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UCS Semester Highlights (Visual Report)


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UCS Semester Highlights (Visual Report)

  1. 1. Fall 2013 University Career Services Semester Highlights
  2. 2. Overview Making Big Dreams an Attainable Reality Fall 2013 has been a semester of success for University Career Services During the fall of 2013, George Mason University Career Services achieved strategic plan goals, reached record engagement numbers, presented at conferences, and received awards for our cutting edge and innovative work. In addition to our overall success, we continued to create a presence across campus as a team of customized connectors working in tandem with employers, faculty, staff, alumni, and University divisions to achieve the highest levels of service for our diverse student population. As we reflect on the fall and move forward into the spring, we do so with a sense of energy, enthusiasm, and pride in the work being done to support students and the University overall. With the role of University Career Services continuously evolving, we strive to consistently remain at the forefront of innovation and position ourselves as thought leaders in the space. Always learning and growing, we continue to expand upon our definition of success and challenge ourselves to think both creatively and strategically. We unite in the belief that together we can make big dreams an attainable reality. Fall 2013 Report | 01
  3. 3. Highlights Highlights: Our Semester Story Our data displays a consistent story of increased engagement, stronger connections, and positive response to change and innovation. From higher rates of turnout amongst the freshman and sophomore classes to a consistent level of growth in student appointments, our story is one of success. Fall 2012 vs. Fall 2013 Student appointments increased by 39% Career program attendance increased by 66% Freshman and sophomore appointments increased by 134% Website engagement (unique views) increased by 27% On-Campus Interviewing internship positions increased by 47% UNIV course enrollment increased by 24% Fall 2013 Report | 02
  4. 4. Signature Events Signature Event Highlights Career Fair 2,308 Attendees Our Fall 2013 Career Fair was organized by industry to support our new model and better serve both students and employers. Day 1 was STEAM focused while day 2 encompassed business and non-technical careers. We received a strong turnout, positive feedback from employers, and the opportunity to strengthen our connections with stakeholders. 14% Photo Booth 238 participants Increase in freshman and sophomore combined attendance 63% Of employers attending the fair predicted an increase in positions offered over the next year “Thank you for putting on a great career fair.  You filled the house with highly qualified and enthusiastic job seekers.  I hardly had a minute to take a break the entire time. Hats off to you and your staff for pulling off a great event.” – InQbation Resume Clinic 280 Participants The Fall 2013 Resume Clinic consisted of 2 days and 10 hours worth of students learning strategic resume writing tips, making connections with employers, and gaining valuable advice to help increase their overall level of career readiness. 13 Employers from more than 5 industries participated (2 of the employers were Mason alumni) Fall 2013 Report | 03
  5. 5. Signature Events Practice Interview Days As a result of our dedication to enhance student learning and expand programming related to career readiness initiatives, we increased both the number of practice interview days and the number of participating employers. This change was met with great enthusiasm from both parties. Our post-event Employer Roundtable additionally gave employers a platforms for sharing best practices with one another while offering our staff an opportunity to gain valuable hiring insights. 5 Days 100% 557 Applicants Of employers would participate in Practice Interview Day again 99% 162 Interviews Of students had a better understanding of areas they could improve upon as a result of the interview student learning Industry Weeks Industry weeks provide our office with an opportunity to support students across all majors and academic disciplines who may be interested in specific industries. Through a week of events focused on exploring and learning from professionals working in the space, students learn various industry intricacies and day in the life scenarios that cannot be taught in a classroom setting. Government Week was especially timely as it offered government employers and Mason students the opportunity to connect after the setback of the shutdown. STEAM Week 4 Events | 99 Attendees | 12 Employers | 5 Mason Alumni Government Week 6 Events | 235 Attendees | 8 Employers | 2 Mason Alumni Government Showcase Career Fair: 238 Attendees | 9 Employers Fall 2013 Report | 04
  6. 6. Signature Events On-Campus Interviewing On-Campus Interviewing, running from September through November 2013, proved extremely successful compared to the previous fall. With numbers on the rise, University Career Services experienced an 8% increase in unique employers, a 9% increase in full-time positions, and a 47% increase in internship opportunities. 137     Positions 43 Employers 796 Interviews Diversity “The staff was amazing! This was my first on-campus interviewing experience and they made it so wonderful and easy. I hope to return many times. Thanks to GMU for the opportunity to meet with such impressive students.” -Hannah Truong, Geeknet When asked what they value most about on-campus interviewing at Mason, the top response from employers was the DIVERSITY of Mason students. 96% of employers agreed that the Mason interviewing facilities enabled them to conduct effective oncampus recruiting Employers felt that Mason students exceled most in the areas of : Appropriate attire Articulating relevant skills Overall enthusiasm Fall 2013 Report | 05
  7. 7. Career Programs & Outreaches Career Programs Career Programs have evolved at University Career Services to better serve students and to help staff members continue to create a presence as customized connectors. All programs are run in partnership with an employer, faculty member, department, or other University division to not only help us spread our mission, but also to provide the best experience for students. This change proved successful with an increase in both programs and attendees. Career Programs Fall 2012 Fall 2013 % Attendees 1,283 2,135 66% Programs 43 54 26% Avg. Attendance 30 Students 40 Students 10 Outreaches As we continue to expand and grow our connections University-wide, our staff is continuously requested to present to classes. This helps our center to reach a larger student population, increase student learning, and introduce our services. Outreaches Fall 2013* Presentations 78 Attendees 1,777 *The number of outreaches were not tracked in fall 2012. Comparative data is unavailable at this time. Fall 2013 Report | 06
  8. 8. UNIV Courses & Job Postings UNIV Courses With the strategic plan goal of increasing the number of UNIV courses offered, as well as the overall enrollment, our team can reflect on a very successful fall semester in this aspect. Each course increased by one section and experienced overall enrollment increases across the board. Enrollment University 200 University 300 University 400 67 Students 31 Students 97 Students 40% Increase 107% Increase 3% Increase Job Postings Job postings decreased slightly during fall 2013 compared to fall 2012. The .5% decrease represents a minimal change within the context of the government shutdown that prevented an entire industry from posting leading up to, and during, the shutdown. Overall Postings Fall 2012 Fall 2013 % September 799 601 -25% October 854 1011 18% November 803 832 4% Totals 2,456 2,444 -.5% Fall 2013 Report | 07
  9. 9. Student Appointments & Conclusion Student Appointments The increased number of student appointments, along with the increase in program attendees, tells the overall story of engagement during fall 2013. Appointments continue to increase in all areas as the student population grows more aware of the new industry model and altered appointment structure. Overall Postings Fall 2012 Fall 2013 % Total Appointments 1,279 1,777 39% Career Counselor 298 395 33% Industry Advisor 658 974 48% Scheduled 824 1,186 44% Walk In 433 529 22% Totals Conclusion University Career Services continues to evolve as we push the boundaries of innovation and consistently improve our methods used to educate and prepare students for meaningful careers. Each semester brings changes in terms of hiring trends, shifting student population demographics, new University-wide initiatives, and innovations within the University Career Services arena. Our goal is to remain educated on all that is happening around us in higher education, various hiring industries, and the economy overall, to ensure the best services for Mason students. The results from our fall 2013 analysis display a strong trend of increased engagement amongst students. We hope to continue this trend into the spring and beyond as we spark further awareness for our center and find new ways for students, faculty, staff, employers, alumni, and campus partners to get involved. We look forward to continue working together as a center to design initiatives, programs, and resources to not only help the students here at Mason, but set an example for career centers across the country. Fall 2013 Report | 08
  10. 10. Educating and preparing students for meaningful careers in a global society. University Career Services