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Deck master presentation 2012 v2


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Deck master presentation 2012 v2

  1. 1. Secret Gun Fixed End Matched Decking
  2. 2. Who Is Deck Master? Deck Master is an Australian Company that Imports & Deck Master evolved after the directors tirelessly sea
  3. 3. What Is The Deck Master System? Secret Fixed Decking SystemGun Fired Screws Attach
  4. 4. Advantages Secret Fixed No More nails popping Safer Surface No More Trip Hazards Increased Deck Life No More Deck Splitting & Rotting Around Fasteners Stores The Carbon For A Longer Period Of Time End Matched Deck Boards
  5. 5. More Advantages Less Waste – Save Up To 70% Waste Saves Money & Reduces Strain On Our Valuable Re 62% Faster Installation Than Screw Gun (Not Including Pre Drilling Time) Please View The Time Saving Video On Our Websit
  6. 6. Traditional Deck Issues SplittingTwistingNails PoppingDeck Deterioration Around Fa
  7. 7. How Does The System Work? Firstly the rubber Weather Strip Jo 3mm Riser Protects the Underside
  8. 8. Installing The First Board •Fasten the Stainless Steel Top Fix ClipsSlide the Pre G
  9. 9. Fastening The TCG Clip # 1 The 304 Stainless Steel TCG Clip is Inserted onto the
  10. 10. The Gun is positioned into the grooved board allowin Fastening The TCG Clip # 2
  11. 11. The Gun Fires a Pneumatic Screw fastening the TCG C Fastening The TCG Clip # 3
  12. 12. Butt Joining The Decking DeckBone Joiners Designed for Joining the Decking B Fast Installation Precise Factory Cut End Matched Jo
  13. 13. Fastening the last board •End / Side Fix ClipsRepairing & Replacing Boards304
  14. 14. Trim Top Screws Providing other fastening options for the first and las
  15. 15. The Pre Grooved Deck Board • Pencil Round Decking With Angled Groove To Disperse Moisture Available in
  16. 16. Pre Oiled Boards •In some states Pre Oiled Deck Boards are available It is advise
  17. 17. The TCG Clip Installed 304 Stainless Steel Clip *25 Year Warranty*
  18. 18. The TCG 150 Clip Butt Seam Reverse ClipStandard TCG150 Clip •304 Stainless SteelBlack Oxide FinishHorned Retention TabsGap Se•304 Stainless SteelBlue Oxid Clips allow for 3.2mm Expansion & 4.7mm Contraction
  19. 19. Clip Function Please Note the Hooked Tabs engaging the groove This ensures that the board gaps will remain consisten Also Note the Gap being set by the Gap Tab This tab sets gap between the deck boards perfectly e
  20. 20. The TCG150 Clip A bearing load applied across a decking board (14.5 x 5.5 inches - area of a single board on 16” ctr. joists) can demonstrate what natural forces the fastener is capable of wit Upheaval Load Comparisons TCG150 Fastener Stress Test
  21. 21. Fasteners - Scrails •Scrails are a Screw / Nail that are fired by the Tiger C
  22. 22. Fighting Gravity Four 75mm Scrails •Stronger & Faster •Lift this 1500kg Car
  23. 23. The DeckBone •Strong and DurableNylon FibreglassUV Stabilized Ribbed Air
  24. 24. Decking Clamps •Easy To Use Quick Grip Decking Clamps
  25. 25. Router Slot Cutter Slot ends that have been cut on an angleSlot boards
  26. 26. Price Comparison Chart •Figures Below are based on a average 35M2 Deck Calculations allow for 90mm Merbau Decking with fasteners spaced @450mm Centres. Lab
  27. 27. Pricing Comparison Chart •Deck Systems Comparisons / M2 With The Deck Master System you can create a better looking, longer lasting and safer deck
  28. 28. Suitable for Kiln Dried Hardwood & Composite Decking
  29. 29. Photos
  30. 30. Thank You!