Fitness Equipment Reviews 2013


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2013-Fitness equipment Reviews.Get in shape for summer.Top Rated products all reviewed & Rated also where to save as much as 40% off.

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Fitness Equipment Reviews 2013

  1. 1. Product features: 1. It is extra comfortable and super- efficient because its pedal`s ergonomic structure 2. Keeping up with modern-day technology, the Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike provides audio support and other media features like built-in speakers and Ebook holders. 3. The more authentic the experience the most relaxing – the Schwinn bike offers a real road-like feel 4. It is fitted with levelers and stabilizers for a strong workoutSchwinn 120 Upright It is one of the best ways of 5. releasing stress and tension It can offer users as much as 8Exercise Bike accumulated during the day or even different workouts a great way to begin every morning.With over 100 years of history 6. It looks out for your health bydedicated to bikes, Schwinn is It offers the best cardio without ever monitoring and providing importantprobably the best in the business. leaving your house. Leading a heart rate and fitness informationStarting off in 1895 as part of a healthy life is the most important directly on the LCD in front of youracing program, the company aspect of an individual’s existence. 7.became a real trend setter for this Transporting it is easy being fittedindustry. Staying in great shape is essential with wheels in order to move it nowadays when our bodies are wherever you desirePermanently ahead of times and permanently exposed to negativeyears in front of competitors, they exterior factors. 8. It also has a water bottle holdermerged with fitness giant Bowflex constantly needing to be hydrated.also known as Pacific Cycle to The people at Schwinn createdbecome later on Nautilus Inc. with cutting edge products for people thatname changes came the launch of value their well-being. This machinethe Evolution line that included is great no matter the point of view.indoor cycling bikes. Putting it together is effortless andMaintaining their innovative spirit, fast. It is not complicated at all,progress is made every year and developers even providing differentinvestments and hard work pay off tools for a more pleasant experience. It is a simple one hour job. Customer scores & reviewswhen it comes to indoor fitness. Being reviewed by 18 customers, You will get the feel that everything the Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise is in the right place and that your Bike (2012 Model) got a 4.1 outRelaxing bike was custom made to better of 5 stars rating.Living at an ever increasing pace, reach your expectations.time is a great asset. Making the They considered it easy tomost out of it has become a real assemble, solid and very quiet. It can also accommodate biggerchallenge. individuals without any problem.The Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Overall this is a highly recommended machineBike offers a great deal when itcomes to health and money saving. More Info Click Here ****************
  2. 2. The  Best  Things  About  Total  Gym   Users of the Total Gym XLS Trainer XLS  Trainer defined the device as a machine that Pros of Product is definitely worth purchasing. The exercises for Total Gym XLSThe Total Gym XLS Trainer is a Trainer are very fun since it requiresfitness machine that does not hog They are very happy with the the individual to move.your entire space. inclusions of the device. The Another great thing about this workouts are very effective and the product is that it allows the person toIt is a tool consists of a glide board workout tools are very easy to use. do the things that he/she cannotand other handy attachments. It helps normally do, such as pushups with theyou strengthen every muscle of your Users are more than just satisfied in wing attachment.body. using the Total Gym XLS Trainer. This is the reason why they keep on This is possible due to the adjustable resistance and configuration of theThe Total Gym XLS Trainer works using the device for so long. device.for both upper and lower body of anindividual. With all these positive things about the device, there is no wonder whyIt also works on your abdominals and people rated it with a perfect score.cardiovascular system.The device has been acknowledged asone of the most helpful devices for Cons of Productpeople who are recovering fromphysical injuries. The only downside of this product is that it is not as easy to use as what isWhat Comes in the Box implied.The Total Gym XLS Trainer comeswith a cable system and a new pulley. However, aside from this there is noIt also includes an advanced squat other downside that we can relate tostand and a padding. Blow are the the Total Gym XLS Trainer.other things included in the Total XLSTrainer package: The positive things about the product still outweigh its negative sideWorkout InstructionsExercise Wall Chart Who Should Buy This ProductTraining Deck Everyone who wants to acquire a perfect exercise equipment must buyMeal Plan and Nutritional Program this product.Product Features This device is something that benefitsFeatures of the Total Gym XLS most parts of your body – upper partTrainer are the best. The device has a and lower part. Anyone can use thisgravity-based resistance system that device for their workout routines.allows a smooth workout routine.It has an advanced pulley and Conclusion and Recommendationimproved cable system that makes it The Total Gym XLS Trainer is a goodbetter than other exercise devices. investment for an exercise equipment. It does not just help you become moreThis device can carry up to 400 fit. It allows you to save space as wellpounds. It includes workouts and since it is not a large device.workout tools.Short Summary of Feedback From This is recommended to everyone whoExisting Users More Info Click Here is interested in getting fitter. ****************
