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Evaluation presentation

  1. 1. A2 Media Studies- Evaluation <br />By Jemma Keen <br />
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?<br />When I first came to starting pre production of my news paper I researched different terms and meanings used within media.<br /><ul><li> This helped me engage in what I needed to know when creating my paper and how I can apply these terms within my work. When researching this I put it in to good use by researching existing papers and articles that showed examples of these terms. For example, when I wrote about my research of these terms on my blog I would state the term I’m researching, turn that word in to a hyperlink which will then take you to a news paper article that shows an example of the term. </li></ul>http://mediacoursework-advancedportfolio.blogspot.com/2010/09/pre-production-local-newspaper.html<br />Click this link for my blog on post production. Click on the link within the blog for examples of research of different news papers. <br /><ul><li>I did this for the majority of my research of terms or something similar. From researching these terms and looking an specific examples I had a good understanding of what I needed to include and was a good basis for my production. I knew what I had to include, types of stories and styles that will be proven important in my news paper. </li></li></ul><li>Developed ideas<br />As I started to think of ideas of story lines to be used in my paper I also had to acknowledge the use of advertisements that are used in papers. As my paper is a local paper the types of advertisements used would tend to be local businesses. From this I had researched other local news papers to see the sort of advertisements they have in their papers. They all had similar advertisements like advertising different businesses around the area. I then wrote a list of the different types of advertisements I could use within my work. <br />This is a local paper from around my area. After studying it I decided I didn’t like this layout. It looked like there was too much on the front page as there was the main article on this page, what looked to intense and were few hooks that grabbed my attention. From this I knew I didn’t want to base my layout in this style.<br />As I had researched real media products already on their layouts I now knew what sort of lay out I wanted for my paper. From this I drew out a lay out myself as guidelines for when I actually start creating my paper. <br />After looking at the Petersfield Post and knowing what I didn’t want the layout of my paper to look like, I researched The News. This was something I want my paper to look more like. I liked the bold headlines, colours and pictures which drew in my attention. This is what I wanted for my audiences. It looks more attractive and has plenty of hooks that will gain audiences. <br />
  3. 3. Used Ideas <br />Researching papers gave me a lot of ideas, ideas that are typical conventions used within local news papers. For example:<br />Advertisements- I have used advertisements on the front page of my paper as well as the inside. This Is a typical convention found in local papers. Advertising businesses, sales, new restaurants or anything along them lines. This is beneficial for readers as well as for business owners as it provides them with service. I did my advertisements on a Debenhams big sale, advertising a holiday to New York to be won and a new restaurant. <br />Weather forecasts- weather forecasts are always found in local papers, providing a forecast in the local area with details and more about the forecasts. I did this on the left hand side of my inside page where I used weather icons and gave details about the weather for the coming week. I also left numbers and websites where readers could get more information on the forecasts. <br />Headings- headings of course are vital as it sets the story and its what attracts the reader. I used the typical conventions of have a short snappy headline placed on the image what is backing up the story. I used this idea from The News as looking at their papers in class times It was clear this was a common convention to be used. <br />Stories- the sort of stories used in local papers identify something that has happened in that local area. The stories can be about anything. From events and charity to work to robberies in the area. I chose to do a variety of stories. Stories that are pleasant to read, others that gave information and one that creates conflict in the area. The stories in these types of papers are close knit and brings the community together as they all have something in common, the area they live in and what is happening around it. This is what I have taken on board on my stories for my paper which meets the conventions of local papers. <br />
