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Big Sky Developments 2013 Magazine


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Home Guide featuring house designs and plans by Big Sky Developments, Geraldton.

Published in: Real Estate, Business, Design
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Big Sky Developments 2013 Magazine

  1. 1. Create. Build. EnjoyHome Guide
  2. 2. 2 BIG SKY DEVELOPMENTS 3About Big Sky Developments Choose the experienced developerAt Big Sky Developmentswe feel we are breakingthe trends of the homebuilding industry by creatingnew design to work withour environment and anupfront pricing policy.Our philosophy at Big Sky Developmentsis to educate our clients through theprocess so they understand the trapsand dangers of building, not salespitches and free offers just to see thediscount added to the site costs. Wherehorror stories of variation after variationand continual price rises if no contractsigned travels our city, our fixed up frontprice has been very popular with clientsknowing that the builder is not comingback with extras or variations.In a city where we have strong windsand a hot sun, every thought we putinto a new home works towards anenergy efficient design. Our range ofcreative new home designs for theMid West feature some of the highestquality building products available.From your first visit to a Big SkyDevelopments home you will realisewhat others call upgrades or add-onsat pre start are already includedin our homes. What makes theBig Sky difference are quality fixturesand fittings, stone bench topsthroughout and our custom designedBig Sky Cornice.‘Where horror stories ofvariation after variationand continual pricerises if no contractsigned travels our city,our fixed up front pricehas been very popularwith clients knowingthat the builder is notcoming back with extrasor variations.’CANAt Big Sky developments we have extensive experience in developments.In 2013 we are building 4 multiple developments with over 35 homes andproviding an experienced project management service from the start to the finish.With experience in smaller developmentsfrom a duplex to triplex lot through to largerdevelopment sites Big Sky Developments canprovide you with all solutions.We can work with you from the beginningfrom choosing the right block so you canmaximise your returns. Choosing the rightblock can make the difference from being aprofitable development to a nightmare.We offer assistance in obtaining a buildingsite as choosing the correct build site canmake the difference from being a profitabledevelopment to a nightmare.With an award winning and highlyexperienced builder we can complete yourdevelopment with a quality finish and on time.For further information please call the office.
  3. 3. 4 BIG SKY DEVELOPMENTS 54 BIG SKY DEVELOPMENTS 5About the builder Award Winning BuilderSteele Campbell Building is a builderbased in Geraldton. Steele has beenin the building industry for over 25years, starting his career as a carpenter,then supervisor and now registeredbuilder. Steeles extensive experienceand knowledge has earned him anexcellent reputation for creating qualityhomes and the company now servicesGeraldton and surrounding areas.At Steele Campbell Building inGeraldton we appreciate that building anew home is a large investment, so westrive for a high level of communicationwith our clients. Steele, along with histradesmen, pride themselves on thehighest quality workmanship. With theclient in mind, Steele will endeavour tobuild with pride and integrity.Quality workmanship is afeature of Steele CampbellBuilding from the structureof the home down to thelast fitting.Best New BuilderFramed Home of the YearSilver Trowel AwardExcellence in CeilingsCustom built homes$300,001 - $375,000Custom built homes$375,001 - $475,000Project Home$300,001 - $350,000Framed HousingUp to $400,000Contract Home$350,000 - $400,000
  4. 4. 6 new home designs 7AREAS (m2)Living 194.0Porch 1.4Alfresco 15.9Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 249.6DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.36Depth 20.80Venice4 2 2VeniceReece Plumbing Geraldton142 Flores Road08 9964 4899Let your imaginationbecome a reality
  5. 5. 8 new home designs 9        For all glazing and cabinets requirementsContact Leanne Ph. 9921 1459 | Fax 9964 1190  BristolAREAS (m2)Living 221.3Porch 4.9Alfresco 37.9Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 302.4DIMENSIONS (m)Width 16.77Depth 21.034 2 2BristolEnjoy the finer things in life        For all glazing and cabinets requirementsContact Leanne Ph. 9921 1459 | Fax 9964 1190  