  3. 3. Product features: 1. Resistance: quiet, smooth and magnetic resistance 2. Workout intensity can be set using dial control 3. Large and easily readable monitor that displays data about speed, time, calories burn, distance covered and so on 4.Stamina 4825 Magnetic will enable you to be in a semi Contains 6 preset programs for reclining position, which is ideal forResistance Recumbent Bike working out all the muscles in the fitness legs, hips, buttocks and thighs. 5.When it comes to losing weight and Can support user weight of up to 300getting toned legs, bikes are the most The electronic monitor lets you keep poundsimportant instruments, used by people a track of your pulse, speed, RPM and 6.around the world. the amount of calories burnt. our 3 years frame warranty, 3 months on expectations. partsGone are the days of traditional bikesfor work out as nowadays, there are 7. Effectiveness Dimensions - 56 inches Length X 26many sophisticated recumbent bikes inches Width X 33.5 inches Heightavailable, which can provide perfect This bike from stamina will beassistance in weight loss. 8. very effective in helping you with Molded and padded seat and can beThis magnetic resistance bike from burning calories and staying fit. adjusted for multiple seating positionsstamina is one such product, whichyou can use for your work out needs. The one touch monitor will let youIt cannot only help you in burning keep a track of the calories youcalories and fat, but it can also be burn and so, you can easily keep ahandy in improving your bodymetabolism. track of the total calories you burn Customer scores & on a daily basis. reviewsIt can be used by people of all agesand also by those individuals who Based on 111 customer reviews, If you want to lose belly fat, then Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistanceneed to follow special work out this bike will help you in burning Recumbent Bike has got a rating ofregimes, depending on their health 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 stars, belly fat in a faster and effective which clearly states that thecondition. manner. customers have liked this bike. Most of the users have said that this You can attain a healthy heart and product exceeds their expectationsThe ideal bike for exercise body, by exercising on this bike. and has been able to help them in following a healthy work out regime.This bike is meant for assisting youwith aerobic workout at home which People have admired its simplicity,can help you in keeping fit. ease of use, and its exercise monitor which allows the user to easily trackIt is not for body builders but for their daily progress.common individuals who like to This product will certainly give youfollow a low impact workout at home, value for your order to burn calories and stay fit.It is magnetic resistant and can be the More Info Click Hereideal tool for improving bodymetabolism. The design of this bike ****************
  4. 4. What To Expect If you’re not familiar with Chalene Johnson it may take a little time to get accustomed to such a positive level of energy and her sincere desire to bring you successfully into the world of a healthy, physically fit body. There are no excuses here. Just do it, love it and make it happen. The energy will rub off and you’ll be making the moves like a pro, shedding the pounds and getting stronger andTurbo Fire: 90-Day Intense Features leaner faster than you thought possible.Cardio Conditioning & We found part of the allure andInterval Training Workout success of this ambitious programDVD Program is spurred on by the dynamic fieryAfter checking out this Turbo Fire: music that pushes you on throughIntense Cardio Conditioning & the moves.Interval Training Workout DVDProgram and looking at it in detail, it It features cardiovascularalmost seems like it is as much a improvement but also tones andphilosophy and a discipline as much tightens muscles, stretches thoseas it is a pathway to incrediblecardiovascular fitness. forgotten body areas that need stretching, increases yourIf you’re familiar with the original flexibility and strength and ofTurbo workout series by fitnessinnovation queen Chalene Johnson course, gives you that lean lookyou’ll know what we mean. that you’ll really love.If you are not familiar with this sort One of the most popular ofof fitness regime you probably have a Chalene’s workouts targets thesurprise ahead. This system is seriousfitness. It means business but it’s also tummy and if what we have seen Customer scores &exhilarating and fun. holds true it does a great job. reviews Resistance classes develop muscle Based on 111 customer reviews, Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance shape and tone. Recumbent Bike has got a rating ofWhat You Get This is a complete fitness plan 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 stars, which clearly states that theAs the name suggests, you will customers have liked this bike. right down to offering advicereceive 12 different workouts on 11DVDs that will “fire you up”. Its about snacks, recipes and dietary Most of the users have said that this product exceeds their expectationscreator, Charlene Johnson, will take advice to keep that fiery energy up and has been able to help them inyou by the hand and walk you as you work your way to fitness following a healthy work out regime.through the program. She explains in with this ambitious program. People have admired its simplicity,detail how to get the most out of the ease of use, and its exercise monitorprogram. which allows the user to easily track their daily progress.She makes the program seem simple.Her attitude, energy and sincerity This product will certainly give you value for your money.will, as promised, “fire you up”.You’ll get all of the instruction for theright form and you’ll get all themotivation you need to press on More Info Click Herethrough a program that is challenging ****************and exciting.