  4. 4. Comparing used and developed forms in my news paper & website<br />News papers and news paper websites have comparable forms in how information is presented. This is what I have done for my paper and website. <br />WEBSITES NEWS PAPERS <br />Stories: On news paper websites they are usually in sections. These sections are divided in to stories according to narrative. For example this weeks stories and sports. <br />http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/<br />News paper sites tend to have more stories than what is found in news papers. They also can keep stories on for longer periods of time but still keep updated. <br />Stories: news papers divide their stories in to sections. They tend to have a contents page within the first page but on the front cover along side the main story there are smaller stories that are going to be found inside the paper. This gives readers a taste of what they will find in the paper. The stories written in papers are also found on that news papers website. <br />Advertisements: websites are full of advertisements. They advertise businesses and more. There is also a section where you can look at advertisements for work, builders, cars and more which is useful for the local people. I have used these conventions on my site. <br />Advertisements: In comparison with advertisements found on news websites they are very similar. The advertisements may not necessarily be the same but give a wide range of advertisements. With News papers they are never the same. They have special days where they can advertise certain things. Such as Monday will be job section day, Tuesday would be housing ect… <br />Weather: weather information is always found within news papers and especially on sites. They are detailed on websites and have links that can take readers to sites where more information can be found. <br />Weather: Again weather forecasts are found in news papers but not always as detailed. There are website links and phone numbers provided for readers if they want more information on the forecast around their area. <br />
  5. 5. News website <br />Logo and title of news paper which is identified because of papers.<br />Advertisements<br />Advertising of jobs, property and motors. <br />Stories divided into sections<br />Links to further information<br />Search engines- These are not found in newspapers which give news paper sites a better advantage and can be more useful for readers.<br />Genre of stories for local papers. This gives an idea of the style of story articles that are found for local papers.<br />
  6. 6. My newspaper website<br />Personalised headings to fit within the Gosport Gazette theme<br />Usual paper connotations. Title of paper, date, website address, login options…<br />Find jobs, information on community. Information that creates appeal. <br />Stories divided in to sections. News, sports, life style …<br />Advertisements<br />Local stories- genre of stories that are found in local news papers. Stories that have meaning to residents of the area.<br />News paper trying to advertise themselves to readers. Makes them look good. <br />Sportsection<br />
  7. 7. My Poster<br />This is the layout I had planed for when making my poster. Posters are important within news papers as it gives extra advertisement of their paper and a wider audience as the poster may attract them. I made my poster based on a competition that Gosport Gazette was offering. This was the layout I used. Making a competition on the chance to win a trip to Paris I felt was a good idea as it would attract to many audiences. I also advertise an article about Paris on my website page which is how the link has been created. <br />
  8. 8. Final news paper <br />This is the final copy of my news paper front cover and inside page. I have used typical conventions which are used in local papers such as:<br /><ul><li> headings, dates, price, websites
  9. 9. Stories, main picture
  10. 10. Brief descriptions about stories
  11. 11. Page numbers
  12. 12. Weather information
  13. 13. Main story, article
  14. 14. Other stories on right hand side of inside paper
  15. 15. Date, website and title of paper at the top.</li></ul>I have developed ideas from researching news papers such as:<br /><ul><li> Layout, using one picture that covers the main front page which I have developed into my own work
  16. 16. Head lines of stories, I researched different stories headlines to have an idea what mine should be based on.
