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Seminars and panels were timely and relevant to current market conditions, even gave some insights on the nearfuture of Ja...
CONFERENCE DAY ONE • 7 June 2011, Tuesday  08.00      Registration and morning coffee and opportunity to view exhibition  ...
FREE registration for the buy side!                                                                                       ...
WHY SHOULD YOU SPONSOR                                                     SPONSORSHIP AND EXHIBITION       TRADETECH JAPA...
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TradeTech Japan 2011 Program


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TradeTech Japan brings together the most knowledgeable and influential figures from the Japanese equities market. This year, there are more domestic based heads of trading than ever before who will discuss their challenges and thoughts with their peer group to share experiences and help drive the future of the industry forward for mutual benefit. By joining the event you can be part of this discussion and hear first-hand what your clients are thinking, what keeps them up at night, and how you can help them with your trading and product expertise.

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  • TradeTech Japan is extending its sympathy and support to people of Japan in the aftermath of the worst natural disaster that hit the country.

    The event will still be going ahead and the organizer will be contributing a portion of the event’s revenue towards the recovery and rebuilding operations in Japan. The content will inevitably adapt to cover the new issues thrown up by the market turmoil, but will still bring together the leading minds in Japanese equity trading to discuss the new market conditions and trading opportunities and challenges.

    Trading volumes since the disaster have significantly increased. TradeTech Japan 2011 will provide the perfect opportunity for the industry to discuss the bigger picture on how the economy as a whole and in particular the equities market, will react in the short, mid and long term.

    TradeTech Japan brings together the most knowledgeable and influential figures from the Japanese equities market. This year, there are more domestic based heads of trading than ever before who will discuss their challenges and thoughts with their peer group to share experiences and help drive the future of the industry forward for mutual benefit. By joining the event you can be part of this discussion and hear first-hand what your clients are thinking, what keeps them up at night, and how you can help them with your trading and product expertise.
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TradeTech Japan 2011 Program

  1. 1. bu y O as si ve of de r 1 7-8 June 2011 M at 0 ar te 0 The Westin Tokyo, Japan ch n 20 de 11 es www.tradetechjapan.com Leveraging Japanese fragmentation and trading system upgrades to maximize domestic trading...the one with the buy side opportunities As we were going to press, the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. The entire team at WBR express our sincere sympathy and support for the people of Japan and will be contributing a portion of TradeTech Japan’s revenue to Japan’s recovery and rebuilding operations. DOMESTIC BUY SIDE TRADERS EXCHANGE AND PTS REPRESENTATIVESShunsuke Nishino Takashi Nakamura Yusuke Sakai Takashi Hiratsuka Yoshinori Suzuki Tal Cohen Yoichi IshikawaGeneral Manager, Head of Trading Head of Trading Chief Trader - Asset Managing Director CEO Executive OfficerHead of Trading TOKIO MARINE T&D ASSET Management Division & CIO CHI-X GLOBAL KABU.COMDAIWA SB ASSET MANAGEMENT RESONA BANK TOKYO STOCKINVESTMENTS MANAGEMENT EXCHANGE INDUSTRY EXPERTS JAPANESE HEDGE FUND MANAGERSTomio Sumiyoshi Jun Uno Neil Katkov Sadakazu Osaki Shinichiro Shiraki Shinichiro Nagai Goro OhwadaRepresentative and Professor and Director Senior Vice President, Head of Research Chairman & Director Senior Manager - President & CEOManaging Director WASEDA UNIVERSITY Head of Asia Center for Knowledge MONEX Investment Group AINO INVESTMENTGREENWICH GRADUATE SCHOOL CELENT Exchange & Creation ALTERNATIVE GCI ASSET CORPORATIONASSOCIATES JAPAN OF FINANCE, (a part of Oliver Wyman) NOMURA RESEARCH INVESTMENTS MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AND INSTITUTE LAW INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS LEADING SELL SIDEJohn Fildes Philip York John Lim Kim Man Li Naoki Kamiyama Zach TuckwellStrategic Director CEO Trader Head of Asia Electronic Chief Equity Strategist, Managing DirectorGETCO EMPYREAL PRUDENTIAL ASSET Trading Sales Japan MORGAN STANLEY INVESTMENTS MANAGEMENT GOLDMAN SACHS DEUTSCHE GROUP SECURITIES Principal Partner Strategic Partners Exchange Partners HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2011 ✦ Complete coverage of the latest PTS developments with C-level representatives from all of the major trading venues speaking at the event ✦ Arrowhead a year on: Tokyo Stock Exchange share their Associate Partners experiences of Arrowhead’s launch year and plans for the future ✦ More domestic Japanese buy side traders speaking than ever before ✦ Dedicated section giving complete coverage of High Frequency Trading in Japan ✦ Top level panel sessions on Smart Order Routing, Dark Pools, Transaction Cost Analysis, Commission Sharing Agreements and more T: +65 6408 9203 F: +65 6822 7370 E: wbrinfo@wbresearch.com W: www.tradetechjapan.com