  5. 5. Product features: 14.3lb Flywheel 18’’ FLATellipse Stride 8 Programs ComfortFIT Foot Pads 10 levels resistance Heart rate monitor with a contact grip Sonic surround speakers that are mp3 compatibleHorizon Fitness EX-59 workouts (weight loss, hills, custom and reverse train). You can selectElliptical Trainer different resistance and programs at Frame that is Sixstar certified any time by using the on-the-fly Upper body handlebars that are ofIf you are looking for an elliptical changes. dual actiontrainer that you can afford without Coolfit fitness fanbreaking your budget, you can Comfort Featuresconsider the Horizon Fitness EX-59 275 lb user capacityElliptical Trainer. This elliptical trainer also offersIt offers most of the basic features comfort features that allow it to bethat you would expect to find on a used for a long period of timelate model elliptical in addition to without becoming easy as the body Customer scores &some advanced features like the strengthens and without getting reviewsHorizon SIXstar certification. Youcan use this elliptical for moderate to bored. It offers 10 different Before deciding that elliptical trainerslight workouts. workout options, which you can that are sold for less than a thousand dollars are not worth buying, you easily flip between using plus and should know what customer reviews minus buttons that are placed of this product state.Advantages conveniently on the console. According to most customer reviews, this model is comparable toThe Horizon Trainer offers a number Another comfort feature is 10 basic models that sell at or above theof advantages over other elliptical one thousand dollar mark.trainers. They include very little resistance levels. It also has adistance between the pedals, lower built-in mp3 player connection, a The Horizon Trainer is offered at $599.00 and is therefore a morepedals that offer easier and safer surround sound speaker system affordable option if you do not need amounting and dismounting, handle lot of advanced entertainment and and headphone connection. Itbar placement that allows users to convenience features.easily grab on it and a design, which comes with 3 speed settings and is Out of 64 customer reviews, thissupports a straight body posture. placed optimally allowing you to elliptical trainer achieved a 4.7 star feel the air when working out. This rating out of a possible 5.The other features that stand out are astride that mimics patterns when elliptical trainer also has a water The only complaint about thisrunning or walking on flat ground and bottle holder. elliptical trainer is that it has squeaking issues and you shoulda higher pulley/drive ration that therefore make sure that youallows the machine to operate purchase the right lubricant likesmoothly. The console on this trainer lithium grease.has 3 orange LED windows that offerreadouts of time, distance, speed,level, heart rate, rpm and watts. More Info Click HereThis trainer offers ten programoptions, which include 3 targets ****************(calories, distance, time) and 4
  6. 6. The  Best  Things  About  Total  Gym   According to them, the device is an XLS  Trainer excellent bike for the price. Pros of Product The best thing about the Sunny HealthWith the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Some of them even mentioned that and Fitness Pro SF-B901 IndoorIndoor Cycling Bike, getting fit you will get more than what you paid Cycling Bike is that it is very sturdywithout having the need to get out of for with the SF-B901 Indoor Cycling and quiet.your house is definitely possible. Bike. Another great thing about this product is that it has an easyThe SF-B901 Indoor Cycling Bike of installation.the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is a Users no longer need to go through adevice used by most people to work lot of complications and difficulties toout. assemble the bike. Lastly, the price of this bike is very affordable.This device is the best for your homegym as it does not create unwanted In fact, the price is very cheap for a quality bike like SF-B901 Indoornoise while you are performing your Cycling Bike.favorite exercise routine.What Comes in the BoxIt is a usual thing for the buyers to ask Cons of Productfor the inclusions of the item they will There is only one drawback withbuy. regard to the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro SF-B901 Indoor Cycling Bike.With Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Its seat is not so comfortable. The seatIndoor Cycling Bike, an individual is too tall for users with an averagewill get a 108-pound exercise bike height. However, after a few times ofand a user’s manual. using the bike, you will suddenlyThis set will define the perfection of become used to it.your workout routine. Therefore, there will no longer be a drawback with regard to this exerciseProduct Features bike in the long run.The SF-B901 Indoor Cycling ofSunny Health and Fitness Pro is well- Who Should Buy This Productknown for its features. The people who should buy thisSome of its features are its 40-pound product are those who are looking forflywheel, chain drive mechanism, and a sturdy bike that will stay in a goodits durable crank. condition no matter what you throw at it.It has adjustable resistance systems Due to the fact that this bike operatesthat make it superior over other silently, this is considered to be theexercise cycling bikes. perfect exercise tool for those whoThe device measures 20 x 46.5 x 48.5 want to work out at their homesinches and supports up to 275 pounds. without disturbing those who are still sleeping.Short Summary of Feedback FromExisting Users Conclusion and RecommendationUsers admire the durability of the The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro IndoorSunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike will definitely be usefulCycling Bike. for a long period of time due to its sturdinessThey also love the fact that the devicedoes not produce any unwanted noise. More Info Click Here ****************