  17. 17. Advertisements and offers
  18. 18. Additional extras ( TV guide) </li></li></ul><li>Summary of used and developed forms of media products<br />Researching real news papers and websites really improved my knowledge on this side of media. I became familiar with typical conventions that all papers use, and some where they develop these ideas to make their own.<br />I used ideas from real news papers and websites in my work as I felt this will make it look realistic and traditional. The used conventions I have used would make my paper fit in with others as it follows these used conventions. As you can see from my website, poster and paper I have pointed and compared used ideas and developed ideas to real media products, which is my main summary of how I have used and developed ideas.<br />I haven’t challenged any ideas within news papers as I don’t think this particularly works within these forms. Instead I think using ideas and developing ideas is more important within news readings. <br />I think the ideas used and develop work in news papers because it brings in an audience, and for local papers I think this is most important as the local papers represent a community which brings it together and close knit. The papers look attractive to read because of its lay out- how images and texts are placed on the page which is something I have tried and worked hard to achieve. Advertisements are key within news papers as this is a way of helping everyone in the community- it helps the business owners as advertising their business in the local paper will bring in customers and it also helps the readers as they can find out things and go places because they have seen the advertisement. <br />The weather is important as it will be about the weather just in that area, again which is close knit within the community. <br />I think I have used a wide range of used and developed ideas in my news paper, website and poster production from researching other papers and websites to achieve most knowledge from real products that have been successful. <br />
  19. 19. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?<br />Media evaluation question 2 <br />My news paper, website and poster have several links between the 3. <br />Firstly the front cover story of my news paper is also on my website, as these media forms have the same dates i felt that to be most realistic is to share same dates and stories. Not everyone buys news paper but looks online instead, so it is important the stories are on both forms so readers can gain all information.<br />The main article in my inside paper can also be found on the website which i felt was important again for the same reasons i just stated. <br />I used weather icons in my inside page as well on the website which share similar information<br />On my website there is a story about Paris, i didn’t write this article but if i did i would have made references to a competition to Paris that could have been won. This is what i did my poster on so the links shared here is that i made it clear about an article that can be read about Paris on the site where my poster can be referred too. <br />On my website i also advertise a subscription to Gosport Gazette and on this page i placed a jpeg image of the front cover of my news paper on the website. This is a strong link, what influences readers to read online as well as buy the papers. This is realistic as i used the “This week” front page of the Gosport Gazette news.<br />On my poster i state to find out more about this offer, is to either buy Gosport Gazette or go to www. Gosportgazette.co.uk to find out more information on the prize. Mentioning both the paper and the website is important when linking the three together.<br />and finally on my website on the second page i used an advertisement of the euro star and underneath advertised great deals to Paris, this is where my poster has a significant link between my site and poster.<br />What else do they share?<br />Title: the same title makes the company recognisable for readers. Especially being a local paper.<br />Colour: same colour variety on news paper and website. Blues/ whites/ reds used again makes it recognisable and easy to read. The poster was different because of its subject matter. Offering a trip to Paris I used soft pinks and whites in fancy writing as it is advertising a romantic trip to Paris. I still used the same title of colour and font but change the writing and colour for everything else.<br />Images: i used the same images in some areas just because it makes the links clear between the 3 media forms. I used a variety of others, for example I used images on my website that i hadn’t used on my news papers mainly because of the different stories I had created. It was good to use the same images I had used in my website and news paper but also good to have a lot of pictures that are different in each 3 forms. <br />Style: i think there is a recognisable style between my paper and website. On the inside paper on the left hand side i have used that side for weather information and on the second page of my website i have used the left hand side for advertisements and information so this shows similarities. <br />The style of fonts are similar in my paper and site, the only difference in fonts is on my poster and that is because of its subject and genre. <br />The style of how i have placed images shows links between the 3 forms as i have used similar styles of how i have placed the images. The front page of my news paper, the image there takes up the whole page like wise with my poster as that image takes up the whole page too. I have also used smaller images within all of my work. <br />Click the speaker for my answer <br />Go to next slide for rest of answers… <br />
