Reactive Technology, CMS Expo 2013


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Responsive design, mobile websites, mobile apps -- what do these terms mean? How do you choose one over the other? An introductory talk aimed at managers. Thursday morning keynote at CMS Expo 2013.

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Reactive Technology, CMS Expo 2013

  1. 1.  CMS Expo • Evanston, IL • May 2013
  2. 2.  Smartphone sales to hit 1bn a yearfor first time in 2013 “The smartphone is predicted tobecome a mass marketphenomenon this year, with annualshipments soaring to 1bn globallyfor the first time, although a fifth ofthe devices will rarely be used to goonline.” “In 2013…the number of activephones with either a touch screenor an alphabet keyboard to 2bn bythe end of the year.”
  3. 3.
  4. 4.  93.3% of SMB websites are not mobile-compatible and will not rendersuccessfully on mobile devices, including smartphones.o 80.5% have no social media links.o 74.7% lack an email link on their home page.o 65.7% lack a form to request information.o 60% have no toll-free or local phone number on the home page.o 56.3% have no keyword info for search engines. 56% plan to invest in a new website or software in 2013.Source
  5. 5. “I need awebsite andI wantresponsivedesign. Howmuch willthat cost?”
  6. 6.  Make it work on my iPhone! Make it work on my iPad! If the website knows whatdevice I’m using, it’sresponding, right?
  7. 7.  Defined by threecharacteristicso Flexible grid-based layouto Images that resizeo Media queries (CSS3) Example: Boston Globe
  8. 8. More info:
  9. 9. 
  10. 10. Same data from the database Served up with different themes
  11. 11. Responsive Design Static or CMS sites OK Same content served in anyenvironment Can work at any screendimension if coded well Same URLs for contentMobile Site CMS driven required Can serve different content todesktop and mobile if required
  12. 12. Responsive Design If front-end developer doesn’tknow what they are doing, thiscan be a slow data-hog. Need atalented front-end developerwho can weigh requirementsand tradeoffs to make thistechnique work optimally. Is your content mobile-friendly?Mobile Site What if user wants to see the“full site” version? What happens if the user has adevice that’s not one of thedefined widths? May have different URLs formobile vs desktop content Talented back-end team whocan serve up two (or more) siteswith different themes/templates
  13. 13. Another alternative
  14. 14. Website that’s mobile-compatible Runs in the browser, so it willrun on any mobile phone with asuitable browser May be cheaper to develop Generally will use responsivedesign or a separate mobilewebsite Can pull info from a databaseon the webMobile app Runs as an application, so aseparate app must be coded foriOS and Android (andBlackBerry). May be more expensive todevelop and maintain Can look/function however youwant, within the parameters ofthe operating system Can pull info from the web orweb-based database
  15. 15. Website that’s mobile-compatible Use for any website.Mobile app Use only if needed. When do you need an app?o You have TONS of content thatmight need to be read on specificdeviceso Your visitors come back EVERY DAYo The browser is too limiting forwhat the user needs to complete. Some industries seem tostandardize on apps, likebanking
  16. 16. “German mobile analytics firmAdeven says that nearly two-thirds of software in iOS AppStore are ‘zombies’ — thanksto a new tool that has counted400,000 apps which get nodownloads, are invisible tousers and have no ranking.”source
  17. 17. 
  18. 18.  Remember that “responsive design” means something very specific togeeks. So does a mobile site. So does an app. Talk about “reactive technology” since this is technology that reacts toits environment. Ask your favorite geek which is the right solution for your business.
  19. 19. Jen KramerWaltham, MAPhone: 802-257-2657jen@jenkramer.orgwww.jenkramer.orgTwitter: @jen4webFacebook: available