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Learning that lasts student e portfolios


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Published in: Education
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Learning that lasts student e portfolios

  1. 1. Learning That Lasts:Student ePortfolios ak Jennif Do rn er MiH olly ornak @jen tchell emitc @ ho llyd hell
  2. 2. What are ePortfolios?Online, digitalarchive of studentprojects and theirreflections
  3. 3. Why build ePortfolios?• Students take ownership learning• Promotes self reflection• Expand leaning beyond the classroom• Make connections with past learning
  4. 4. ePortfolios Phase 1- Overview• Seekpermission from appropriate stake holders• CreateGoogle Apps for Education domain• Create user accounts• CreateePortfolio Template in Google Sites
  5. 5. Create Google Apps for Education Domain• Visit to setup domain• Investigatepermission levels and settings• Setup organization• Establish test user accounts• 50users accounts initially. You may request more.
  6. 6. Create User Accounts• Create CSV in specified format• Load user accounts into organization and move into sub organizations as needed• Set permission levels
  7. 7. Create ePortfolio Template• Create new site in Google Sites• Make sure to add guidelines or documents you want to include for all users• Publish site as a "Site Template"
  8. 8. Phase 2• Parent permission• Teacher preparation• Initial site building lesson with students
  9. 9. Parent Permission
  10. 10. Teacher Preparation• Communicate teacher expectations for preparations needed prior to initial lesson• Toview our teacher expectations, view
  11. 11. Initial Site Building Lesson /MuUUv
  12. 12. Phase 3• Follow up lessons for adding content• Monitoring of student sites• Just-in-time training for teachers• Follow up digital citizenship classes and tutorials
  13. 13. Follow Up LessonsWalk studentsthrough digitizing,uploading, andreflecting oncontent
  14. 14. Monitor Student Sites• Domain Administrators monitor usage and content• Train teachers how to monitor their students sites
  15. 15. Just-In-Time Training• Provide continual training as needs arise for both teachers and students• Train "Student Geek Squad" to help with troubleshooting
  16. 16. Digital CitizenshipContinue havingdiscussions aboutdigital citizenshipand the studentsdigital footprint theyleave behind
  17. 17. Learning That Lasts:Student ePortfolios ak Jennif Do rn er MiH olly ornak @jen tchell emitc @ ho llyd hell