  20. 20. Second part of question 2 <br />I also included in my site a link where if readers were to click on it they could vote for Gosport Gazette being the number one paper in the local area of Gosport and Portsmouth. This is a good way of advertising the company as it would receive reader’s feedback and a way of improving and would hope for positive feedback. <br />I also included a subscription advertisement, trying to get readers to subscribe to Gosport Gazette for offers and daily news papers delivered to readers doors daily. <br />Advertisements: <br />I have used a variety of advertising in my media products. From advertising local sales for Debenhams and advertising news businesses openings like restaurants these are all found in the world of news papers and is an important role.<br /> I have Advertised euro star travel and to visit Paris, and a trip to new York to be won. These are all local advertisements that will beneficial to audiences and may interest them.<br /> I have also stated on my paper and website how to find jobs. On my paper i have stated a page number to go to for lists of jobs and on my site i created a search engine for finding jobs. This is part of advertising and is definitely found in local papers/ websites. <br />The poster i have done is an advertisement its self by advertising Paris and putting in images of famous Paris iconography like the Eiffel tower and Arc de Triumph. This is what makes it recognisable for readers and why it will attract them.<br />I have used many forms in which to advertise Gosport Gazette itself with the 3 media forms. <br />For my website i turned the headings of sections to be personalised with Gosport Gazette. So i had my headings as: Gazette sports, Gazette jobs, Gazette News, Gazette community, Gazette lifestyle...<br />On my poster I advertise my company as it states to find out more information about the offer to win a trip to Paris you have to buy a Gosport Gazette or go on the Gosport gazette website. <br />I also included smaller advertisement techniques on my news paper such as writing the website on the front page.<br />In conclusion I think my 3 products have been effective and worked well together. I have used many factors where the three link together well by using images, stories, articles, advertisements , style and lay outs. <br />To improve my 3 products i think i would have advertised the poster to be about a trip to New York to be offered instead of Paris, i think this because on my front cover of my paper i made a banner advertising a trip to New York. The reason i chose to do Paris in the end over New York was because i had better pictures from my trip to Paris than New York and i felt that these pictures would have worked better for my poster.<br />
  21. 21. Third part of question2- evidence and explanation <br />There are many more links that I have stated in my answer but not been able to point out here. Go to my blog, and visit my paper, poster and newspaper to see more links between the 3 <br />Here you can see that the front page story of my paper is also on the website. Unfortunately the bottom half of my paper doesn’t show up, but at the bottom you can see I also see that I used the front page next to the subscription advertisement <br />Same story line used, but different image. <br />2 links to Paris here that link in to my poster. <br />
  22. 22. What have you learned from audience feed back<br />What have you learnt from audience feed back?<br />Audience feed back has been vital through out this whole project. Getting reviews on pieces of work, ideas and improvements has given me great encouragement. <br />Feedback on my newspaper:<br /><ul><li>When i first started my paper, i had difficulty in thinking about what kind of stories to use. Researching local papers gave me an idea, but I didn’t no how to take stories and put it in to context with my paper. I discussed with my teacher that sort of articles we could come up with, after listing a few i printed of a few copies of the lists of story ideas and gave them round my class for them to vote which one they think would work best in my work. They thought the story about government cuts and cutting down bin recycles down was the best story line as it was very current and political.
  23. 23. I did the same for advertisements, I made a list of advertisements i could put in my paper. My feedback stated that as my news paper was set in December, that i should advertise December sales after Christmas. So i took this on board and made an advertisement about Debenhams having a massive sale. </li></ul>Click the speaker for my answer <br /><ul><li>When it came to making my paper, my teacher suggested i created a layout first. A rough sketch what i could draw up as guidance for when i make my paper. This really helped as i had clear guidelines to follow, i then did this for my other planning throughout the project.
  24. 24. I created a advertisement for a trip to new York to be won on my front page. At first i made this very basic, my teacher suggested i made a banner for the advertisement what could represent America. From this i created a banner what showed a mix of red white and blue what blended together. This represented the American flag, and on top of this i placed my image along with text what i put in white. I showed this to some friends, they thought this worked really well and gave my front page stand out. I was really pleased with this and is one of my favourite parts on my page. </li></ul>Follow next 2 slides for my answers<br />
  25. 25. Second part to question 3 <br />Website feedback:<br /><ul><li>I got feedback from my teacher when i tried out some sub headings on my website. At first i just had News, Sport, Jobs... but my teacher suggested i linked it to my news paper so i changed it to Gazette news, gazette sport... This was really helpful as it was good to get some improvement feed back. It turned out beneficial as i think it made my page look better and more realistic.
