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A Tactical Guide to Influencer Marketing


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ICSC Mocial 2016 Influencer Marketing Roundtable Presentation.

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A Tactical Guide to Influencer Marketing

  2. 2. User-Generated Content is King • 78% of millennials would rather see real photos over professional photos created by a brand.1 • Word-of-mouth inspired marketing produces 37% greater customer retention and twice the amount of sales compared to paid advertising.3 Actual customer experiences produce authentic engaging content for your brand.
  4. 4. The Power of UGC Objective: Drive potential on-site traffic and platform engagement from your fans by sharing authentic in-the-moment content. Strategy: Capitalize on the positive conversations and experiences already taking place on your property through sharing their authentic in-the-moment content as your own. Potential Outcome: Increased engagement from your online audience, as well as potential in-store traffic and sales. 92% of consumers trust their peers more than any other source.2
  5. 5. Why Use Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is the fastest growing and most cost-effective channel.2 Objective: Create or increase awareness and positive sentiment for your overall property, or key tenants. Strategy: Partner with influential social media users in your target demographic to promote products, experiences or news. Potential Outcome: Creates invaluable user-generated content (UGC) to utilize on your property’s respective social media channels designed to amplify the message you need or want to promote.
  6. 6. The Perfect Partner Local Influencers (2K – 5K followers each) Regional Influencers (10K - 100K followers each) National Influencers (200K – 1M + followers each) • Influencers with an average of 4-5% engagement per post • Proven impact within niche community in local market • Influencers with an average of 6- 8% engagement per post • Proven impact within regional area • Influencers with an average of 10+% engagement per post • Proven impact on a national level
  7. 7. Why Use Instagram Influencers? An influencer marketing campaign designed for Instagram is the most effective way to drive awareness and sales within the coveted Millennial demographic • U.S. Millennials touch their smart phones 45 times per day8 • 73% of Instagram users are between 15 and 35 years old7 • 54% of Instagram users utilize Instagram posts to discover new trends and brands4 Average Engagement Rate per Instagram Post: 4.3%4 • Average Engagement Rate per Tweet: .0007% - .07%5 • Average Engagement Rate per Facebook post: .5% - 1%6 Identifying the platform with the largest potential impact is critical to any influencer marketing campaign.
  8. 8. Recommended Campaign Process Coordinate and launch campaign Monitor and manage campaign Finalize campaign results Identify objectives Investigate influencers Conduct influencer communication Finalize influencers
  10. 10. The Wrath of the FTC #Sponsored by UGC Content9 • When reposting UGC, always give credit to the original account and for extra protection, ask the content source for posting permission. • Influencer marketing partnerships work just like any other partnership; document in writing expectations and agreed upon rights to content and where it may be used. • Many influencers see themselves as a brand; require signed photo releases outlining that the influencer’s face, name and accounts may be used or tagged in all forms of advertising. • Always require clear sponsorship disclosure from an influencer. 10 Over 300,000 posts on Instagram in July 2016 included hashtags like #ad, #sponsored, #spon, #sp or #adover21 compared to 120,000 in July 2015.10
  11. 11. Campaign Examples
  12. 12. NORTHWOOD RETAIL Shops at Park Lane F21 Red Grand Opening Preview Event Objective: Drive awareness and traffic to F21 RED ensure a successful grand opening weekend. Strategy: Utilize local social media influencers in the target demographic to share content about their shopping experience. Outcome: Most successful sales day of 2015 (including Black Friday), and over 675,000 social media impressions.
  13. 13. HARLEM IRVING COMPANY Harlem Irving Plaza 60th Anniversary (Pre- And During Event Promotion) Objective: Drive awareness and event attendance of at least 500 people. Strategy: Utilize local social media influencers to share details about the event prior to and during the actual event. Outcome: Over 800 enthusiastic event attendees and 28,500 social media impressions.
  14. 14. JoAnn Dealey, Partner Jen Augustyn, Partner Thank You! Michelle Davis, Director of Marketing Elisabeth Zuerker, Account Supervisor Questions? Confidential and Proprietary This presentation is the property of The Dealey Group and Northwood Retail, LLC. The examples contained within the presentation are the property of The Dealey Group, Northwood Retail, Harlem Irving Companies, Rappaport Co., and Vestar. This presentation shall not be reproduced or redistributed without express written consent of all entities listed above. All ideas, concepts and pricing information within this presentation are the sole property of the entities listed above.
  15. 15. Appendix
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