  6. 6. 10 new home designs 11AREAS (m2)Living 229.3Porch 4.4Alfresco 23.9Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 295.9DIMENSIONS (m)Width 16.49Depth 21.19Florence4 2 2FlorenceInnovative excellence andquality in design
  7. 7. 12 new home designs 13PragueAREAS (m2)Living 202.3Porch 1.1Alfresco 20.2Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 261.9DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.60Depth 22.424 2 2Praguew w w.suncit PLUMBINGSOLUTIONSWe offer a 24 houremergency serviceP 9921 1700A home for the entertainer
  8. 8. 14 new home designs 15AREAS (m2)Living 267.8Porch 4.9Alfresco 22.5Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 333.5DIMENSIONS (m)Width 16.03Depth 28.91Salzburg4 2 2SalzburgLet your imaginationdesign your home
  9. 9. 16 new home designs 17CopenhagenAREAS (m2)Living 205.7Porch 1.9Alfresco 22.0Courtyard 9.3Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 277.2DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.34Depth 23.16Copenhagen4 2 2
  10. 10. 18 new home designs 19AREAS (m2)Living 210.2Porch 1.6Alfresco 21.6Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 271.7DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.49Depth 20.29Kiev4 2 2KievA home built to last
  11. 11. 20 new home designs 21BerlinAREAS (m2)Living 219.7Porch 2.7Alfresco 14.9Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 275.6DIMENSIONS (m)Width 13.87Depth 24.18Berlin4 2 2The finishing touches createa striking appearance
  12. 12. 22 new home designs 23AREAS (m2)Living 213.1Porch 1.5Alfresco 25.2Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 278.1DIMENSIONS (m)Width 16.28Depth 24.524 2 2Monte CarloMonte CarloStimulate yourimagination with space,light and modern design2013 MIDWESTBUSINESS &COMMUNITYDIRECTORYThe Business & Community Directory is a project of theMid West Chamber of Commerce & Industry (INC)Produced by Market Creations Ph: 9920 8500 Fax: 9920 8501Email: YOUCHECKEDPlease take a few minutes to check over ALL of the details inyour attached advertising proof, paying special attention to:Names & addresses Email & WebsiteHeading: PaintersName: Associated Painting EnterprisesAd ID: 4303 Ad size: 1/4 PagePAINTERS4303• Acrylic Render • Rust Protection• Feature Coatings • Timber TreatmentsPainters Reg No. 7216P/F: (08) 9938 2446 M: 0438 553 919E:
  13. 13. 24 new home designs 25WarsawAREAS (m2)Living 234.5Porch 4.3Alfresco 20.6Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 297.7DIMENSIONS (m)Width 16.45Depth 21.83Warsaw4 2 2With our design thesky is the limit2a Larkin Street, Geraldton WA 6530Ph: (08) 9921 1399 • Fax: (08) 9921 3566Email: ALL YOUR SHEETMETAL NEEDS• Roofing • Gutters & Downpipes • Fascia• Fencing • Custom Flashings • and much more
  14. 14. 26 new home designs 27Luxembourg4 2 2LuxembourgAREAS (m2)Living 193.7Porch 1.2Alfresco 34.7Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 267.9DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.22Depth 21.95
  15. 15. 28 new home designs 29MunichAREAS (m2)Living 169.7Alfresco 17.3Porch 1.9Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 227.2DIMENSIONS (m)Width 16.09Depth 17.73Munich 4 2 2For more information contactGraniteflex08 9965 0087HanStone QuartzAspen RU-601GRANITEFLEX9 Bradford St Wonthella WA 6053
  16. 16. 30 new home designs 31Sofia4 2 2SofiaWhatever your dream ideaswe can create it for youAREAS (m2)Living 214.4Porch 1.7Alfresco 27.9Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 282.3DIMENSIONS (m)Width 14.69Depth 21.79
  17. 17. 32 new home designs 33Let your style be reflectedin your homeStockholmAREAS (m2)Living 176.9Porch 2.2Alfresco 18.6Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 236.0DIMENSIONS (m)Width 21.52Depth 14.89Stockholm4 2 2
  18. 18. 34 new home designs 35Where the sky is the limitwith design ideasOsloAREAS (m2)Living 233.2Porch 4.6Alfresco 16.8Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 292.9DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.58Depth 22.69Oslo4 2 2
  19. 19. 36 new home designs 37GenevaGeneva4 2 2GenevaInnovative materials usedintelligently for your homeAREAS (m2)Living 204.5Porch 2.7Alfresco 23.9Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 269.4DIMENSIONS (m)Width 14.86Depth 24.24
