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  1. 1. SMA’s SMA Full Program: DEALER Full Program:DELIVERS: Average 400 to 600 RESULTS: Average 80 to 120 leads per month appointments per Includes: phone ups, month email leads & credit Average 20 to 30 units applications delivered per month Average 1000 website Average 50 – 75K views per month Gross per month
  2. 2. Average Cost Average Gross Average Return per Sale Profit on Investment•  Per Unit: $250 •  Per Unit: $2500 •  Per Month: 1000%
  3. 3. Creating 50 unique templates for EVERY CAR in your inventory, presentingdifferent offers for different shoppers!Manually posting these ads to the Most Popular Classified Websites as wellas feeding the Dealer Inventory to 160 Top Local Classified websites.(Where ALL the Shoppers are actively looking for vehicles)The ads move the customer into ACTION…they pick up the phone, apply forcredit online and click through to your website.
  4. 4. • FACT #1: These sites3 FACTS attract 99% of all car shoppers everyday • FACT #2: SMA Alliance Dealer Members Dominate these sites • FACT #3: Buyers find the car they want… discover YOU OWN IT… THEN CALL YOU TO BUY IT
  5. 5. SMA Alliance Advertises Each Dealer with EXCLUSIVITY
  6. 6. SMA Offers Additional Services including:DealerCentric Instant Credit SMA builds a valuable We blast promotional Where else can you get aApproval database of timely and local messages from your Sales better source of• Dealer sets the credit criteria and emails from your from online Department to these local In-Market Buyers to send each ad posted on our 160 shoppers for your Dealership market ready buyers weekly. your marketing message to? websites comes with an opportunity to continually market to. The We keep you in front of these These Buyers are not only in to average “Internet Shopper” consumers until they “Buy or the market but they have starts their research a full 9 Die”. shown interest in a car that• “Get Pre-approved In Seconds!” months before they plan to you actually have in stock.• The premier package of purchase. application approvals through DealerCentric is available on all SMA Alliance Classified Posting Programs
  7. 7. SMA METRICS SMA Provides Daily and Monthly reports of all: Phone Leads Generated With support, recorded phone calls & training for phone lead conversion CreditApplications Email Leads Received Specific to the vehicle in your inventory •  For participatingDealerCentric Dealers Sent to your preferred email(s) & CRM …Daily
  8. 8. As tracked via dealer’s CallBright service for the month of June, 2010.Total for all other web services (,, and eBay Motors) was 262 combined!
  9. 9. Average Dealer’s Website Hits DOUBLE & KEEP GROWING! Weekly Web 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 July July July July Aug Aug Aug Aug 4-10 11-17 18-24 25-31 1-7 8-14 15-21 22-28
  10. 10. “Faxed Source Analysis”from Boerne Dodge Chrysler Jeep
  11. 11. “Faxed Source Analysis” from Boerne Dodge Chrysler Jeep
  12. 12. “Testimonial” in Auto Success Magazine Bob Hook Chevrolet VP
  13. 13. “Testimonial” from Boerne Dodge Chrysler Jeep General Sales Manager
  14. 14. “Testimonial” from Planet Ford 59 General Manager
  15. 15. “Testimonial” from Legacy Ford Lincoln Mercury General Manager
  16. 16. “Testimonial” from Skyline Mitsubishi General Manager
  17. 17. Other Member’s Experience
  18. 18. Call Tracking Results
  19. 19. Call Tracking Results
  20. 20. Call Tracking Results
  21. 21. Call Tracking Results
  22. 22. JOIN SMA Alliance and WIN!Toll Free: 888.330.6623 Fax: 615.691.7373E-mail: Steve Cunningham Market Area Manager (314) 221-9361