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12.6.14 Jackie Harris Part 1


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12.6.14 Jackie Harris Part 1

  1. 1. Creating a digital marketing strategy Part one – getting started
  2. 2. What’s happening this session? • The importance of integration • Some building blocks for a strategic plan • Examples of successful integration • Assess your digital strengths • Know your position in the marketplace • Audiences • Messages • What do you want to achieve?
  3. 3. Integrated marketing
  4. 4. Small Engineering Firm
  5. 5. Business Consulting Firm
  6. 6. Ecommerce & Retail Business
  7. 7. Therapy Business
  8. 8. Building block #1 Define your offering Quickly write down one short paragraph that tells us what your business is all about…
  9. 9. What I don’t want is… “We’re a unique one-stop shop solution provider that leverages strategic partnerships to deliver outstanding ROI”
  10. 10. Be specific • Avoid generic phrases • Think about your target audience • No clichés • Imagine describing what you do to a 10 year old child
  11. 11. Building block #2 Market positioning Where do you sit in your market sector? How to customers perceive your offering compared to others’? Positioning is meant to give your business a way to find a window in the mind of your potential customer within a crowded market
  12. 12. Building block #3 Who are your customers? The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to reach them via digital and traditional marketing tactics
  13. 13. Who are your tribe? • Describe your target customer(s) • What makes them tick? • What keeps them awake at night? • What is their view of the world? (attitudes, beliefs etc.) • What do they do on a Sunday morning? • What do they do on a Monday morning? • What motivates them to do these things?
  14. 14. Darren’s customers • People who are in pain and are at the end of their tether. This is their last option before surgery. Mostly referred from another practitioner. • Athletes and serious sports people with ongoing injuries or who have regular treatment to prevent injuries. They need to keep in tip top shape. • Male, 40+ who suddenly find they can’t do the things they used to be able to do with they were younger. Facing the ageing process for the first time. • Male. 40+ who need to prove they are still young enough for peak performance. They have no intention of slowing down and will suffer pain rather than let anyone see them giving up. • People who have jobs where they get RSIs - hairdressers, plasterers, builders etc. They need to continue to work, and they are worried about what will happen if they don’t find an effective way to manage the situation.
  15. 15. Building block #4 What makes your business special? • Buy this product/service you get this specific benefit • What is the biggest unique benefit that would make someone want your product or service?
  16. 16. What if it’s not that simple?
  17. 17. Therapy biz USPs • Takes an unconventional approach to body pain by blending therapy disciplines from different disciplines to form a hybrid treatment. • Explains to the patient exactly what’s going on. This knowledge makes people feel better. • Empowers the patient not to be a victim of their situation - so they become an active participant in their recovery. They get better faster. • He’s known as the body-sleuth - and is sent cases other therapists and doctors don’t know how to treat. A bit like Dr. House, but with a nice personality!
  18. 18. IDENTIFY WHAT MAKES YOUR BUSINESS SPECIAL Why should anyone buy anything from you?
  19. 19. Building block #5 Getting the right message The right message to the right people, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, Speaking the language of the customer.
  20. 20. Imagine you’re a car salesman • How would the change the message for: • 17 year old girl who has just passed her test • 80 year old man • A 50 year old sales rep • A fleet manager in a large company • An Eco Warrior
  21. 21. Messages Audience Message 1 Message 2 Message 3
  22. 22. Building Block #6 What do you want? Setting goals for your business, your marketing and your digital presence
  23. 23. What kind of goals are we talking about? Big picture • Double your turnover • Move into a new market • Start exporting • Attract better paying customers • Get a succession plan in place • Take your business onto the stock exchange (IPO) • Start selling online More specific • Revamp your website • Start gathering email addresses • Take a step into social media • Launch an online membership club • Start making videos of happy customers • Start a blog
  24. 24. Next session… • Pulling everything together • Creating a tactical plan • Tips on creating an integrated marketing activity calendar • Measurement and evaluation