  2. 2. BIGGER and BETTER... ...the one with the buy side thTradeTech Japan is back for its 5 year and once again brings you the most important content and mostinfluential speakers from the Japanese trading community.Held on 7-8 June in Tokyo, the packed agenda will cover crucial topics in one of the world’s largest equitiesmarkets. With huge developments underway in market fragmentation and the high frequency trading space, nowmore than ever, it is crucial that you stay up-to-date with the changes in order to position yourself for the newopportunities that are arising.Buy side, buy side, buy side: Who was in the room atTradeTech events are known throughout the world as the TradeTech Japan 2010 and whoonly ones that bring the buy side community together.No other conference can guarantee that over 50% of the you can expect to meet in 2011…audience will consist of senior traders and decision makersfrom institutional investors, asset managers and hedge Buy-side - Long Onlyfunds. Last year we had over 175+ influential buy side and Asset Management 25%are confident of even more in 2011. Buy-side - Hedge Funds and Fund of Funds 13% Other 4% Buy-side - High Frequency Traders/Over 100 buy side attendees confirmed Consultants 1% Prop Traders 3%as of March 2011 including senior representatives from: Clearing Buy-side - Investment✦ 21st Century Asset Management Houses 1% Dept. of Japanese Banks 2%✦ 8 Peak Capital Central Banks 1%✦ ACA Global Regulators 1% Brokers 25%✦ Allen Investment Advisors✦ APS Asset Management Vendors 19% Exchanges / PTSs 5%✦ Asahi Life Asset Management Buy-side - Long Only Asset Management 25%✦ ASTMAX Investment Buy-side - Hedge Funds and Fund of Funds 13%✦ AXA Rosenberg Investment Management Buy-side - High Frequency Traders/Prop Traders 3%✦ Bank of Japan Buy-side - Investment Dept. of Japanese Banks 2% Brokers 25%✦ BlackRock Japan Exchanges / PTSs 5%✦ BNP Paribas Investment Partners Vendors 19%✦ BNY Mellon Asset Management Japan Regulators 1%✦ Bridge Capital Central Banks 1% Clearing Houses 1%✦ Chuo Mitsui Asset Trust & Banking Consultants 1%✦ Daiwa Asset Management Other 4%✦ Daiwa SB Investments✦ Gartmore Japan✦ Government Pension Investment Fund✦ Horizon Asset International Japan 81%✦ ING Mutual Funds Management✦ JP Morgan Asset Management✦ Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management✦ Nikko Asset Management✦ Nissay Asset Management✦ Nomura Asset Management Europe 2% Hong Kong 7%✦ Phillip Financials United States 2% Singapore 4%✦ Rheos Capital Works Australia 2%✦ Sparx Asset Management Rest of Asia 2%✦ Stat Arb Japan 81%✦ State Street Global Markets Hong Kong 7%✦ Sumisho ElecTrade Singapore 4% Australia 2%✦ Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management Rest of Asia 2%✦ T & D Asset Management United States 2%✦ Trading Central Europe 2% T: +65 6408 9203 F: +65 6822 7370 E: wbrinfo@wbresearch.com W: www.tradetechjapan.com
  3. 3. Seminars and panels were timely and relevant to current market conditions, even gave some insights on the nearfuture of Japanese markets. Over the years, I have noticed an increasing number of buy side representatives,especially Head of Trading from the domestic side, showing their awareness to collect market information by y ...the one with the buy sideattending the event. Spyridon Mentzas, Electronic Trading Development Consultant MIZUHO SECURITIES Good mix of buy and sell side participants all gathered for the betterment of the industry Mac Barry Senior Vice President, Head of Trading in AsiaYoshinori Suzuki, Managing Director & Chief LAZARD ASSET The Robot Man – Fresh from appearingInformation Officer, Tokyo Stock Exchange MANAGEMENT in a Bruce Willis movie, Professor Hiroshiupdates delegates on Arrowhead Ishiguro was a big hit with delegates Provided a thorough overview and understanding of trading and technology in Japanese markets Giovanni Beliosi Chief Executive OfficerOur conference was packed with many senior buy side trading luminaries FGS CAPITALUnwinding with a few drinks after theconference Our algo trading panel proved to be very popular with the delegates Being new to the Asian financial landscape, An excellent combination TradeTech Japan was a very informative of thought-provoking and view of the current state of technology informative discussions side- in the evolving Japanese market, not by-side with an excellent only from the presentations and panel networking opportunity. The discussions, but also from conversations Japan focus was both insightful held with peers in the industry. and encouraging – whilst the economy generally does not Eric Elvambuena, Senior Engineer attract the headlines as do the Sealing a deal EAGLE 7 TRADING other more aggressive centers within Asia, Japan is clearly making significant advances and continues to justify its position as the largest financial market in APAC. Colin Silvester Country Manager Japan IPC Our exhibition saw a record number of 375 attendees flocked to TradeTech Japan 29 sponsors in 2010 over the course of the 2 days T: +65 6408 9203 F: +65 6822 7370 E: wbrinfo@wbresearch.com W: www.tradetechjapan.com
  4. 4. CONFERENCE DAY ONE • 7 June 2011, Tuesday 08.00 Registration and morning coffee and opportunity to view exhibition 10.30 Morning coffee and opportunity to view exhibition 08.50 Chair’s opening remarks 11.10 Performance of algorithmic trading and Japanese market themes - Analysis of Deutsche Bank’s recent studies into the Japanese algorithmic 09.00 Arrowhead one year on: How has the dynamic new trading system affected the trading market Japanese market and what can traders expect to come - Understanding how best algos can be implemented in different market conditions Hailed as the answer to Japan’s previously slow and inefficient trading system, Naoki Kamiyama, Chief Equity Strategist, Japan, DEUTSCHE SECURITIES Arrowhead has proved a huge success, increasing speed and volumes whilst tightening spreads. Here, Tokyo Stock Exchange explain their experiences of running 11.40 The role of algorithmic trading in Japan: Strategies, players and results the cutting edge system and what other initiatives we can expect as the exchange The role of algo trading is growing steadily with the introduction of Arrowhead. This continues to prove itself as a dominant trading hub in Asia PANEL DISCUSSION panel brings together a range of experts to address the development and discuss how - Arrowhead one year on – What lessons have we learnt? traders can maximize the benefits of technology and smart programming to gain profit - How will the TSE continue to compete against the other regional exchanges? from the markets - How will the TSE respond to the continuing growth of PTS venues? - Market overview on the scale of algo trading in Japan and future projections for Yoshinori Suzuki, Managing Director & CIO, TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE its growth - Understanding the players: Are domestic players catching up with overseas 09.30 Understanding the fragmentation of the Japanese market and exploiting traders when using algos to trade Japan or is the vast majority of trading still trading opportunities from outside Japan? PANEL With the overall trading volumes estimated at 1% of the daily TSE amount (Feb 2011), - Analyzing how well algos adapt to market conditions under the newDISCUSSION PTSs are slowly, but surely, announcing themselves to the Japanese market. This Arrowhead system panel examines their growth, the pros and cons of each and discusses whether we will - Will the new trading landscape allow for the doubling of algo trading as predicted ever see the 30-40% volumes as in the US and Europe by Celent - Understanding the role of the PTS in the Japanese market – Volumes, prices, Moderator: Neil Katkov, Senior Vice President, Head of Asia, CELENT (a part of liquidity, risk and spreads Oliver Wyman) - How does the TSE view the competition – Should they simply decrease tick size to Takashi Hiratsuka, Chief Trader - Asset Management Division, RESONA BANK take out PTSs competitive advantage? Zach Tuckwell, Managing Director, MORGAN STANLEY - Is a MiFID style regulation required for PTS to really take off in Japan and in Asia generally? Kazu Ooki, Head of Sales Japan, ICAP ELECTRONIC BROKING Isao Hasegawa, Director, Equities, TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE 12.30 Lunch and opportunity to view exhibition Tal Cohen, CEO, CHI-X GLOBAL Kotaro Yamazawa, Senior Executive Director & J-GATE Project Owner OSAKA SECURITIES EXCHANGE Yoichi Ishikawa, Executive Officer, KABU.COM Masami Hatakeyama, Co-CEO, SBI JAPANNEXT Shunsuke Nishino, General Manager, Head of Trading, DAIWA SB INVESTMENTS Robert Dykes, CEO, TORA TRADING STREAM A: PLENARY STREAM STREAM B 14.00 Chair’s opening remarks Chair’s opening remarks 14.10 Delivering next generation algorithmic strategies to grasp increasingly complex Overview of the changing derivatives market and what this means for trading opportunities buy side traders With fragmentation increasing in Asia, and particularly in Japan, the development of With the OSE recently launching their J-GATE system and the TSE looking to advanced algorithmic strategies able to adapt and profit from changing market conditions increase competition with improvements to their T-Dex+ systems, it is clear that is crucial. This session delivers a case study in what the buy side should be looking for and the high frequency race is now on for different asset classes. How will this and what is needed to create robust and efficient algorithms other changes affect the role of the traditional equity trader? - Building flexibility to ensure your algo can adapt to changing market conditions - An overview from the exchanges on recent developments and future plans - Best usage and analysis of market reference data to ensure you read the market correctly - Understanding the role of derivatives in managing risk - Predicting the next generation of algos Akira Tagaya, Sales Director, Derivatives, TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE Takashi Hiratsuka, Chief Trader - Asset Management Division, RESONA BANK Kotaro Yamazawa, Senior Executive Director & J-GATE Project Owner OSAKA SECURITIES EXCHANGE Using cutting edge technology to gain a trading edge PANEL Examining the state of the Japanese hedge fund industry and DISCUSSION PANEL Trading and technology have never been so closely linked, with your systems speed and future outlookDISCUSSION accuracy crucial to your success. This panel covers the very latest developments and how More investors are moving away from traditional domestic equities based you can use technology to give yourself an edge. investments in favor of alternative products and strategies. This panel brings - Integrating cutting edge new products with legacy systems together some of the leaders in the Japanese hedge funds field to discuss their - Assessing whether to build or buy and implications for both outlooks for the industry - Understanding the limits of your capabilities in the arms race to zero latency Moderator: Stefan Nilsson, President, TOKYO HEDGE FUNDS CLUB - Using cloud technology for efficient resourcing John Inamine, Head of Alternative Investment Strategies, SPARX - Assessing at what point your technology spend stops delivering ROI Shinichiro Shiraki, Chairman & Director, MONEX ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS Moderator: Neil Katkov, Senior Vice President, Head of Asia, CELENT (a part of Oliver Wyman) Shinichiro Nagai, Senior Manager – Investment Group, GCI ASSET Mike Powell, Global Head of Enterprise Real-Time Solutions, THOMSON REUTERS MANAGEMENT Kelvin Chiu, Co-CTO, SBI JAPANNEXT Goro Ohwada, President & CEO, AINO INVESTMENT CORPORATION 15.30 Afternoon coffee and opportunity to view exhibition 16.00 Be first, be fast, be safe HEADS OF TRADING, BUY SIDE SUMMIT Whether you’re buy side or sell side, three things are now critical to run an effective algorithmic trading environment: productivity, speed and oversight. Changes in algorithmic Japanese Speaking buy side Heads of Trading roundtable participants include: trading technology are driven now more than ever by changes in regulation. Drawing on Takashi Nakamura, Head of Trading, TOKIO MARINE ASSET MANAGEMENT global trends and experiences gained from customer deployments worldwide, this talk will Sachiko