  7. 7. Product features: Ankle locks – they determine the deepness and comfort of inversions Backrest – Made of tough nylon and determines the shallowness and comfort of the inversions Degree of inversion – This determines how far you cab go and number of in-between steps that you can stop at Long lasting tubular frame and Its finish is scratch resistant and the powder coated finishIronman Gravity 1000 backrest is made with durable nylon,Inversion Table which is comfortable to utilise. Sturdy rubber non-skid floor stabilizersLarge numbers of people suffer from The other features that stand out are a Ankle cushions that are ergonomicallyback pain. This could be the result of stride that mimics patterns when molded and able to support up toherniated disks, injury, muscle strain running or walking on flat ground and 300lbsor pressure on vertebrae disks. a higher pulley/drive ration that Weighs forty six pounds allows the machine to operateOne can get help to relieve lower smoothly. Folds for storageback pain from a chiropractor but itcan become expensive over time. The The console on this trainer has 3 Locking system that has a tether strapbest option is to use products that are orange LED windows that offerdesigned to eradicate lower back pain readouts of time, distance, speed,such as the Ironman Gravity 1000 level, heart rate, rpm and watts.Inversion Table. This trainer offers ten programThis table will offer you a good options, which include 3 targetssolution to your back pain. The (calories, distance, time) and 4inversion on this table is able to workouts (weight loss, hills, custom Customer scores &reduce pressure on the spine, increase and reverse train). reviewsflexibility and improve bloodcirculation. You can select different resistance and programs at any time by using the on- As we end this Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table review, it is importantIronman Fitness manufactures this the-fly changes. to let you know how customers whotable, which is a company that has the have used the product have rated it.reputation of producing award- Easy to usewinning products. Out of 275 reviews, this inversion You just need to lie on the backrest table achieved an average rating of 4.5The Ironman Gravity 1000 is an entry stars out of a possible five. and then glide your feet throughlevel table and it is the ideal choice This indicates that most customersfor those who want a table that is the ankle supports. find the inversion table appealing andaffordably priced and is able to offer effective. It is offered at the price ofback pain relief. After making sure that the ankle $134.54, which is cheap for a quality product. supports lock in place, you need to slide or raise your arms above According to most reviews posted, this inversion table is able to relieve your head.Durable Construction the annoying lower back pain.This inversion table is built to last. Itsframe is constructed with durablesteel and its bottom has rubberisednon-skid stabilizers that ensure thatyou do not slip while you invert. More Info Click Here ****************
  8. 8. Garmin  Forerunner  305  GPS   The users of Garmin Forerunner 305 Receiver   are very happy with the improved Pros of Product version of Garmin Forerunner 301. There are a lot of things to praiseThe Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS about the Garmin Forerunner 305.Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor is They said that they cannot ask for First, the Garmin Forerunner 305 isthe successor to the most in-demand more with the features of the product. very easy to read since it has a 1.3 inch display.GPS Receiver, the Garmin Forerunner The users consider the Garmin301. Forerunner 305 as a great workout Another advantage of the product is tool that must not be missed by any that it gives an accurate calculation ofThe Garmin Forerunner 305 is an athlete. a person’s distance, pace, and speed. It provides information with regard toadvanced version of the Garmin People usually identify the Garmin the heart rate of an individual.Forerunner 301. The prior is superiorto the latter in terms of comfort, Forerunner 305 as the product of Last but not the least, the productperformance, and style. excellence offers a USB data connection that can be used for the purpose of downloading your exercise time,The Garmin Forerunner provides an heart rate data, lap, and speed.exact calculation of a runner’sdistance, heart rate, pace and speed. Itis considered to be an importanttraining tool for athletes. Cons of ProductWhat Comes in the Box If there are pros, there is also a conMany people are interested to know of this product. The battery of thewhat inclusions they will get when Garmin Forerunner 305 runs downthey buy the Garmin Forerunner 305. very quickly. Fortunately, you can useFirst, you will get a reliable GPS Li-on batteries for Garmin ForerunnerReceiver. 305. The Li-on batteries can last up to 90The set also comes with bundled minutes for just 10 minutes ofTraining Center Computer Software charging it..and distance and time alerts. Thesethings complete the GarminForerunner 305 brand new set. Who Should Buy This Product Athletes should definitely buy GarminProduct Features Forerunner 305.The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPSReceiver is known for its great This will surely be a helpful tool forfeatures and details. their training program. This will help them analyze how much they stillThe product comes with a software need to improve and how near arethat allows users to download the they for their desired pacing orprovided workout data for the purposeof a detailed analysis. speed.The product can be used for different Conclusion and Recommendationpurposes. It can be used for alarm, Due to its improved features, Garminauto-lap, auto-pause, clock, timer, and Forerunner 305 is undoubtedly thevirtual partner purposes. best GPS receiver of today.The product only measures 0.7 x 2.1 x2.7 inches and weighs 2.7 ounces. It overlaps the reliability of the Garmin Forerunner 301 which isShort Summary of Feedback From More Info Click Here currently claimed as the best of today.Existing Users ****************
