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Havanese puppies for sale


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Havanese puppies for sale

  1. 1. In this day and age, where people within our country are having to decide between food, shelterand clothing according to what they can afford, it is the rare person who goes that extra mile tolook out for their neighbors. Holly Mastroianni of Royal Flush Havanese in Charlestown, RhodeIsland is just that person. In her quest to find loving, responsible families with which to place heradorable Havanese puppies, she is gathering food and financial donations for her local foodbank.In 2011, Holly began her innovative program by giving her puppy buyers a deep discount on theprice of their puppy in exchange for a donation of either 20 canned goods or non-perishable fooditems - or a $100 financial contribution. The beneficiary of this selfless endeavor is RICAN, theRhode Island Center Assisting Those in Need. And Hollys generosity is contagious; often hercustomers will give more items or financial aid than requested, because they know they arehelping people who really need it. Since Holly began "giving back" more than 12 months ago,she has single-handedly raised thousands of dollars worth of food donations for this worthyorganization, as well as lots of financial contributions.