National Education: An Overview


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if a country wants to progress and develop it is essential that it focuses on imparting good quality of national education.

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National Education: An Overview

  1. 1. National Education: An OverviewA nations’ growth depends on the growth of its people. The growth of peopledepends upon its living standards and its educational sector. This implies that thebetter the quality of life of people in a country, the better will be its productivity levelsand its national income. The national income grows if the various sectors of theeconomy are doing well. This depends greatly on the quality of infrastructureavailable and the technological knowhow of the people.It is said that if you want to feed a person for a day then give him food and if youwant to feed him for life give him an education or skill. Therefore, if a country wantsto progress and develop it is essential that it focuses on imparting good quality ofnational education. Education implies development of intellect and learning lifeskills to create new avenues of growth for oneself as well as for the nation.Developing the human resource of a country through providing them knowledgebase with the technical skills leads to unprecedented growth in every sector of theeconomy. Thus providing quality national education to its citizens should be anissue of prime importance for any nation.National education begins right from elementary education in school. The greater thenumber of dropouts from a school, the lesser is the productivity of the country. Nowonder then, countries like India and Japan, where the standard of education ishigher than that in the western countries, are able to make available the best brainsin the world economy.The yearning to read and get an education is very important on the part of anindividual. If he gives up on these qualities, he is more likely to become a failure atacquiring a formal education in life. This jeopardises his future growth and
  2. 2. development thereby compromising upon national output. These dropouts are morelikely to turn to crime and become a nuisance and a burden on the society for lack ofnational education. Every dropout from school connotes a dropout from society atlarge.Attitude for success is very important in life. It leads to exploration of personal goalsand their attainment. Beliefs are formed through education as well as lifeexperiences. This attitude can be ingrained in the minds of children at an early stageof their education. This lays the groundwork for their success in future ahead. Ittends to reflect in the advancements in technology, standard of living and generalwell being of a nation devoid of violence and crime. Thus acquiring knowledge is thegolden key to ensure a better future for an individual and the nation. The Japaneseare the most efficient workers in the whole world. Their standards of efficiency aredifficult to match.This is the result of incorporating national education on top of their developmentpolicies over the years. On the other hand, Nigerians lack in quality workers in manysectors. This is the long term effect of malnutrition amongst its people over the years.