  9. 9. Schwinn-­‐Airdyne  Upright  Exercise   Cons of the Product Bike The bike is very heavy and The Schwinn-Airdyne features an cumbersome to move, but it doesoversized flywheel and durability that have some special wheels on the frontis not found with most modern of the frame designed to assist inexercise equipment. moving the unit. Some owners of these bikes reportA lot of people want to save money that the computer has stoppedon the cost of having a gym working, but then again they havemembership and the solution to that is already owned their bike for over 10to simply purchase some good quality years in most cases.pieces of equipment that will stand Once a person gets riding the bike,the test of time. the wind from the flywheel can cause a mini tornado in the room and youIn addition, you want equipment that cant leave papers laying arounddoes not require much maintenance nearby.and wont break down with constant It can also be quite noisy, so you mayuse. not be able to hear a television on in the room.The Schwinn-Airdyne fits both ofthose requirements and can help you One way around that would be to useto reach your fitness goals as long as some noise canceling make the commitment tocontinue using the equipmentregularly.Features of this exercise bike Since the handles move while youinclude: pedal, you are literally forced to work Reviews of Product out your upper body at the same timeA unique air resistance system, as you are getting your lower body Most customers are completelyutilizing a large flywheel that is workout. satisfied with this exercise bike. Oneextremely smooth This can save a lot of time for many or two people had some minorA console that displays RPM, people who want to get a full body complaints, but they were mostly todistance, the amount of time you have workout but do not have time to do do with the weight of the bike and notbeen using the bike and upper and lower body separately. being able to move it very easily.approximately calories burned. The unit features a safety lock thatArm handles that move alternately, Many of the customer reviews can lock down the moving parts of theproviding for an upper body workout reported that the customer had bike whenever you need to move the(instead of stationary handles that do entire unit from place to place. owned the bike for quite some timenot move at all on traditional bikes). and that the screen had stopped While many exercise equipment working.Can hold up to 300 pounds. products tend to stop working properly after the electronic Some said they never even used the component no longer works, the read out or referred to the screenProduct Pros Schwinn-Airdyne withstands the anyway. failure of its electronic readoutThis exercise bike is durable and screen.constructed from welded steel. The It is easy to see why this item is a topbike will last for many years because selling exercise bike, when you readit is built by a reputable company that about customers and their very goodhas a lot of experience in building experiences with the unit.sturdy and durable bikes. More Info Click Here ****************
  10. 10. Simplicity Of Use We found that unlike some other models, you don’t have to be a missile-scientist or a computer engineer to operate this deceptively stylish device. Make no mistake, there is a lot of computer power and recording accuracy packed in a small space but it is easy to operate, dependable and accurate.Polar Ft40F Womens Heart and can help with fat-burned This system provides all of theRate Monitor Watch calculations. functionality of more expensive and complicated systems in an easy to use and understandable package.The Polar Ft40f Women’s Heart Rate It displays what is called yourMonitor Watch is a full-featured heart “exertion zone” for fat burning or The setup is seamless and you’ll be onmonitor system that is not only your way and working out before you simple fitness improvement and know it.accurate and dependable but at the we found it to be impressive. Wesame time attractive and fashionable.It is designed to provide invaluable also found it useful since it keepstraining guidance. weekly logs and helps to track your progressThe watch itself is attractive enoughto be worn for everyday use but when If you’re just starting on theyou are ready to exercise you just put pathway to fitness the systemon the included heart rate transmitterand you’re ready to go. helps you establish baseline levels Customer scores & with what it calls its “Polar Fitness reviews Test” so you may adequately As usual we like to see what othersWhat You Get measure your progress. have had to say about a product before passing judgment.This device can more accurately be The systems helps you establishdescribed as a system that consists of There was no disappointment here.the “watch” that comfortably straps heart rate target zones and even Out of the 22 customer reviews wearound the wrist, a heart rate monitor/ provides visual and audible alarms read a full 15 of them gave five stars for an average rating of 4.3.transmitter with a soft fabric band for to keep you at the right pace andcomfort and plenty of instructions for level of exertion. It was not unusual to hear commentsuse. like “I love this Polar F6, I have used it for three years non-stop and I am The watch itself is a fully using it every day”.It is disarmingly simple but powerful.Good things do come in small functional watch with 12/24 hr. One review called it “wicked easy”packages, sometimes. display with snooze and alarm. when talking about the simplicity of setup and use. It includes date and time, dual time Other reviews say that it is “just whatFeatures zone, user replaceable battery and I needed” and that it is accurate and dependable. is water resistant to 30 meters.This system features button-free We give this system a real thumbs upoperation and multiple memory not only for simplicity and ease of use but for being an attractive andoptions and recording capabilities. functional everyday women’s watch.It can calculate and recordinformation about calories burned More Info Click Here ****************
  11. 11. Product Highlights This indoor rowing machine comes with a sliding seat that gives you a complete-body workout The quiet flywheel minimizes noise while adding to the illusion of moving smoothly through water Rowers can pick between the sleek, fast-boat mode and slow, heavy-boat mode, according to their preference The Million Meter Club and abilityConcept 2 Model D IndoorRowing Machine The machine displays a PM3 One of Concept2’s best ideas yet, performance monitor which tracks your speed, the distance you’veAs any oarsman or oarswoman will The Million Meter Club propels covered and the calories you’ve burnttell you, there are few things in life indoor rowers past their own during your workout, amongstthat can beat the elation which slicing numerous other useful computations expectations by recognizing andthrough undulating rivers or stripping rewarding their performance once It necessitates a footprint of 9 x 4 feetthrough choppy seas gives you. and has a weight capacity of 500 they’ve reached the million meter poundsAnd as many fitness experts will tell mark. Participating in this merelyyou, there are few sports that exercise Priced at only $900, the machine entails recording the meters comes with a 30-day money backyou as thoroughly as rowing does, you’ve rowed in an online guarantee, a 2-year warranty forwhich works you out from head to limited parts and a 5-year warrantyfoot. logbook. for