Kozakura, Head of Tokyo Dealing Desk, BNP INVESTMENT PARTNERS describe best practices to use when building, buying or using an algorithmic trading system. Hiroyuki Yamaoka, Head of Trading, NISSAY ASSET MANAGEMENT Further, the talk will discuss new surveillance requirements to suit current and future trading Greg Atkinson, Global Head of Trading, NIKKO ASSET MANAGEMENT environments, in response to regulatory change. Sho Osanai, Senior Dealer, GARTMORE INVESTMENT JAPAN Giles Nelson, Deputy CTO, PROGRESS SOFTWARE 16.30 Understanding the role of dark pools in the fragmenting trading marketplace Dark pools are proving a venue of choice amongst international buy side firms keen to PANELDISCUSSION ensure that large block trades do not affect market prices before completion. However, they are not short of controversy with new rules being considered in the US and Europe. With fragmentation continuing in Japan the role of unlit venues is still unclear and this panel will discuss how the experts see their development. Download free whitepapers, speaker - To what extent have dark pools taken off in Japan? interviews, industry updates and more - As an effective way to lessen market impact, are dark pools in fact increasing overall equity trading informative materials at liquidity in the Japanese and Asian markets? - Should the buy side be able to request other participants be excluded to avoid gaming? www.wbresearch.com/tradetechjapan/ - How has the emergence of the HFT trader changed the dynamics within a dark pool? Content_downloads.aspx Yoshitaka Yamada, Head of Trading, SUMITOMO MITSUI ASSET MANAGEMENT Yusuke Sakai, Head of Trading, T&D ASSET MANAGEMENT Ross Whittaker, VP, AES Japan, CREDIT SUISSE Follow us on twitter and receive instant conference and industry updates - 17.20 Chair’s closing remarks http://twitter.com/TradeTech_Japan 17.30 TradeTech Japan 2011 cocktail reception 19.00 End of day one T: +65 6408 9203 F: +65 6822 7370 E: wbrinfo@wbresearch.com W: www.tradetechjapan.com
  5. 5. FREE registration for the buy side! Contact wbrinfo@wbresearch.com for more information ...the one with the buy side5 years track record 200+ buy side delegates SAVE up to US$80020+ sessions 400+ attendees when you register early! See booking form for more details40+ speakers 2 packed days8 hours networking CONFERENCE DAY TWO • 8 June 2011, Wednesday 08.00 Registration and morning coffee and opportunity to view exhibition 12.40 Lunch and opportunity to view exhibition 08.50 Chair’s opening remarks 14.00 Trading desk infrastructure: What do domestic buy side look for? PANEL - What stops domestic buy side from enhancing their trading desk: Cost, 09.00 Greenwich Associates 2011 report on Japanese equities market DISCUSSION implementation or information? The commissions paid for Japanese equity trades fell 20% year-on-year in 2010, - What are the main challenges and motivations of domestic buy side when it comes mainly due to a growth in electronic trading and a broadening of portfolios by domestic to using new technology? Japanese institutions. Here Greenwich Associates share the reasons for this and other - What does the buy side want from an OMS/EMS? findings from their recent report into Japan equity markets Yasuaki Sumimoto, General Manager, Trading Division, MUFJ ASSET MANAGEMENT - Analysing domestic appetite for Japanese stocks – Past, present and future Kenichi Shikano, Senior Trader, CHUO MITSUI TRUST AND BANKING - Understanding why institutional Japanese equities trading is slowing and what this means for buy and sell side Masaya Fujii, Senior IT Manager, NOMURA ASSET MANAGEMENT - Predictions for an increase in low-touch trading methods and what brokers need to do to stay competitive 14.50 Evaluating how the growth of HFT will affect the trading landscape in Japan The High Frequency Trading trend has swept across Asian markets at an amazing Tomio Sumiyoshi, Representative and Managing Director rate recently, and our afternoon sessions look at the huge developments from different GREENWICH ASSOCIATES JAPAN K.K. angles to help you understand what HFT is, if you should use it, and what it means for the market as a whole. In the first of three sessions, Professor Uno gives us a detailed 09.30 Regulatory overview of the trading landscape in Japan overview of the HFT story in Japan With new trading options opening up and the growth of algo and HFT trading, Japan - Assessing the appetite for High Frequency Trading amongst Japan’s asset managers is catching up with the Western world as far as trading opportunities are concerned. - Predicting the growth of the strategy over the next 5 years However, the new opportunities bring challenges, not least regulatory ones and with - Evaluating the effect that HFT will have on overall market volatility the political instability it can be hard to predict upcoming legislation. Here a leading - Comparing the Japan outlook to that in Europe and US regulatory expert addresses some of the major considerations and likely future developments shaping the Japanese trading landscape Jun Uno, Professor and Director - Historical development in Japanese market regulation WASEDA UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF FINANCE, ACCOUNTING - Understanding the development of PTSs and what regulation is likely to follow AND LAW - Taking the lead from the US and Europe and applying RegNMS and MiFID Committee Member principles to the unique Japanese market GOVERNMENT PENSION INVESTMENT FUND Sadakazu Osaki, Head of Research Center for Knowledge Exchange & Creation, 15.40 Afternoon refreshment & networking break NOMURA RESEARCH INSTITUTE 16.10 Debunking the myths about High Frequency Trading 10.00 Recent developments in academic research on execution strategies and GETCO is a registered market maker which provides continuous two-sided markets, transaction costs: A Bank of Japan case study by posting both buy and sell orders, in thousands of securities on