The Protection Afforded By Packaging Foam


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When considering packaging materials foam is just one of the many materials that spring to mind which include bubble wrap and polystyrene.

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The Protection Afforded By Packaging Foam

  1. 1. The Protection Afforded By Packaging FoamWhen considering packaging materials foam is just one of the many materials thatspring to mind which include bubble wrap and polystyrene. However, in manyrespects packaging foam is superior to any of the alternatives due to the range ofproperties that it embodies. By using packaging foam distributors can be sure thatproducts will reach their destination in one piece and in the very best of condition.This simple and inexpensive material can make the difference for any distributionservice, enabling a higher standard of customer service to be attained. Packaging Foam for a Presentation CaseBy nature packaging foam is shock absorbing. This is particularly useful whenpackaging a parcel. By using packaging foam the sender can ensure that the item isprotected from external shock and impact. For particular fragile items this may simplybe routine handling of the package. For more durable items packaging foam offers alevel of protection against accidental drops during transit or even abuse at the handsof the courier. By absorbing the shock of any impacts rather than transferring it to theitem which is enclosed the packaging foam is certain to shield the package fromdamage. Profile Packaging FoamMoreover, packaging foam can be used effectively when packaging a number ofsmaller items. This foam is available in a wide variety of different consistenciesincluding sheets and pellets and can even be designed and cut to the exactrequirements of the distributor. By using packaging foam in among many individualitems the sender can be sure that the individual items will not collide with each otheror rub against each other while in transit. This will ensure that the items reach theirdestination in pristine condition and should therefore have a noticeable impact uponcustomer satisfaction.
  2. 2. Finally, packaging foam can be used effectively to simply fill space. A distributor mayhave a vast range of products, all of different shapes and sizes. However, it is oftencost effective to use standardised parcels of differing sizes. It is more than likely thaton occasion an item will be slightly too big for a particular parcel but far too small foranother. In such an instance packaging foam can be used to make up the differencebetween the size of the item and the parcel while protecting its contents. Moreover,due to the low density of packaging foam the overall weight of the parcel will not besubstantially increased which would otherwise have an impact upon shipping costs.The applications of packaging foam are virtually endless, particularly whenconsidering the versatility of this material in terms of its shape and size. To name buta few applications, packaging foam can be used to protect packages against shockand impact, to prevent smaller items colliding and rubbing in transit and to simply fillspace when a parcel is substantially larger than the item in question. By usingpackaging foam offered by Foam Techniques Ltd a distributor can be sure that theiritems will reach the consumer in the very best of condition.Foam Techniques Ltd39 Booth DrivePark Farm SouthWellingboroughNorthamptonNN8 6GRTel : +44(0)1933 400096Website: