midlife: The influence of personality on career. Australian Psychological Type Review, 11(1), 3-8. Gelberg, W. (2008). The successful introvert: How to enhance your job search and advance your career. Cupertino, CA: Happy About.