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Hay Group leadership development programs

  1. 1. Playing the numbers game: How good is your leadership? “ Developing leaders who can engage, collaborate, execute, innovate – and generate results ” – in any situation www.haygroup.com
  2. 2. You can never stop executing, even for a day. When you do, you lose
  3. 3. Wherever you are in the current economic cycle – still steering your way through the downturn’s choppy waters or poised for sunnier times – you’ve undoubtedly come to the realization that no matter how the market, the rules, or the business has changed, certain factors remain constant: n You can never stop executing, even for a day. When you do, you lose n While executing, even in the bad times, you must constantly innovate and adapt. If you don’t, your brand – your organization – will fade before its time n You need a collaborative, engaged workforce to execute and innovate n At the end of the day, it’s results that you’re measured by.
  4. 4. Playing the numbers game? The challenge: consistent results through people As every manager and employee knows, the focus on people and performance flows with the economic tide. In the good times a lot of attention is paid to people and the importance of good leadership in driving results. In the bad times the pendulum swings to performance, often at any cost. And when the good times return, organizations are left struggling to develop strong leaders and re-engage those employees who haven’t already defected to the competition. Of course, first-rate companies know how to maintain a focus on driving results through skilled leadership and engaged employees – during good times and bad. They have learned, often the hard way, the link between people and performance, and between leadership and results. In the bad times the pendulum swings to performance at any cost
  5. 5. www.haygroup.com Results-driven leadership development: an approach with a proven ROI For a modest investment your organization can also develop leaders who will drive performance in any situation – crisis-resilient managers and executives who engage the emerging, cross-generational workforce and collaborate across the growing ‘white space‘ of today’s more matrixed organizations. Through one of Hay Group’s unique leadership programs, your managers and executives will learn how their behavior impacts your organization’s bottom-line results and how, by expanding their styles of leadership, they can more effectively capture the hearts and minds of the workforce to help your organization achieve its strategy and financial goals. managers and executives learn how their behavior impacts your organizations bottom-line results
  6. 6. Playing the numbers game? Why Hay Group: research and results, not mind-numbing concepts Our approach to leadership is not based on ‘big ideas’, but on 60 years of research into the links between motivation, behavior and business results. Through the assessment of thousands of managers and executives, and numerous organizational studies, we can predict with a high level of accuracy how the motives and behavior of leaders impact the environment in which employees work, and how that climate in turn affects performance and leads to better business results. Time and again, our research has shown that engaged employees outperform their peers in less captivating environments by 15 to 30 per cent. They are more productive, generate more revenue and ultimately create bigger profit margins.
  7. 7. www.haygroup.com Our approach: improving behavior and business results, one leader at a time Our leadership programs are not the skills- based training courses deployed by many of our competitors. Rather, we focus on the behaviors proven to be essential for good leadership – in the context of specific roles, organizational challenges and business situations. These powerful developmental platforms are based on the ground-breaking work of Drs. David McClelland, an early innovator in the theory of behavioral competencies and their impact on performance in the workplace, and Daniel Goleman, pioneer in the study of emotional intelligence (EI). Using a number of proprietary assessment tools based on their research, Hay Group helps managers and executives explore their individual strengths and weaknesses, and how they can better leverage the former and overcome the latter. Given the individual nature of our programs, we limit their size and provide a minimum of two accredited facilitators / coaches who understand not only leadership behavior, but also the intricacies and dynamics of organizations and business. Participants leave with a better understanding of themselves and their leadership abilities, and a plan for improving those abilities – a plan that is always in the context of improving business results, given each person’s specific role and challenges. participants leave with a better understanding of themselves and their leadership abilities
  8. 8. Playing the numbers game? Hay Group’s leadership suite: programs for your specific and changing needs We have programs that address the full range of your leadership development needs, from one-day, blended learning courses for new managers to week-long, highly tailored programs for your executives and high potentials. We also help organizations revitalize their leadership performance during periods of major changes, such as those created by new strategies and business models, the emergence of new roles, and consolidation. In addition, we offer clients a full range of assessment programs to help them identify what specific types of development their current and future leaders need, given their specific business and organizational issues, and the changing nature of their key roles. Using these tools, we can then more effectively tailor our programs to your specific organizational and business needs. we help organizations revitalize their leadership performance during periods of major changes
  9. 9. www.haygroup.com Our leadership programs include: Emotional and Social Intelligence for Key Contributors Length 1 day with additional online components Ideal for Current and prospective managers and other key organizational contributors Overview Based on Hay Group research and the work of Dan Goleman, this program offers participants insight into their own emotional and social intelligence, practice in using the concepts to more effectively collaborate with and manage others, and a plan for leveraging EI to improve their performance and that of their teams Assessments The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, a 360 degree proprietary tool developed in partnership with Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis. Mastering Personal Leadership Length 2 days Ideal for Mid-level managers Overview This more personally introspective program focuses on helping managers learn to more effectively motivate others to adopt the organization’s vision as their own and more effectively achieve common objectives. Participants receive personal feedback on their emotional intelligence, the leadership styles they use and the climates they create. Based on that feedback, they create a simple plan for improving their leadership effectiveness Assessments Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, Inventory of Leadership Styles, Organizational Climate Survey. Executing at the Front Line Length 1 day Ideal for New managers and supervisors and those with limited leadership experience Overview This program introduces participants to the variety of management functions, each of which is necessary depending on the situation and individuals involved. It also introduces the competencies required for leadership success that have a direct impact on results. Finally, linking these two concepts, it shows managers how small changes in their behavior and approach can have a dramatic impact on business results.
  10. 10. Our leadership programs include: Mastering Strategic Leadership Length 3 days with additional online components Ideal for High potential mid-level and senior managers Overview An intensive program that helps senior leaders align their unique strengths to the challenges and opportunities that can only be addressed at the top levels of organizations, where shareholder value is created by effectively managing and implementing enterprise strategies and tailored organizational structures. In addition to getting feedback on their styles and the climates they create, they receive highly insightful data on motives and values that tend to drive their behavior as leaders Assessments Picture Story Exercise (motives), Personal Values Questionnaire, Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, Inventory of Leadership Styles, Organizational Climate Survey. Making Great Leaders Length 4 – 5 days Ideal for High potential mid-level managers, senior executives and intact teams Overview A highly customized, comprehensive program that helps senior leaders align their unique strengths to face the challenges and opportunities that can only be addressed at the top levels of organizations. This program typically incorporates an organization-specific competency model and, when used with intact teams, on key organizational climate issues that they can address as a team. Participants gain new insight not only into their own leadership strengths and needs, but also into how their individual behavior and approach to leadership impacts the dynamics of the teams of which they are a part Assessments Picture Story Exercise (motives), Personal Values Questionnaire, targeted Leadership Competency Assessment, Inventory of Leadership Styles, Organizational Climate Survey.
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