  26. 26. When talking to some people in my class, i showed them my website and asked what i could do for suggestions. They suggested advertising a subscription to the paper. From this i made a heading at the bottom of the website page stating how readers could subscribe to Gosport Gazette, and from this i placed a jpeg image of my front cover and put it next to the heading. </li></ul>I found this really helpful as they thought it was something a reader might be interested in and look for, therefore putting a link to a subscriptions show i am thinking of my readers and trying to gain readers.<br /><ul><li>I showed my dad my website, he thought it was really good and looked professional. But he thought i could move the stories going down the page in 2 so i could leave room on the right hand side for an advertisement. I agreed with this, as i know how important advertisements are and from looking on real news websites they always have advertisements on the right hand side.
  27. 27. On the second page of the website, at first i wasn’t sure about my main article. But my friend read and thought it was really good. She thought it linked well in to a local paper and seemed like a realistic and friendly story what is what most stories are about when it comes to a local community. This story highlights close knit communities and shows how my paper makes the community feel neighbourly as the article is about some one dyeing in the town. </li></li></ul><li>Third Part to question 3<br />Poster:<br /><ul><li>When starting my poster i already knew the kind of connotations i would have to include as i was advertising a romantic trip for two to Paris. I found the right font, what my fellow class mates and teacher thought worked really well as it linked to romantic connotations. They also liked the size of the text, as it fitted well in proportion with the image and title of the paper. It was nice to receive some positive feedback, My teacher felt i should have included more colours so i used cherry reds, baby pinks and whites. Again this links to romantic connotations.
  28. 28. I included some smaller images on my poster what i have slanted and placed around the text, when showing my friend she suggested slightly placing the image behind the text but still being easy to read. </li></ul>Getting this feed back from my teacher, class mates, friends and dad really helped. The feedback was from a variety of people and ages which was important as it showed my target audience and what worked well. Everyone gave me good feedback and i took it on board in one way or another. I changed or improved any part what i got feed back on as i think feedback is most important as it is from other points of view, not just mine which is what the case would be like for my readers.<br />
  29. 29. How did you use news media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?<br />RESEARCH <br />Technology has been key through out the whole project, and it first took in place when it came to researching real media products. Technologies I used were:<br />www.portsmouth.co.uk<br />www.dailyecho.co.uk<br />Google images<br />www.google.co.uk<br />www.wikipedia.co.uk<br />Peters field post<br />These links and websites helped me when answering questions in the pre production stage, as well as thinking of ideas, trying to get an idea about layout and the sort of images that are used through camera shots. I could see how newspapers are mediated, which is something I took on board myself to make it look good and have audience appeal. <br />On my blog you can see the sort of research I have taken part in and what technologies I have used in order to create this. <br />
  30. 30. CONSTRUCTION <br />Construction was the most hands on and important part of the project as it includes so much technologies to create the work needed. I used:<br />INDESIGN<br />I used In design for creating my news paper front page and inside paper as well as my poster. I couldn’t have created this with out it as it offers professional technology to make it look good and realistic. I could get just the right colour, organise pictures and style, create the right fonts which meet my style and use effects on images and texts. <br />PHOTOSHOP<br />I used Photoshop to crop images, create effects on images by using shadows, fades, bold colours, make images look brighter and bigger. I used this for a lot of my images which is why they look realsitic and professional<br />A CAMERA/PHONE <br />Using a camera and my phone really helped when it came to taking pictures. I used a camera for most pictures used on my website such as the sport images, the event storyline and the Paris poster and pictures used in that as well as used in my website and paper. I used a phone for some pictures such as the front page picture, of my dad stood next to the bins. This was good but the quality of the picture would have been better if taken on a camera. I used my phone camera for other images such as the ones used on my front page of the newspaper.<br />IWEB<br />I used IWEB to create my website. This site was really easy to use which made the process of making my website quick and easy, as well as looking professional. I could create headings, place images and use different fonts. I took colour samples from Indesign what I had used and placed it in the colour palette in IWEB which could mean my matches would be the same which makes it look realistic. <br />IPHOTO<br />I used Iphoto when making my website in Iweb, I placed the images I was going to use on my website in Iphot to organise my pictures and laid out what pictures I could use compared to others. The pictures I uploaded to Iphoto automatically uploaded to Iweb which made it easier to drag images into my work and decide which would look better over others. <br />