the frameBut not everybody has the luxury of For those of you who are up for anliving next to a river, owning a boat even bigger challenge, The Millionand boathouse, or belonging to aBoating Club. Concept2, however, Meter Club provides you with Customer scores &sees no reason why anything should incentives right up to 20 million reviewscome between you and your rowing. meters! While this is an event forThey’ve brought forth the highly individuals, Team Million Meter With 160 reviews and a rating of 4.9anticipated and brilliantly designed stars out of 5, this product has consistently satisfied customers withConcept2 Model D Indoor Rowing its durability and reliability, with theMachine to give you just that ease with which it can be used and Clubs allow you to form your own with the results that surpass allopportunity. team of rowers. expectations.Concept2 is the world’s leading The Concept2 Model D Indoormanufacturer of Indoor Rowing You can then issue challenges to Rowing Machine is undoubtedly theMachines. rival teams and compete with them ideal solution for people who miss their invigorating boating days or forThe performance monitor also using the Team Million Meter people who want a sure-fire way to Club Kit to record your meters. get back into shape.allows you to program favouriteworkouts and can even set youagainst the pace of previousworkouts. With multiple languagesavailable to you, it also featuresanimated rowers who provide youwith tips and techniques that help More Info Click Hereyou better your performance. ****************
  12. 12. Product Highlights Horizontal bench press Power rod resistance of up to 210 pounds Folding unit Cardio rowing station Workout placard Ease of Assembly, Usage and A seat rail that slides and addsBowflex PR1000 Home Gym aerobic rowing training, which allows Storage you to burn calories, warm up yourYou may be looking for a workout cardiovascular system, and perform Assembling the Bowflex workout leg presses among other exercises.machine that will offer you a total machine is easy and you can do it onbody workout. If that is the case, you your own within two hours just by Multi-use ankle cuffs/ hand grips thatcan choose the Bowflex PR1000 following the instructions on the are designed to add performanceHome Gym. It will allow you to and flexibility to any workout. assembly manual.perform more than thirty strength Workout placard, which displays theexercises. The manual also teaches you how to descriptions of various workouts for use the unit for different exercises in easy reference as you work out.It is therefore a great workout order to achieve your fitness goals.machine for toning your muscleswhile giving you a bit of cardio This home gym is also versatile andworkouts. for this reason, you can use it to perform twenty-four different Customer scores &This machine has up to 210 pounds of rod resistance and will assist reviewsyou to work your arms, abdominal Storing the Bowflex PR1000 is easymuscles, chest, lower body and To complete this review of the because you just need to fold it. Bowflex PR1000, it is good to informshoulders. you about how the people who use The Bowflex PR1000 comes with the home gym rate it.Patented Strength Rods many features that help you get a total body workout. With 86 customer reviews posted,The patented strength rods that come this home gym equipment haswith this home gym provide weight or You can achieve this in a twenty to achieved a 4.4 star rating out of a possible 5.resistance that feels as good as that of thirty minute workout sessionfree weights. Existing owners state that the unit is probably the best designs producedIt allows you to hook 1, 2, 3 or more by Bowflex.strength rod units onto the cablepulley program to go from less than At the considerate price of $449.00, there is the added benefit of having afive pounds up to two hundred and solid machine that even those whoten pounds of resistance. are just starting out on getting home gym equipment can enjoy.The rods are made from a high-techcomposite substance produced from This home gym comes with amanage measures of the highest More Info Click Here particular sixty-day parts warranty.quality. **************** The majority of reviews of the Bowflex PR1000 are positive and forThey are then sheathed and tested this reason, we can recommend it tofour times to make sure that they are everyone.of the best quality.
  13. 13. Product Highlights The machine has a heavy duty frame that is available in bright, cheerful colours The resistance on the rear wheel is provided by a magnetic flywheel, making your experience a smooth and powerful one This model features a rubberized base which reduces both noise and But here are some of the other vibration considerablyForza F-2 Trainer advantages it provides you with: A steal at $101.99, the magneticIf you need to train for an upcoming trainer is collapsible and weighs only For professional cyclists who are 15 pounds when shippedrace and find yourself unable to do so training for a race, bicycle trainers arebecause of inclement weather also vastly superior to indoor exerciseconditions, the Forza F-2 Trainer bikes.might just be what you are lookingfor. The exercise bikes fail to provide the cyclist with a realistic cyclingUnproblematic to transport and experience, especially in terms of thesimple to assemble, this product is riding position, unlike bicyclemuch quieter than other trainers on trainers.the market. Showers of rain, flurries of snow, theThis makes it the equipment of choice searing heat of summer and frosty Customer scores &for bicyclers regardless of where they winds of winter do not hinder yourlive. reviews bicycling routine in any way, whenIt is suitable for both beginners who you use the Forza magnetic trainer,. The trainer has met withare looking for a way to build their considerable satisfaction from its You can keep in shape all year around users, earning 4.3 stars out of 5, basedbicycling skills and for experts who and cycle during the night as easily as on 32 customer reviews.wish to stay in practice when cycling you would during the day.out in the open The customers have expressed You face none of the customary appreciation for the ease with whichThe Forza F-2 Trainer also comes the trainer can be assembled, for the hazards when you bring your bike noise level, which is significantly lowerwith a couple of accessories, which indoors; making your cycling routine than that of other bicycle trainers onhelp improve your overall experience. more secure and free of worry. the market, and for the great workout the machine gives them.The accessories are sold and shipped Jogging is not everybody’s cup of teaseparately. This includes a sturdy riser and joining a gym is not always the Economically priced, a breeze to setblock (made of moulded plastic), up and well designed, the Forza F-2 most convenient way to stay fit. Trainer is bound to satisfy you, too.which levels out the bicycle whenridden on a trainer by holding the For people looking to lose weight,front wheel steady. this serves as an excellent exercise machine.An axle adapter is also available forthose of you who have bolt-on axlesinstead of the quick-release feature.BenefitsThe model is long-lasting, relatively More Info Click Herecompact and extremely affordable. ****************
