Introducing Twitter Bootstrap


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Twitter Bootstrap is one of the most popular responsive design frameworks in use today. What makes it so special? Learn what Bootstrap is, how to configure it to get started, discover the grid system, get an overview of styling and LESS configurations, learn about navigation options and Javascript plugins, and much more.

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Introducing Twitter Bootstrap

  1. 1.   Jen Kramer • Ultimate Developer’s Conference • November 21, 2013
  2. 2. Photo back story •
  3. 3.  Build a separate mobile- compatible website or mobile app (or both)  Responsive Design  A comparison of methods for building mobileoptimized websites •
  4. 4.  Defined by three characteristics o Flexible grid-based layout o Images that resize o Media queries (CSS3)  •
  5. 5.  Images should change size, based on screen resolution o Load a big image and let it scale (not good) o Server-side (good) o Client-side: Load several images and display the one right for this resolution (not good) o Client-side: let JavaScript decide (better)
  6. 6.  Browser reports screen resolution  Based on current width, serve a stylesheet with layout for that width  No JavaScript involved
  7. 7.  Twitter Bootstrap is a responsive design framework for building web sites and web applications.  It is the most popular project in GitHub and is used by NASA and MSNBC among others. •
  8. 8.  A fully functional grid system with 4 different sizes.  Base CSS includes standardized styling for forms, buttons, images, headings, navigation systems, etc.  CSS customization through LESS CSS  jQuery-driven components include dropdown menus, tooltips, popovers, alerts, image carousel, accordion panels, etc.  Optional icon font for incorporating vector images, distributed with Bootstrap, 180 icons  Distributed under Apache 2, copyright 2013 Twitter (moving to MIT) •
  9. 9. 15 More Responsive CSS Frameworks Worth Considering •
  10. 10.  Joomla (open source CMS) integrated Bootstrap into version 3.  Bootstrap unofficial showcase  Love Bootstrap  Bootstrap Expo  A few big names: o State of Kentucky o code.NASA (with WordPress) o Michael’s craft store o Fender guitars o StumbleUpon o Salvation Army (Midwest) o o Disqus o Delicious •
  11. 11.  Started by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, while working at Twitter, as internal tool  Released Bootstrap in 2011  Otto & Thornton left Twitter in 2012  Otto is now in charge of the open source project and is adding core team members.
  12. 12. • • • • bootstrap.css bootstrap.min.css bootstrap-theme.css bootstrap-theme.min.css • • • • glyphicons-halflings-regular.eot glyphicons-halflings-regular.svg glyphicons-halflings-regular.ttf glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff • • • bootstrap.js bootstrap.min.js Download/link to jquery
  13. 13. Latest versions of: Chrome (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android) Safari (Mac and iOS only, as Windows has more or less been discontinued) Firefox (Mac, Windows) Opera (Mac, Windows) IE 9 and 10. IE 8 supported with respond.js
  14. 14.  Some effort put into accessibility improvements  Includes the Aria codes, screen reader only styles  Joomla has pushed for accessibility since Bootstrap is incorporated in the version 3 CMS
  15. 15.  4 grid system: o Extra small always stays horizontal o Small, medium, large grids stack after breakpoint
  16. 16.  LESS CSS  Not much LESS documentation on Bootstrap site  Less of an expectation that you will work with LESS
  17. 17.  You want to build a responsive front-end quickly.  You need lots of styling out of the box.  You love LESS CSS.  You love open source.  You hate semicolons in your JavaScript. •
  18. 18. Jen Kramer Waltham, MA Phone: 802-257-2657 Slides available at 7 day free pass: Twitter: @jen4web Facebook: •