Unlock The Advertising Potential Of Your Vehicle Fleet


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Many businesses, large or small, employ a fleet of vehicles in one form or another. This fleet could consist of work vans, company cars, goods vehicles or even passenger carrying vehicles.

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Unlock The Advertising Potential Of Your Vehicle Fleet

  1. 1. Unlock The Advertising Potential Of Your Vehicle FleetMany businesses, large or small, employ a fleet of vehicles in one form or another. This fleet couldconsist of work vans, company cars, goods vehicles or even passenger carrying vehicles. Yet, themajority of company’s vehicle fleets remain underutilised when it comes to their advertisingpotential. Unmarked white vans are commonplace on the country’s roads, as are unmarkedcompany cars. These are examples of the many instances where a business could make betteruse of this valuable asset and use the vehicle fleet to promote their brand, products and services.The primary benefit of using vehicle graphics and wraps for promotion is the public exposure thatvehicles enjoy. Whereas media such as online advertisements and telephone directory listings areonly accessible to those looking in the right place, car graphics can be seen by the general publicat all times of the day. Car graphics are visible while the vehicle is parked up outside thecompany’s business premises, while travelling and while parked outside a client’s property.Viewing such advertisements is involuntary for the general public as they are so overt andconstantly in the public eye.What is more, vehicle graphics present excellent value for money. In utilising the company’svehicle fleet car graphics make the most of a pre-existing asset. The only additional cost to thecompany is the manufacture and application of the graphics. Once the graphics are installed thereare no ongoing costs incurred by the business associated with the advertisement. This is in starkcontrast to conventional advertising techniques which must be continual renewed in order tomaintain the same promotional presence. Vehicle graphics therefore present exceptional value formoney and the advertising potential can even be used to offset the cost of the operation of thevehicle.With many companies in this day and age choosing to operate a fleet of rental vehicles rather thancompany-owned vehicles some businesses may mistakenly dismiss this concept, reasoning thatthe vehicles are not theirs to alter. However, the vehicle graphics and wraps produced by ArtallSignage are designed to be removed without causing any damage to the underlying paintwork. Atthe end of the rental period Artall Signage products can be removed with minimal fuss, leaving
  2. 2. behind an immaculate paint finish. For this reason vehicle graphics and wraps are a practicalavenue of advertisement whether the vehicle fleet is owned or rented.Artall Signage specialise in the production of high quality business signage for a vast range ofapplications. Vehicle graphics can be used to discreetly promote a brand, providing essentialinformation in a clear and concise manner. In contrast, vehicle wraps can be used to entirelytransform the appearance of any vehicle. As the name suggests, vehicle wraps wrap around thevehicle and encompass it entirely, resulting in a striking and eye-catching design. Vehicle wrapscan therefore be used for more high profile advertising campaigns which aim to seize the attentionof potential customers while the vehicle is out and about.Artall Signage34 Britannia WayBritannia Enterprise ParkLichfieldStaffordshireWS14 9UYTelephone: 01543 258 222Email: sales@artall.co.ukWebsite: www.artall.co.uk