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Power searching with google


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Published in: Education
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Power searching with google

  1. 1. Power Searching with Google Stephanie DeYoung
  2. 2. Less is moreThis is one of my favoritesayings and search onGoogle is the same. Theless or more concise infoyou put in the better thereturn.
  3. 3. Art of keywordBe specific with yourwordsUse words that willappear on the pagePut yourself in themindset of the author ofthe siteChoose words wisely
  4. 4. Search betterDid you know you areable to filter your imagesby color?
  5. 5. Color FilterPumpkins
  6. 6. Word order mattersIt’s amazing that swapping word order makes adifference
  7. 7. Google in differentcountries/languages
  8. 8. Italy
  9. 9. Search toolsThe search tools at theleft allow a better returnon your search
  10. 10. The Titanic
  11. 11. Google Power Search Certification CourseGet certified today!Do it with your studentsor create your own...
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Thank you!