major exchangesCASE STUDY Bringing together detailed research from a range of sources, this session from the Bank around the world. Here they address some common misconceptions about what high of Japan explores the overall development in trading transactions, analyzing speed frequency actually means and price. Different models are covered and SOR will be looked at in order to help you - High Frequency Trading is a timeframe, not a strategy achieve best execution in your trades. - Market making and high volume liquidity provision - Theoretical models and empirical analyses on efficient algorithms for block - Market microstructure and its implications in Japan order executions - Academic models of HFT strategies John Fildes, Strategic Director, GETCO - Smart order routing algorithms in the presence of hidden liquidity - An economic model of inter-market competition 16.40 To what extent will the High Frequency Trading growth affect equity markets in Japan Yoshihiko Sugihara, Deputy Director and Economist PANEL Having heard two opinions of what HFT is and how it is developing in Japan, this panel INSTITUTE FOR MONETARY AND ECONOMIC STUDIES, BANK OF JAPAN DISCUSSION gives you the opportunity to hear from all sides of the story and question the experts on how its development will affect you 10.30 Morning coffee and opportunity to view exhibition - Understanding the requirements of your trading system and matching them to your high frequency ambitions 11.00 Utilizing efficient Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) to understand and improve - Assessing whether HFT is for you: At what point does the cost of faster trading your execution prices outweigh the benefit gained? PANELDISCUSSION - Understanding where trades were matched in the fragmented market and whether they achieved best execution Moderator: Hiroshi Matsubara, Marketing Director, Japan, FIDESSA - What should the buy side demand from their brokers in analysis John Fildes, Strategic Director, GETCO - Are TCA results provided by the sell side entirely accurate when demonstrating best Jun Uno, Professor and Director price matching? WASEDA UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF FINANCE, ACCOUNTING Takashi Nakamura, Head of Trading, TOKIO MARINE ASSET MANAGEMENT AND LAW John Lim, Trader, PRUDENTIAL ASSET MANAGEMENT Committee Member GOVERNMENT PENSION INVESTMENT FUNDS Kim Man Li, Head of Asia Electronic Trading Sales, GOLDMAN SACHS Philip York, CEO, EMPYREAL INVESTMENTS GROUP 11.50 What will the role of Commission Sharing Agreements (CSAs) take in the Japanese equity market 17.30 Chairman’s closing remarks PANEL Unbundling of research and execution services provided by brokers is now widespreadDISCUSSION 17.40 Close of conference in Western markets and is a valuable tool for minimizing costs. With more demand and discussion in Asia for the practice, and the emergence of bodies like the Asian Association of Independent Research Providers (AsiaIRP) in the region will we now see similar moves come to Japan? - Assessing buy side appetite for separate research and executions expertise TradeTech Japan is the first tradi - Overcoming parliamentary and industry challenges preventing the development of ng conference after the unbundling in Japan launch of TSE’s Arrowhead. A grea - Case studies of working practices from other equity markets t opportunity for industry participants to review progress/issu Moderator: Joji Watanabe. Managing Director, INSTINET es and share ideas. Kenichi Shikano, Senior Trader, CHUO MITSUI TRUST AND BANKING Christina Makiguchi Director, Head of AES Japan CREDIT SUISSE T: +65 6408 9203 F: +65 6822 7370 E: wbrinfo@wbresearch.com W: www.tradetechjapan.com
  6. 6. WHY SHOULD YOU SPONSOR SPONSORSHIP AND EXHIBITION TRADETECH JAPAN? OPPORTUNITIES AT TRADETECH JAPAN 2011Because this is how you can engage with your entire client base Worldwide Business Research’s commercial team is experienced atin a face-to-face forum, demonstrating product expertise and helping you meet your sales & marketing needs. In fact, it is our fullknowledge, all in two-days and in one place! time job!✦ Participate in the only event that brings the Japanese buy side Benefits on being a commercial partner of TradeTech Japan community together 2011 include: Lead generation to accelerate your sales cycle✦ Network with over 200 buy side traders, IT heads and budget Building loyalty with your clients to consolidate your market position holders Differentiating your company from other vendors for competitive advantage Raising awareness and reminding the market that you are an✦ Position yourself as a thought-leader by addressing crucial essential partner to the industry issues and demonstrating innovative solutions to your target Demonstrating of your strength in uncertain times to grow your audience market share✦ Learn what your clients want and adapt your offerings Our sponsors and exhibitors choose us because we help accordingly them to: Keep their brand front of mind, keeping their solution on the buyers✦ Create and reinforce brand awareness to keep yourself front short list of mind with the industry decision makers Maximise their sales teams’ time by providing direct face to face access to the industries decision makers, whilst they are problem✦ Drive new business by interacting with your client base in a solving one-to-one and personal environment Test drive new products and make certain they will go to market successfully Showcase their solution and run product demos to drive demand✦ Place yourself at the front of the queue when your clients are Generate qualified leads and sales meetings making purchasing decisions when upgrading their trading technology and systems Your next step is to contact our commercial team to consult on the best way to achieve your specific business goals. We can then recommend a course of action for you to make an informed business decision. Our Business Development team are waiting to take your call! Call Paul Meredith on +65 6408 9208Stand-out from the crowd Expand your network Showcase your expertise paul.meredith@wbresearch.com Call Joe Lanjri on +65 6408 9232 joe.lanjri@wbresearch.com Send personalized Seal those deals invitations Your logo HERE! T: +65 6408 9203 F: +65 6822 7370 E: wbrinfo@wbresearch.com W: www.tradetechjapan.com