  31. 31. PLANNING <br />Using technology in the planning part of my project was not as hands on as the construction part but I used a few various technologies which helped me plan my work so when creating the projects I had a clear idea of what I was doing, this also helped the quality of my media forms as I knew exactly what I was going to do. <br />Word<br />Scanner<br />Blog<br />I used word when I was writing up my articles. I did this and would then publish it on my blog to discuss what’s good about this article and what I could change. Doing it this way on word was easier for me as I could copy and paste the article in my blog as well as make changes quicker than if I was writing it by hand. I used word for rough work and writing down ideas such as head lines and titles. <br />I used a scanner to scan any rough work I had done and then wanted to put it on my blog. I drew out a few samples of how I was going to lay out my work, so I would make a plan of my lay out for my news paper and poster. I would then use a scanner and publish this on my blog. This was a good way of showing what I mean with my ideas and made it clear for what I was aiming for. I could then explain the reasons for this lay out and then compare this plan to actual work and how I either kept it the same lay out or how it may have changed in some areas. <br />My blog has been the most important part of my planning process. This is where I recorded everything I did and why when making my news paper, website and poster. From this I could upload samples, pictures, texts, what I have done so far as well as articles, bullet point ideas and then explain them. For an example visit my blog on http://mediacoursework-advancedportfolio.blogspot.com/<br />
  32. 32. EVALUATION <br />For my evaluation I had to include different technologies to create interesting answers. The sort of technologies I have used include:<br />Word<br />Word was useful in my evaluation and linked in to when I used the voice recorder. As I used a voice recorder to answer 2 of my questions, I first typed the answers on to word. This way I had a clear idea of my answers and what to say. So when I spoke my answers in to the voice recorder, I had a word document up on where I could refer to my answers. Using word in my evaluation process, I could copy and paste my answers and put them along side my recording, for a fully explained and clear answer. <br />Voice recorder<br />A voice recorder was proven really useful in my evaluation. Using this to answer 2 of my questions helped me be creative and effective. I also uploaded my answer in Word form so it was extra clear on my answers, along with this I used images and links to back up my answer. I thought answering my questions on a voice recorder was interesting and different and a good way of expressing myself. <br />‘Grab’<br />The program ‘Grab’ found on Mac computers was really useful when it came to explaining and backing up my answers creatively. I could capture websites, instead of just putting in links I could put an image of the website to explain my answers. I could grab snippets of my work and titles. All of this makes my evaluation look creative as my answers are backed up on a more visible way, instead of just reading my answers I could place something I had ‘Grabbed’ to explain myself. I also think it looks more effective and nicely presentable <br />Power Point<br />Using power point was the main program I used to display all of my evaluation answers. I’m really glad I used power point as it was easy for me to write up my answers, insert texts, sounds, links and images. I could also make it look really creative by adding in effects, different colours and styles which makes my work look presentable and easy to read. Adding colour, effects and styles makes it look interesting and easy to read. <br />Blogger<br />Using the website blogger was useful throughout my whole project, and proven useful in my evaluation. Using blogger I could get information from early posts what I could include in my answers for the questions; use blogger to refer to in my answers and back up answers as part of evidence. I could get my images what I wanted to include in my evaluation from blogger to insert in to my power point evaluation. <br />
  33. 33. Thank you for watching this evaluation presentation, I hope you have enjoyed watching it.<br />By Jemma Keen <br />