The Visible School Library - Bales


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Presentation to Tasmanian school library staff (October 2012). Examines how clients view the library, its services and staff. Presents a range of strategies to publicise and promote the school library across its community of users.

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The Visible School Library - Bales

  1. 1. Dr Jennie Bales, Teacher Librarian, Lilydale District School The Visible Library Is your library in the spotlight?Visualogist, 2009, Photo beam.
  2. 2. How visible are you? Time for some naval gazing. Think about how people see you, where people see you, and what you are doing when they see you. This is your public persona.
  3. 3. Part of the team OR Splendid isolation?A crowd at the post exchange, 1942-1945, U.S. Army Air Corps Soares, P 2012, Cup of tea, please,
  4. 4. How do others see you?Out of sight, out of mind. Payne, C 2011, Documentally cat Top dog. The Protector. Orangeaurochs, 2011, Cat and books Clanger, M 2004, A cat on books
  5. 5. Different Scenarios In charge• Library Technician Work alone• Library assistant Work with others• Teacher assistant Supervised from a• Librarian / Teacher distance / Teacher librarian Part-time. Shared duties on different days
  6. 6. What is your vision?• Libraries past - libraries future tch?v=7K- 4ZF0x5ic&feature=related• Transition - where do school library staff fit and how can they be actively engaged in change processes?
  7. 7. Opportunities with Students• Name game - do Library displays they know yours, targeting students‟ do you know current curricular theirs? needs and personal interests• How do students perceive you? The Signage library? The Suggestion box / wiki services offered? / blog
  8. 8. Support students’ learning• Library web presence
  9. 9. Is the library on the parent radar?• Promote library activities in the school newsletter and follow up with a report.• Encourage others to use the library (e.g. Parent Association) – take photographs, report in newsletter.• Library page in the school magazine• Promote information services, e.g. access to online data bases and encyclopedias
  10. 10. Opportunities with Staff• Regular communications • Emails • Announcements in shared workspace • Ensure all library staff are „visible‟ – share responsibility and authorship of announcements. • Quick, simple displays of new resources, change in staff area. Change weekly.
  11. 11. StaffCommunicate Displays –Create shared lists (wish Staffroom & Library/ teaching foci) Catalogues / brochuresidentifying needs and for browsinggaps in the collection New titlesRelevant salesnotifications - e.g. Book Targeted library displaysWeek merchandise, shortlist, standing orders, Intranet /e email /magazine subscriptions sharepoint
  12. 12. StaffResources to Resourcing forsupport staff teaching & learningmeetings, PL events “The bulk loan” Top-up students‟ selections Provide resources to leadership team Include several new items „on top‟. Pass on teacher resource catalogues, e.g. SCIS, ACER Add reviews, teacher resources, teaching notes etc.
  13. 13. Accessing theCollection • Know current curriculum content • Check subject headings on records • Modify records • Use Dewey to customise access Shelby Designs and Illustrates, 2012, Dewey pictograms
  14. 14. It’s all about access• Can students and teachers find what they want?• The Confusing Library - The Two Ronnies N_EaEgPQ&feature=related
  15. 15. Accurate Records• Check bibliographic details when adding items to library system.• Add further information to facilitate access.• Ask others to assist if required. Books available from the Department of Veteran Affairs
  16. 16. • Add notes using key search terms, e.g. persuasive writing, First Steps.• Provide more detailed subject headings that address curriculum content.
  17. 17. Resource Selection• Foreshadow future curriculum foci• Cast curriculum lens over catalogues• Organise book displays - invite teachers and classes• Respond to recommendations and selections• Subscribe to journals and provide to staff to inform purchasing decisions• Join lists e.g. Allen & Unwin, Penguin, Paper Tiger, Junior
  18. 18. Involve & Inform Give lessons on using theAsk teachers to read new catalogue using key subjectresources and provide terms – add notes withfeedback and suggestions curriculum terminologyto improve access to titles Provide support materialsPut out alerts through daily or links to teacher notes onnews etc textsAsk staff to identify topics Staffroom resource box -and teaching foci e.g. History resource lists (& post alerts to new additions
  19. 19. Collective KnowledgeManagement• Talk to SEO / IT support / Leadership team about establishing a resource bank• OR contribute to the one already in place.
  20. 20. Performance Review Opportunities• Delivering high quality results and client services• Judgment, common sense & strategic thinking• Communication skills• Leadership & people skills• Developing own skills Cummings, P 2010, Its that time...
  21. 21. Creating your future
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  25. 25. Abstract• Abstract: How visible is the school library to your school community? Do staff, students and parents understand the work that is undertaken in the library and how it can make a positive difference to teaching and learning across the school and at home? This session will focus on the importance of profiling the library and the work undertaken by library staff. Strategies for promoting services and contributing to the educational needs of the school will be examined. Tips and guides for selection of resources will be shared.