  7. 7. Principal Partner Strategic Partners Exchange Partners Deutsche Bank The Goldman Sachs Group, Progress Software Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) is Group is a major Inc. is a leading global financial Corporation (NASDAQ: one of the leading global exchanges and the largest securities market player in the services firm providing investment PRGS) provides in the Asia-Pacific region. TSE has global equity banking, securities, and investment application infrastructure been greatly diversifying its product markets, delivering management to a substantial and software for the development, deployment, range: not only offering over 2,000 listed companies, innovative trading diversified client base that includes corporations, integration and management of business but also a derivatives market which is now home to bothsolutions across a diverse client base. The platform financial institutions, governments and high-net- applications. We strive to increase your business’ bond and equity-based products. In addition to TOPIX,provides access to a global network of execution worth individuals. Founded in 1869, the firm is effectiveness by offering you the most effective and the most popular index for Japanese stocks, widely usedand high-touch services, establishing a gateway head quartered in New York and maintains offices open set of infrastructure products possible. as a benchmark among domestic and foreign investors,for idea generation and cross-border expertise. In a in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and JGB futures, TSE has launched mini-sized TOPIX Progress products and technology are used by and JGB futures. TOPIX futures became a global brandworld of increasingly complex and rapidly evolving and other financial centres around the world. nearly 140,000 organizations in more than 180 last October with their listing on NYSE Liffe and theyelectronic markets, you need a partner with cutting Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading provides clients countries, including 70% of the Fortune 100. are available around the clock. Also futures on TOPIXedge technology and global access to the best with the necessary execution tools and services to Progress technology provides the infrastructure Core30, TSE REIT index and Nikkei 225 Dividend Pointpools of liquidity. Your executions need to balance manage the investment process from start to finish, for applications as diverse as ERP and financial Index are now available. TSE plans to introduce a newthe efficiency of extracting liquidity while controlling trading platform “Tdex+” based on LIFFE CONNECT® from pre-trade analysis to post-trade consulting. trading, across industries as diverse as retail,market impact and maintaining anonymity. Our this autumn along with a market making scheme to the Clients access our global offering via REDIPlus and manufacturing, telecommunications, financialtrading solutions are engineered by the best in the market. For more information, please visit our website FIX, available for trading global equities, options, services, and government.industry, connecting you to our global depths of http://www.tse.or.jp/english/index.html futures, foreign exchange and swaps. Customersliquidity with the expertise of Deutsche Bank Group Progress Software provides innovative technologies can seek liquidity using our suite of multi-assetto help you manage it. that deliver flexible application infrastructures, algorithms, route to optimal destinations using www.ose.or.jp extended visibility, real-time integrated data accessWe call this Smarter Liquidity. SIGMA smart order router and take advantage of and high-speed event processing.http://www.db.com/japan/en crossing opportunities in SIGMA X. Associate Partners ICAP’s award-winning electronic Morgan Stanley is Charles River Development provides Nomura is a leading financial EBS platform is the original and a leading global software, hosting and data services to services group and the largest independent source of financial services firm automate front and middle office investment preeminent Asian-based investment bank with worldwideliquidity in the global spot foreign exchange market and of providing investment banking, securities, investment operations for buy-side firms. On-premise reach. Nomura provides a broad range of innovativeauthoritative real-time and historical FX market data. management and wealth management services. The software and SaaS solutions support solutions tailored to the specific requirements of individual, Firm’s employees serve clients worldwide including portfolio management, compliance and risk monitoring, institutional, corporate and government clients throughEBS provides impartial and effective access to global corporations, governments, institutions and individuals access to global liquidity, and trade processing. The an international network in over 30 countries. Based inmarkets for more than 2,800 professional spot FX, from more than 1,300 offices in 42 countries. company has more than 300 clients in 38 countries in Tokyo and with regional headquarters in Hong Kong,precious metals and Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) the institutional asset and fund management, alternative London, and New York, Nomura employs over 27,000traders in over 50 countries around the world, offering Morgan Stanley Electronic Trading (MSET) provides a investments, wealth management, insurance, banking staff worldwide. Nomura’s unique understanding of Asiaoptimal price discovery and execution. complete spectrum of services from