  20. 20. 38 new home designs 39AREAS (m2)Living 185.0Porch 6.3Alfresco 14.8Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 244.4DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.38Depth 19.38Hamburg4 2 2HamburgWhere concepts aregrown from ideasWHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOUEnergy efficient design consultingCommercial energy reportsHouse energy ratingsHouse designsCONTACT DAVID O’MEARA 0427 371 804 | (08) 9938 3666DAVID@DESIGNRATE.CO53 HILLVIEW DRIVE DRUMMOND COVE, WA 6532WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOUEnergy efficient design consultingCommercial energy reportsHouse energy ratingsHouse designsCONTACT DAVID O’MEARA 0427 371 804 | (08) 9938 3666DAVID@DESIGNRATE.CO53 HILLVIEW DRIVE DRUMMOND COVE, WA 6532
  21. 21. 40 new home designs 41MonacoAREAS (m2)Living 215.2Porch 2.8Alfresco 34.9Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 291.2DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.54Depth 23.69Monaco4 2 2
  22. 22. 42 new home designs 43AREAS (m2)Living 192.8Porch 1.8Alfresco 20.2Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 253.1DIMENSIONS (m)Width 14.84Depth 18.79Tallinn4 2 2TallinnOur imaginationhas no limitFor more information on home finance or the home loan that’s rightfor you call your local expert John Norgett | M: 0428 743 917P: 08 9960 6200 F: 08 9921 1178 | have a choice in buildingproducts, why not have achoice in lenders?At Loan Market we bringto you over 30 residential,commercial and businessbanks. With one ofAustralasia’s largest lenderpanels we have access to over800 loans, making it hardto imagine a loan that wehaven’t seen.Australian Credit Licence 390222
  23. 23. 44 new home designs 45ZurichAREAS (m2)Living 172.0Porch 3.1Alfresco 14.1Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 227.5DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.44Depth 17.524 2 2ZurichDare to be different
  24. 24. 46 new home designs 47AREAS (m2)Living 176.1Porch 1.7Alfresco 22.9Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 239.0DIMENSIONS (m)Width 12.49Depth 22.09Vienna4 2 2ViennaPh 9965 - 9964 5806328 Place Road, PO Box 2729, GeraldtonSuppliers of:• Timber & Plywood• Plasterboard• Insulation• Colourbond Roof & FencingProducts• Hardware• Doors & Locks• Windows & Security
  25. 25. 48 new home designs 49AREAS (m2)Living 166.0Porch 3.6Alfresco 12.5Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 220.4DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.99Depth 16.87Helsinki3 2 2HelsinkiGeraldton Brick sources local clays that arerenowned for being some of the finest in Australia.This not only creates bold and distinctive colours,but helps us manufacture quality bricks that standthe test of time.For bricks and blocks of distinction, chooseGeraldton Brick – your local brick manufacturer.Visit our website or give us a call to discussour ranges 9923 3550
  26. 26. 50 new home designs 51AREAS (m2)Living 194.0Porch 6.7Alfresco 17.5Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 256.5DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.49Depth 20.59Brussels4 2 2Brussels
  27. 27. 52 new home designs 53AmsterdamAREAS (m2)Living 189.9Porch 5.1Alfresco 14.4Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 247.7DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.38Depth 20.40Amsterdam4 2 2We love building andthink you will too
  28. 28. 54 new home designs 55AREAS (m2)Living 158.9Porch 1.2Alfresco 20.5Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 218.9DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.33Depth 16.79ParisParisDesigned for everyday living3 2 2
  29. 29. 56 new home designs 57AREAS (m2)Living 235.0Porch 7.2Alfresco 30.9Parent’s Retreat 19.0Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 330.4DIMENSIONS (m)Width 15.85Depth 31.86Budapest4 2 2Budapest
  30. 30. 58 new home designs 59RomaAREAS (m2)Living 257.6Porch 2.6Alfresco 16.5Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 315.0DIMENSIONS (m)Width 14.58Depth 29.30Roma4 2 2With a focus onenergy efficiency
  31. 31. 60 new home designs 61AREAS (m2)Living 272.5Porch 5.0Alfresco 26.1Garage 41.3Verandah front 12.7TOTAL AREA 357.6DIMENSIONS (m)Width 25.69Depth 18.03Milan5 2 2MilanFor a little bit of luxury
  32. 32. 62 new home designs 63A striking elevation demands street presenceFrankfurtFrankfurt 4 2 2AREAS (m2)Living 252.5Porch 20.9Alfresco 25.5Balcony 21.3Garage 38.3TOTAL AREA 358.5DIMENSIONS (m)DownstairsWidth 13.65Depth 19.23UpstairsWidth 12.19Depth 15.23
  33. 33. Create. Build. Enjoy17/285 Foreshore Drive, GeraldtonPhone: 9964 Steele Campbell Building© Pictures, plans and elevations are copyright of Big Sky Developments