  14. 14. Product Highlights The TRX Suspension Training P2 Model The TRX Door Anchor A durable mesh storage bag 2 Bonus Workouts; the TRX Endurance Circuit and the TRX Metabolic Blast One 65 minute Basic Training DVD, accompanied by a workout guide of 35 pages in full colorTRX Pro Pack + Door With versatility that makes it the ideal choice for beginners and the firstAnchor choice for the US Military, the TRX Pro Pack is sure to be able to cater to your needs, too.We know that very many people The Basic Training workout videoswould like to have their own home are particularly helpful for first-timegym. We also know that very few users. So is the workout guide, whichpeople, unfortunately, are actually contains very many useful tips, tricksable to fulfill this wish. and illustrations for improving yourThis is not hard to understand, when exercise take into account the exorbitant The TRX Endurance Circuit and TRXpricing of most pieces of gym Metabolic Blast are two helpful bonusequipment and the amount of space workouts which increase yourthey take up in your house or garage. stamina and fitness level, once youBut if you have the time and have familiarized yourself with theinclination to keep yourself fit, then basic workouts. Priced at $199.95,we have a solution that circumvents this product is covered by a promisefinancial and spatial constraints. of 100% satisfaction- or your money back, if returned within 30 days.The TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor kitis compact, affordable and the easiest It is also vital that you adhere to the Customer scores &way for you to keep yourself in shape fitness routine you choose for reviewsall through the year. yourself, because this is the only way you can achieve long-lasting results. The TRX Pro Pack seems to be quiteYou need never miss a workout with popular and has met with practicallythe TRX Pro Pack. A compact piece The TRX system has one big unanimous public approval.of equipment, the product is easy to advantage; weighing no more than 2 pounds, it is easy to transport. Using It has a product rating of 4.2 stars outtransport and can be used almost of 5, based on 47 customer reviews.anywhere. this product, your fitness routine need never waver, no matter where your People have reported being able toThis TRX system covers all your travels take you. use the kit wherever they go, fromfitness bases and enables you to build camping trips in the middle of a forest, to business trips in the heartup strength, increase your flexibility of the city.and spot train- no matter where youmay be. Easy to carry and easy to use, the TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor KitIt is easy to see why professional might be exactly what you are looking for.athletes and physical trainers favourthis kit across the world. More Info Click Here ****************
  15. 15. The  Body  Champ  IT8070   You can also secure the safety of the Inversion  Therapy  Table table through its safety lock. Pros of ProductThe Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Short Summary of Feedback From The best thing about the Body ChampTherapy Table is an exercise tool that Existing Users IT8070 is that it lets the person find the right position for the relaxation/opposes the impact of the gravity on Many people are satisfied with the exercise quickly.the individual’s body. It counteracts performance of their Body Champgravity by relaxing and elongating the IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table. Finding the right position has beenspine of the individual. easier due to the deluxe dual-pin system. That is the reason why too manyIt alleviates the pressure on the spinal people love and adore the Body Another reason why too many peoplecord and relaxes the back muscles of want to have a Body Champ IT8070 Champ IT8070.a person. is that it has safety locks that can be used every time a person is not using According to the existing users, theT h i s p r o d u c t i s a n e ff e c t i v e Body Champ IT8070 would be a the for improving the good pick for an exercise equipment.circulation and posture of anindividual while alleviating back pain,muscle aches, and stress. Cons of ProductWhat Comes in the Box The only disadvantage about theYou are going to get an inversion Body Champ IT8070 is that its ankletherapy table and a safety strap with brace lock pin is held with a plasticthe Body Champ IT8070 set. nut.This set will help you make yourself Due to the fact that it is only a plasticfeel better than ever. nut that holds the pin, there is no reason for us to be surprised that itThis is due to the fact that it cracks quickly.concentrates on relaxing the back.Always remember that other parts ofyour body follow to relax when you Who Should Buy This Productrelax your back. The Body Champ IT8070 is the best for people who always suffer fromProduct Features back pain and stress. This will helpThe Body Champ IT8070 Inversion them relieve from the stressful issuesTherapy Table is a popular exercise of life and relax.tool due to its product features and That is the reason why everyone istechnical details. encouraged to buy this product.The assembled dimension of the Conclusion and Recommendationproduct measures 55 ½ x 29 ½ x 577/8 inches. Its folded dimension onlymeasures 13 x 29 x 75 inches. The The Body Champ IT8070 should beBody Champ IT8070 features a recommended to everyone.deluxe dual-pin adjustment systemthat comes with a height range of 4’7” Everyone has a friend or a familyup to 6’8”. More Info Click Here member that is constantly sufferingAnother thing about the Body Champ **************** from back pains or related illnesses. Offer the Body Champ IT8070 toIT8070 is that it allows the person tocontrol inverting angles through its them and help them live a more relaxsafety strap. life.