pre-trade analytics and pension markets. enables the company to make a difference for clients and execution to post-trade execution performanceThe EBS platform delivers orderly, transparent, efficient through three business divisions: retail, wholesale (global analysis and commission management. We offer aand highly liquid trading opportunities and supports a wide markets, investment banking, and other wholesale), comprehensive algorithmic trading suite and variousrange of FX trading strategies. It facilitates both manual Instinet Incorporated is an and asset management. For further information about direct market access (DMA) strategies, including ourand API trading for banks and non-bank professional electronic trading pioneer, Nomura, please visit www.nomura.com. smart order routing technology and our dark liquidity pooltrading organisations. having established the aggregator. Whether you are connecting to us via a third- world’s first major electronic trading venue in 1969, oneCustomers access the EBS platform through the EBS party order management system or using our Morgan of the first recognized U.S. ECNs in 1997 and the firstSpot, EBS Spot Ai (API), EBS Prime and EBS Global Stanley Passport execution management system, our pan-European MTF in 2007. Through its subsidiaries andAccess (browser-based) services. www.icap.com/ebs global product offering provides seamless access to Fidessa group supplies multi- affiliates, Instinet operates two distinct business lines: trade portfolios, single stocks, ETFs, options, futures, asset trading, portfolio analysis, a global network of agency-only brokers that seek to swaps, and foreign exchange. Our team is committed to compliance, market data and help institutions lower overall trading costs and improve As one of the world’s providing stellar trading solutions for the most demanding connectivity solutions for financial investment performance through the use of innovative leading banks, Credit specifications. markets participants. Fidessa’s products are used by electronic trading products, including smart-routing, Suisse provides its over 85% of tier-one, global financial institutions, across Morgan Stanley Electronic Trading (MSET) algorithms, DMA, dark pools and EMS platforms, and also clients with private both the buy-side and sell-side. Fidessa’s network carries +852 2848 8222 provide sales trading, commission management servicesbanking, investment banking and asset management $800 billion of flow a month between 2,400 buy-sides and mset-fe@morganstanley.com and independent research; and the Chi-X® Globalservices worldwide. In its Investment Banking business, 600 brokers across more than 150 markets worldwide. businesses, which aim to improve the efficiency of capitalCredit Suisse offers securities products and financial Headquartered in London and with operations across markets globally by providing high-performance, low-costadvisory services to users and suppliers of capital around Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, Fidessa alternative execution venues and the technology requiredthe world. Operating in 57 locations across 30 countries, supports over 26,000 users across 950 clients, serving to power them. Instinet is a wholly-owned subsidiary ofCredit Suisse is active across the full spectrum of financial major investment banks and asset managers through to Tora is the recognized leader in Nomura Holdings, Inc. For more information, please visitservices products including debt and equity underwriting, niche brokers and hedge funds. Fidessa group is listed on Asia focused electronic trading www.instinet.com.sales and trading, mergers and acquisitions, investment the London Stock Exchange.research, and correspondent and prime brokerage platforms and access to liquidity.services.Advanced Execution Services® (AES) is Credit Suisse’s Tora has created a portfolio of products designed by buy-side trading professionals with a specific focus on Exhibition Floor Plan (Stands Available)award-winning suite of algorithmic trading strategies, the unique challenges that face traders in Asia. Toratools, and analytics for global trading across equities, has simplified trading across the region by providingoptions, futures and foreign exchange. With AES’s the access, expertise and service necessary to enable Conference Roomtools, traders can work orders on multiple liquidity pools, superior trade execution. Tora offers a complementaryincrease productivity by automating trading and improve portfolio of technology, trading and liquidity solutions.execution performance. For more information contact the Each product has been designed and developedAES sales desk on +813.4550.7331 internally to be fully-integrated and provide clients with a comprehensive trading solution. Tora’s products are LD utilized by a wide range of institutional investors including SO 22 23 24 25 Thomson Reuters is mutual funds, hedge funds, and sell-side proprietary the world’s leading trading desks across the region. source of intelligent Tora’s products are provided via an application service LDinformation for businesses and professionals. We provider (ASP) model, and require no IT infrastructure SOcombine industry expertise with innovative technology todeliver critical information to leading decision makers in or staff at the client site. The trading platform integrates 18 LD 16 LD with a full complement of third-party and proprietary order SO SOthe financial, legal, tax and accounting, healthcare andscience and media markets, powered by the world’s most management, portfolio management, risk, accounting S OLD and other back-office and compliance systems.trusted news organization. With headquarters in New Yorkand major operations in London and Eagan, Minnesota, Contact: Simon CoombesThomson Reuters employs 55,000 people and operates Direct: +813-4550-2774in over 100 countries. For more information, go to Email: scoombes@toratrading.comwww.thomsonreuters.com LD 12 13 LD SO SO LD OLD SO S PREMIUM EXHIBITION 2 OLD Star Ballroom S REFRESHMENTS LD LD SO SO LD 6 LD LD SO SO SO Reference: Exhibition Booth Media PartnersOfficial Business Newspaper T: +65 6408 9203 F: +65 6822 7370 E: wbrinfo@wbresearch.com W: www.tradetechjapan.com
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Registration PackagePlease fax completed form to Worldwide Business Research, Marketing at +65 6822 7370 ...the one with the buy side The Westin Tokyo 5 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER Venue information 1-4-1 Mita, Meguro-ku Tokyo, Tokyo 153-8580 Japan Phone: +81 3 5423 7000 Fax: +81 3 5423 7600 ✓ Call +65 6408 9203 ✓ Visit www.tradetechjapan.com ✓ Email wbrinfo@wbresearch.com PLEASE PHOTOCOPY THIS FORM FOR MULTIPLE REGISTRATIONS ✓ Fax your completed registration form BOOKING CODE: 16886.003 SS to +65 6822 7370 ✓ Mail your registration form and payment details to: TradeTech Japan 2011 Worldwide Business Research 61 Robinson Road, 08-01 Robinson Centre, Singapore 068993 BUY SIDE FREE* for the first 100 registrations Main Conference (7-8 June) Once FREE Buy Side passes are finished, there is charge of US$995 to register* Free for trading and technology related job functions only.Conditions for complimentary VIP buy side ticket applicantsPlease note: Your VIP registration is on a complimentary basis. The organisers reserve the right to refuse complimentary entry to non-qualifying buy side companies. A “non attendance” fee of US$500 applies should you fail to attend the event and do notnotify us prior to 48 hours before the event. This fee covers the cost of conference delegate materials, food and beverage that incurs as a direct result of you not attending the event and the opportunity cost of allocating your guest place to someone else.You may nominate a replacement colleague to attend on your behalf at no extra cost.Complimentary bookings will not be processed without credit card details. We will NOT charge your credit card if you, or a mutually agreed colleague, attend the conference. NON BUY SIDE Book & pay by 15 April 2011 Book & pay by 13 May 2011 Standard Price Main Conference (7-8 June) US$2500 US$2800 US$3300 DELEGATE DETAILS CREDIT CARD DETAILS Credit Card TypeYES! I wish to register for TradeTech Japan 2011 MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS VISASurname (Mr/Mrs/Ms): Card No:Name: Expiry Date: Security Code:Job Title: Department: Name of Cardholder:E-mail: Cardholder’s Signature: (Signature is mandatory)Registration Contact: NOTE: Payment by credit card will incur 3% service charge.Company: PAYMENT DETAILSAddress: FULL PAYMENT must be received prior to the conference. Please complete as applicable I will be paying by credit card. See the details above.Post Code: Country: I will be sending a bank transfer to Account Name : WBR Singapore Pte LtdTelephone: Fax: Bank Name : HSBCApproving Manager: Address : HSBC Commercial Banking 21 Collyer Quay HSBC BuildingHR/Training Manager: #08-00, Singapore 049320 Account Number : 260 361 399 178Approving Manager’s E-mail: Swift Code : HSBCSGSGSignature: I enclose a cheque payable to WBR Singapore Pte Ltd (Cheque accepted if drawn on a Singapore bank)I agree to WBR’s Terms & Conditions: (Signature is mandatory) Please fax confirmation of the bank transfer to +65 6822 7370, quoting delegate’s name and booking code as your reference on both fax and bank transfer. WBR LTD CANCELLATION, POSTPONEMENT AND SUBSTITUTION POLICY WBR Singapore Cancellation, Postponement and Substitution Policy: You may substitute delegates at any time. WBR Singapore does not provide refunds for cancellations. For cancellations received in writing more than seven (7) days prior to the conference you will receive a 100% credit to be used at another WBR Singapore conference for up to one year from the issuance date. For cancellations received less than seven (7) days prior to the conference no credits will be issued. In the event that WBR Singapore cancels an event, delegate payments at the date of cancellation will be credited to a future WBR Singapore event. This credit will be available for up to fifteen months from the date of issuance. In the event that WBR Singapore postpones an event, delegate payments at the postponement date will be credited towards the rescheduled date. If the delegate is unable to attend the rescheduled event, the delegate will receive a 100% credit representing payments made towards a future WBR Singapore event. This credit will be available for up to fifteen months from the date of issuance. No refunds will be available for cancellations or postponements. WBR Singapore is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration, cancellation, or postponement of an event. WBR Singapore shall assume no liability whatsoever if this event is altered, rescheduled, postponed or cancelled due to a fortuitous event, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this conference inadvisable, illegal, impracticable or impossible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but shall not be limited to: an Act of God; governmental restrictions and/or regulations; war or apparent act of war; terrorism or apparent act of terrorism; disaster; civil disorder, disturbance, and/or riots; curtailment, suspension, and/or restriction on transportation facilities/means of transportation; or any other emergency. Please note that speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, however, circumstances beyond the control of the organisers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, WBR Singapore reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page.If you are receiving duplicate mailings or would like to change any details, or remove your name from our database, please fax this form to the attention of our marketing department with your amended detailsto +65 6822 7370. Amendments will take up to 2 weeks. We thank you for your patience.