Marketing Your Business in Another Language


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Today’s products and services are commonly sold in a global marketplace, whether online or through promotional materials and brick-and-mortar locations throughout the world.

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Marketing Your Business in Another Language

  1. 1. Marketing Your Business in Another LanguageToday’s products and services are commonly sold in a global marketplace, whetheronline or through promotional materials and brick-and-mortar locations throughout theworld. To effectively promote the product or service you offer to diverse cultures, youneed a translation service that can add a native speaker’s touch to your marketingmaterials.When addressing non-English customers, you need to present your product or servicein a confident, knowledgeable manner; something that is difficult to do if you simplytranslate your materials word-for-word. You’ve probably spent a great deal of money todevelop your campaign in English and you want to make sure your global targetaudience will feel as comfortable purchasing your product or service as would yourEnglish-speaking audience. Effective marketing translation services like those offeredby AlfaBeta provide your customers around the globe with engaging copy that isfriendly, persuasive and culturally sensitive. AlfaBeta’s professional translatorsunderstand cultural nuances and idiomatic trends that can make the difference betweenmarketing copy that sells and copy that falls flat and leaves the reader cold. They candetermine what kind of voice and writing style appeal to your target culture, as well as,when to reframe entire sentences rather than just adjusting a word here and there.Making this type of optimal impression is particularly crucial when providing pressreleases; reports, articles, and brochures; creating product packaging and instructions;choosing copy for your website and developing text for direct mail and other tangiblepromotional pieces. AlfaBeta’s professional staff can help you determine whether to usemore formal (or informal) language; how to use ISO (International Organization forStandardization) approved symbols to assist in conveying your message; and even howto condense your message to save space, since many languages take up much moreroom than English on the page. Even branding can benefit from a translator’s touch. Forexample, the Chevy Nova didn’t sell well in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico forthe simple fact that, correctly translated, the name Nova means “Doesn’t Go” -- not theoptimal name for a car!Simply put, professional translation is essential for any business wanting to compete inthe rapidly expanding global arena. Poor copy and direct translation reflects poorly onyour business and undermines your credibility in the marketplace, giving competitors anadvantage in an already competitive game. Providing properly presented and creativelyand sensitively written marketing pieces to make a positive impression is the right wayto increase foreign market share. With assistance from highly trained translators fromAlfaBeta, translating your marketing materials into the language of your choice will helpyou increase brand awareness and build a solid, loyal customer base in your targetmarket.AlfaBeta provides marketing translation services worldwide.