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Social Media Reboot


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A 90 minute workshop developed for the Hospital Club's Business @ Breakfast strand: slides consist of a ten minute presentation followed by an in-depth practical workshop.

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Social Media Reboot

  1. 1. The Hospital Club 3 March 2016 Jemima Gibbons | @JemimaG Social Media Reboot
  2. 2. Overview 1.Your content strategy 2.Goals & guidelines 3.Conversations & influencers 4.Building your content calendar 5.Setting up a KPI spreadsheet 6.Competitor benchmarking 7.Integrating social into your daily workflow
  3. 3. 1 Your content strategy
  4. 4. 1 Why the f*** do I need a content strategy?
  5. 5. Everybody’s doing it. Everyone’s selling something. There’s a lot of noise. Participation is up. Engagement is down. Social is now mass market
  6. 6. Niche is what you do! You’re a small business! It’s more important than ever to find your niche
  7. 7. Which is part of your overall marketing strategy. Great content is key to your social media success. Social is just one part of an integrated content strategy
  8. 8. What’s the one thing you have that big brands are falling over themselves to demonstrate?
  9. 9. Authenticity.
  10. 10. What’s the biggest mistake people make on social media?
  11. 11. They don’t know how to be themselves.
  12. 12. People want this…
  13. 13. But they end up like this.
  14. 14. Only do what you enjoy. Not only will you be more successful on social media but you’ll have more fun. It’s a win-win. The secret?
  15. 15. Social media is not about selling. It’s not about vanity metrics. It’s not about you. It’s not even about your audience. Disclaimer:
  16. 16. Social media is about relationships.
  17. 17. It’s about the relationship between you and your audience. The thing that reveals. The thing that excites. The thing that changes the world.
  18. 18. Like all good relationships, it’s about building trust and having conversations and connections that actually mean something.
  19. 19. Good social media is all about the unpredictable moments. The human stuff that robots can’t do. It can’t be manufactured.
  20. 20. X
  21. 21. Market research Lead generation Improved SEO Improved brand awareness Improved business network Strength in weak ties (Mark Granovetter) Benefits of good social…
  22. 22. 2 Goals & guidelines
  23. 23. Brand awareness/ reach? Customer engagement? Customer service? Market research? Lead generation/ sales? Search engine optimisation? How does social tie in with your business goals? Why do you want social media?
  24. 24. What excites you? What do you want to talk about? How do you like to communicate: text, voice, images, video? What’s your natural tone of voice: formal, jokey, chatty? How will you behave? Will you be political or apolitical? What’s appropriate / not appropriate? If you hate social, is there someone else who can do it? What are you passionate about?
  25. 25. 3 Conversations & Influencers
  26. 26. Influencers: journalists, bloggers, community leaders..? Potential customers: businesses? mums? fitness freaks..? Where does your audience hang out online? What are they already talking about? What conversations? What topics? What #tags? Who do you want to speak to?
  27. 27. 4 Building your content calendar
  28. 28. Curate as well as create - what can you share? Run campaigns (eg, crowdsourced tips, photos) Create assets: blogs, infographics, video tutorials, how-tos, podcasts, slide decks, beautiful images, funny gifs Interviews with experts and celebrities Live coverage of industry events (Twitter, Periscope, Storify) Can you run branded events for your community? What can you give (of value)?
  29. 29. “Never be afraid to invite all your customers into a room and get them drunk” Zack Onisko, Creative Market
  30. 30. 5 Setting up a KPI spreadsheet
  31. 31. Month: JANUARY Week commencing: 4 11 18 25 Topical events 11 Golden Globe Awards 15-5 Apr Black Square:Abstract Art & Society 1915-2015 (Whitechapel Gallery) 19-25 IMM Cologne 20- 25 London Antiques Fair 21-25: London Art Fair 22-1 Feb Sundance film Festival 23-27 Maison D’Object – Paris 25 Screen Actors Guild Awards 25-30 Paris Fashion Week Blog My New Year's Resolutions/ Five Predictions for Design in 2015 Review of Black Square exhibition (share via Twitter using #tag) How to use art to create a mood (share via Twitter using London Art Fair #tag) My top three inspiring designs/ looks/ items from Paris Fashion Week - and why (share via Twitter using Paris Fashion Week #tag and unique #tag) Twitter Topical links + commentary Topical links + commentary Topical links + commentary Topical links + commentary Pinterest Update Interiors Fashion Photography board and add detailed description to introduce board Update Food Photography board and add detailed description Create Inspiring Art board (and share via Twitter using London Art/ Antiques Fair #tags) Create Paris Fashion Week S/S board (and share via Twitter using #tag) LinkedIn Share weekly blog (and topical links if time) Share weekly blog (and topical links if time) Share weekly blog (and topical links if time) Share weekly blog (and topical links if time) SAMPLE CONTENT CALENDAR FOR AN INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO, 2015
  32. 32. Go back to your goals at the start of your plan Against each goal, set a social media metric (KPI) Set a target that would look good to you in 6 months time How will you measure success?
  33. 33. TARGET Business Goal KPI (by end of six months) Social KPI Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Increase revenue Make at least £1000 a month from advertising Twitter (monthly website unique referrals) 1000 Facebook (monthly website unique referrals) 10 Instagram (monthly website unique referrals) 10 Monthly unique visits (via all social) 1020 Get ROI from social media Double website referrals % via social media % social media referrals 20 Raise brand awareness See Social KPI Twitter followers (total) 5K Facebook fans (total) 2K Instagram followers (total) 250 Build a loyal community Increase number of communications via email, social media interaction and site comments x 5 Facebook engagement rate (fans/ highest daily talking about)*100 3 Facebook interactions (Facebook comments, shares, likes etc - the 28 days "talking about" figure minus any new page likes) 60 Twitter favourites, retweets + mentions 200 Instagram interactions (likes, comments, shares) 100 Build a loyal community Increase word of mouth referrals Twitter monthly impressions 50K Establish brand as a publisher of consistently high quality, professional content Produce 10 new articles per week Facebook shares 30 Re-publish 2 archive articles per week Twitter retweets 100 Build influence See Social KPI Conversations with influencers (see media list) 20 Attract more contributors See Social KPI Conversations with journalists/ experts 10 DESTINATION LOCAL: SAMPLE KPI SPREADSHEET
  34. 34. 6 Competitor benchmarking
  35. 35. Facebook insights > compare Pages > top followers and conversations for any @Twitter > top content for any @Twitter followerwonk > analyze > analyze their followers (@Twitter) Who are your competitors?
  36. 36. 7 Integrating social into your daily workflow
  37. 37. What resources (eg: time, money) do you have for social? Break down your social media plan into a list of tactics. Use this list to create your daily tasks. 30 minutes a day would be ideal. The more you can incorporate social into other daily activities (eg: commuting, research) the better. AKA: making sure you do it!
  38. 38. Your six top tools 1. Buffer: scheduling, analytics & A/B tests 2.Native analytics (Twitter, FB, YT, Pinterest) 3.Crowdfire: manage your follows 4.Google Trends: great for branding/ SEO 5.Flipboard/ Feedly/ Netvibes: RSS readers 6.Google Analytics > acquisition > social
  39. 39. Tweet me @JemimaG Thanks for listening!