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SEO isn'tdead dempsey.key


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SEO isn'tdead dempsey.key

  1. 1. SEO isn’t Dead By Jennifer Dempsey
  2. 2. • “SEO is dead” and “SEO is dying” are claims that have circulated since 1997.
  3. 3. • “I'm beginning to believe that search engines are a dead-end technology and fretting over where your site comes up is a big waste of time.” -Richard Hoy Tenagra Corp 1997
  4. 4. Fiction vs Fact
  5. 5. Fiction • SEO is dead because other forms of online marketing (social media, link building, e-mail marketing) are more important now.
  6. 6. Fact • Search marketing is a valuable part of a comprehensive Internet marketing plan that includes social media, link-building, e- mail marketing, etc.
  7. 7. • “I don’t know any search marketer worth their salt who suggests that anyone should fixate only on search marketing alone.”- Danny Sullivan Editor-in-Chief of “Search Engine Land”
  8. 8. Fiction • SEO is dead because Google has cracked down on reciprocal linking and “no one” does reciprocal linking anymore.
  9. 9. Fact • While Google has cracked down on irrelevant reciprocal linking, “Reciprocal links can help get a new domain crawled, indexed and trusted a little more quickly.”- Richard Baxter of SEO Gadget Blog
  10. 10. Fiction • SEO is dead because directory links are dead. Google gives these links little or no value.
  11. 11. Fact • While Submitting your website to poor quality (often free) directories is a waste of time, submitting to high quality directories such as the “Yahoo Directory” and “Dmoz” helps with page rank and gets your site crawled more often by search crawlers.
  12. 12. Fiction • SEO is dead because personalized search killed it.
  13. 13. Fact • According to Rand Fishkin of SEO Moz, the following SEO “best practices” are still effective, even in the age of personalized search: • 1. Make pages accessible • 2.Target with keywords that searchers employ • 3. Build content that users will find useful and valuable • 4. Earn editorial links from good sources
  14. 14. Summary • SEO isn’t dead. It’s merely evolving. Some tactics are dying but new tactics are taking their place. Other tactics are just as useful now as they were before the advent of personalized search and social media.
  15. 15. Summary • In short, if SEO were able, it might quote Mark Twain and tell us: “Reports of my death are highly exaggerated.”
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