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How claret jug trophies came to exist


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How claret jug trophies came to exist

  1. 1. How Claret Jug Trophies Came to exist
  2. 2. The crimson wine claret color is sometimes often called being elite. The story of Claret Jug Trophy goes to 1872. This legendary trophy is awarded on a yearly basis into the winner of the Open golf tournament. The initial trophy is retained and a replica is presented towards winner with his name engraved.
  3. 3. When we finally talk of Claret Jug Trophy, their background and origin, the storyline is incomplete without the presence of mention of young and talented golf icon Tom Morris. He was also known as Young Tom Morris as his father, Sr. Tom Morris or Old Tom Morris, played as being a partner.
  4. 4. With junior Tom Morris winning the Championship Belt 3 times consecutively there was clearly require an innovative trophy to honor life champion for his win. The Challenge Belt is created of rich Moroccan leather festooned with emblems and ornate silver buckles turning it into an invaluable win. The belt was presented with off to the winner only on 3 wins in succession.
  5. 5. When Tom Morris Jr. won Three times repeatedly, he had become the owner of this special belt. On his next win in 1872 several clubs, namely the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, Prestwick, additionally, the Royal and Ancient Golf wedge, contributed 10 pounds for just a new trophy in place of another belt. This new trophy was named The Golf Champion Trophy.
  6. 6. When Young Tom Morris went on the following year to win the championship just as before for the 4th time, the trophy isn't yet all set to be handed over to him, and thus he was given a medal instead. Though his was the first name being engraved on the trophy, the 1st Claret Jug Trophy was first awarded to Tom Kidd, the 1873 winner. This trophy was developed by Mackay Cunningham and Company of Edinburgh with 1873 embossed onto it.
  7. 7. The revered Golf Trophies appeared doubly a memorial on 5 pound Scottish banknotes of issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland. The main is at the year 2004 in the event the illustrious Royal and Ancient Golf-club of Scotland celebrated its 250th anniversary plus the second time was in 2005, with Jack Nicklaus, the "golden bear" of yank golf holding the Jug as being a symbol to seal his retirement.