  16. 16. Marcy  MagneMc  Recumbent   Short Summary of Feedback From Exercise  Bike:  Stay  Healthy  and   Existing Users Pros of Product Fit  With  the  Best  Exercise  Bike Users continuously praise the Marcy Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike has been known for the fact that Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike. it is very easy to assemble.Getting fit is easy with the use of theMarcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise According to these people, the Marcy Assembling the exercise bike hasBike. It is a tool to help you achieve Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is never been a problem for the users ofand maintain a good body structure. Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise definitely effective in helping them Bike. chop off their unwanted pounds.There are many types of exercise bike Another advantage of the product isthat are being sold in the market. To show their satisfaction of the that one can ride this in any directionAmong these exercise bikes, the product, most users rated the Marcy you want as its legs rotate backwardMarcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise or forward. Magnetic Recumbent Exercise BikeBike is considered to be one of the with a 5-star rating.most ideal exercise bikes. Cons of ProductAside from helping you achieve agreat body figure, it is also aneffective tool for getting your heart There is only one disadvantage of therate up. It helps in building up great Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercisestrength in an individual’s legs as Bike. It does not have a good bearingwell. on the flywheel.What Comes in the Box It shows periodic instability on itsWhen you buy the Marcy Magnetic resistance in connection to theRecumbent Exercise Bike, you will pedaling speed of an individual.get one set of an exercise bike that is Aside from this, there is no otherspecially designed to give comfort to reported disadvantage with regard tothose people who have lower back Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exerciseinjuries. Bike.There will also be an included user’s Who Should Buy This Productmanual. This is to ensure that the user People who want to achieve awill not go through a lot of desirable body structure should buycomplications before being able to this product. People who find itassemble the exercise bike. uncomfortable to use exercise bike will find the Marcy MagneticProduct Features Recumbent Exercise Bike as theThe Marcy Magnetic Recumbent perfect exercise bike for them.Exercise Bike comes with 8 levels ofpre-set resistance. This is due to the fact that it offers greater comfort compared to otherThis is one of the best features of theproduct. exercise bikes.The product also comes with a Conclusion and Recommendationtension-tightening knob that is very The Marcy Magnetic Recumbenteasy to adjust. Exercise Bike is recommended to allThe tension-tightening knob is people who find it difficult to be inintended for different levels of fitness. good shape. This equipment does notThe bike weighs 66 pounds and More Info Click Here only make one person more fit.measures 55 x 40 x 25 inches. ****************
  17. 17. An  Honest  Product  Review  of   Short Summary of Feedback From KineMc  Road  Machine  Indoor   Existing Users Pros of Product Bicycle  Trainer 91 out of 100 users of the Kinetic There are too many great things about the Kinetic Road Machine Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer Indoor Bicycle Trainer.The Kinetic Road Machine Indoor rated the product with a perfect 5-starBicycle Trainer is an equipment used The first thing to praise about this rating.for indoor training. device is its durability. The device is very solid and sturdy that it can last The others rated the product withThis exercise equipment gives you a over a long period of time. The device either 3-star or 4-star rating. This only is well-known for its “no leak”real road feel that makes your training shows how satisfying the Kinetic trademark.more effective. Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer The Kinetic Road Machine IndoorYou will definitely experience a true is. The users love how durable and Bicycle Trainer ensures a consistentoutdoor experience with its power easy to set up the device is. and measurable workload at anycalibration. degree of temperature due to its Most users, if not all, consider the thermodynamically neutral liquid product as the best exercise silicon.It comes with an automatic adjustingworkload. This device operates equipment for anyone. This is one of the greatest edges ofwithout making any noise. the Kinetic Road Machine Indoor The users love the fluid trainer of the Bicycle Trainer over other kinds ofWhat Comes in the Box device the most. They also love the trainer. fact that the device never leaks.You will get a sturdy indoor bicycletrainer once you purchase the KineticRoad Machine Trainer. Cons of Product The only drawback of the KineticYou will also be given a user’s Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainermanual to guide you in assembling is that some of its instructions are notthe device. very clear.This will truly be a wonderfulinvestment for those who are planning The unclear instruction might result into have their own exercise gym at an inappropriate use of the device.home. Aside from this drawback, there is noProduct Features other drawback that we can relate to the kinetic Road Machine IndoorThe Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Bicycle.Bicycle Trainer has a 6.25-poundflywheel that results in a smooth ride. Who Should Buy This ProductIt comes with a sealed fluid chamberthat has a magnetically coupled People who want to be fit should buydriveshaft. this product. This is perfect for athletes who want to have an indoorThe device consists of 80 cooling fans training as well. This device is perfectin order to deplete heat. The device for everybody.comes with an unconditional lifetimewarranty and a lifetime crash Conclusion and Recommendationreplacement policy as well. There is no doubt why the KineticThis equipment uses a CR2032 Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainerbattery for its computer head. is very in demand. It is definitely the best among the rest of the bicycleThe Kinetic Road Machine Indoor trainersBicycle Trainer measures 23 x 21.5 x9 inches and weighs 30.4 pounds More Info Click Here ****************