Elementary Education: A lucrative Career


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Elementary education prepares the young children in acquiring basic fundamentals in subjects like Maths, English, and Social Studies etc.

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Elementary Education: A lucrative Career

  1. 1. Elementary Education: A lucrative CareerThe early elementary education imparted to the young minds lays theground work for their future life. It is the base on which their futuresuccess is built upon. Elementary education prepares the young childrenin acquiring basic fundamentals in subjects like Maths, English, andSocial Studies etc. It elementary education degree gives great impetusto their learning capabilities. Elementary education can now be taken upas a full- fledged career choice by students who want to work withchildren in the education sector.Elementary education degree programs are available for the studentswho want a formal training in educating young children in schools. Forthis one can join a bachelors’ degree program which is recognised bythe NCATE or National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.After undergoing this training they are eligible to teach students fromkindergarten group to eight standards. This degree can be acquiredthrough regular classes and also through online classes. A person has tocomplete graduation in any subject to obtain an official degree throughthis program. The student has to decide upon a subject of specialisationlike English, Science or Mathematics which makes them eligible to teachthat particular subject in all the grades. One can specialise in more thanone subject also.This program requires that the student actually teaches the chosensubject in actual classrooms in schools. This practise teaching classescan vary from six months to one year. After completing this duration ofclassroom teaching, the portfolio of the student is offered to the school
  2. 2. board for appraisal and the student has to clear the exams to get aformal licence.After this degree, a person can pursue post graduation or a master’sdegree which includes study in subjects like management, healtheducation, and child psychology and behavioural training in dealing withchildren as an administrator. Students are promoted to develop theiroriginal models on education which they can later incorporate into theircareer. One can also pursue a PhD program after the completion of themaster’s degree. Under this program, students work with variousschools and conduct research on curriculum modules, educationpolicies, developing the best study module and children related issuesand their solutions.Many universities offer the online elementary education degreeprogram. Some of them are Walden University, Liberty University,University of Pittsburgh, Ashford University, University of West Alabama,Grand Canyon University and many more. Acquiring a degree inelementary teaching gives the student a secure career ahead. Most ofthe teachers prefer to teach locally for a couple of years before applyingfor lucrative teaching options abroad. The amount of salary increaseswith the increase in experience and higher education in this field. Thesalary of the teachers also depends where the school is located. If theschool is located in a rich area, the teacher is more likely to earn a bettersalary as compared to their counterparts in other areas. In US they arepaid five times higher than anywhere else.For more information visit: http://www.tutoringhut.com/